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  1. I disagree. Polian was correct in his assessment and it's why Roman has to run variances of the navy option. Hes extremely limited from a cerebral standpoint and their offense is a house of cards if you get ahead.... He didn't deserve the MVP imho
  2. I wanted nothing to do with navy option Lamar. Still don't. I think hes extremely overrated
  3. I was a baker/ Rosen guy My whole issue with Allen was in the Iowa game I got really put off by him. I thought he was scatter shot, erratic and just not a natural smooth qb... His progress from the beginning of his rookie year, to the end. The jump he took in year 2, and now a massive leap in year 3 is really amazing... His leap this year reminds me of the leap jo e burrow took in his jr to Sr year at LSU
  4. The rams defense is very suspect outside Ramsey and Donald. Now one of their corners are hurt... I'm predicting another 400 yards for Josh
  5. Even if Allen has 5000 yds, 50 TDs They will pick up his 5th year option... Hes gotta do it twice to get the mahomes contract Unless he wins the super bowl, then yes obviously lol
  6. I started Diggs and Brown in my fantasy 😎
  7. Wednesday injury report is always inaccurate because Wednesday is usually a maintenance day/ rest day... Friday is the most reliable
  9. I don't get why bills fans bash Taylor. He was always a bridge qb who restored respect back to our organization
  10. I'm curious how pff would grade John Elway and Brett Favre Seriously
  11. You do realize Davis is a wr You do realize Knox is a te You do realize 4 wr sets are replacing knox
  12. 4 wr sets are replacing knox... Davis is even lining up in the slot and chipping pass rushers. Davis is taking his snaps
  13. It matters what legacy media says because it creates narratives and that can push all kinds of stuff in certain directions. The early 90s Bills were our greatest era The narrative on that team played a major role in hof selection as a small example
  14. The jets defense is not a bad unit, and Miami is far better than you're letting on. Let it go dude
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