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  1. I truly believe this season will be the best season in franchise history. I think we win the super bowl. I just don’t see how anyone can stop Allen,Diggs, Sanders, Beas, Davis. Diggs, Sanders, and Beas are the best route runners in the league. I even think Breida can do damage on this team. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we absolutely steam roll teams this year with 30+ points. Not only is our offense loaded for bear, our defense is good enough to hold teams to very little points. It’s going to be special, so grab your popcorn and saddle up.
  2. I think even if Josh doesn’t win a Super Bowl he maybe the Bills goat. Imagine if we had Bruuuuce and Squirmin Thurman on this team. Kelly had all pros all up and down the roster. I mean Reed and Lofton are hall of famers as well. Diggs might be the only offensive weapon that we have (outside of Allen) that might be a hall of famer some day.
  3. I just don’t see many teams stopping us, especially with another great route runner in Sanders. I don’t think Allen has reached his ceiling yet either.
  4. The saints go marching out? Ryan got to be in that number.
  5. I think it was either SF or TEN. Those only seem like the logical places for him to be upset. I do know he wanted to play for Vrabel again.
  6. I have to think it’s SF. Think about it. You’ve always wanted to play for the Bills since childhood, you go out and prove yourself as a national champ for years on another team. You finally realize you are nearing retirement and want to finish on the team you have always loved. Your childhood favorite decides to go with your former backup instead of you (eventhough you have proven yourself). I know I would be very pissed off if that was the case. After all of that I don’t even know if I could root for the Bills(SF) again.
  7. It is hard. I have a scientific background, and skepticism based in reason and logic is fine, but what has happened over the last few years is a travesty. People would rather believe in conspiracy theories or would rather see hundreds of thousands of their fellow man die because they rather reach herd immunity naturally. For me it just feels selfish and immature.
  8. Doubtful. There is something deep down wrong with this country and scientific understanding and conspiracies. Out of all the western countries on Earth, the US concerns me.
  9. Beasley is hurting the team with his antics. If he can’t follow protocol then he needs to retire now so the team has time to adjust.
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