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  1. Very happy with Dane. I hope he plays more.
  2. It’s asinine, it really is. I had faith in Beane, but my patients are beginning to wear thin. I just get upset watching teams like Pit and Bal somehow manage drafts and signings like a pro year after year and yet always seem to have the money to do it.
  3. Meanwhile teams like Pitt drafted players like Watt and Dupree. While we spin tires on Maybinites.
  4. How can we when we pay good money for subpar talent? We always do this, coupled with subpar drafting. Meanwhile real competent teams like Pit and Balt draft and sign great talent year after year.
  5. Super Bowl!! Meanwhile our DEs and LBs have no elite talent. We did something, we should be happy...
  6. How is it that the Ravens and Steelers can be fairly competent year after year and manage to get high end talent, but we don’t even trade? The Diggs trade was phenomenal, but we have to do more. Our FAs signings almost always suck.
  7. Maybe we can lure Warren Sapp out of retirement with a bucket of wings.
  8. Well I may just keep my Spiller Jersey just in case!
  9. Has anyone advised @teef to avoid Rosie O’Donald yet?
  10. Looks like it. Oh well, we didn’t need him anyways. Rather get Williams, we need more Williams.
  11. Only if the office girl is putting bagels in a HR unapproved location.
  12. Surprised nobody posted a fake Adam Schefter tweet yet.
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