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  1. Even if it was 13, I’d still take the over. I legitimately think we are going undefeated this year.
  2. See above, but yes, I was misinformed and I shouldn’t have been so confident about it. So how would this work with a future sale? Couldn’t the owner just buy the stadium outright?
  3. Communism is state ownership of nearly everything. We are a long ways away from that lol Ok, good to know. I was wrong and I apologize. But then if they lease it, then technically do they own it and would another buyer of the team have to agree to the lease terms with the state?
  4. Erie County doesn’t own the stadium. The Pegula’s do. They operate their business in a state, so they have to listen to state rules or move to states that allow them to conduct their businesses as they see fit.
  5. Then start your own business and offer better options to customers that may want or support your views or desires. You are free to do so.
  6. It’s a private business. Private business can restrict freedoms. The constitution only prevents the government from restricting your freedoms guaranteed by your rights. You have the choice of not using a private businesses product or services based on their terms.
  7. No more TJs, EJs, CJs, or ZJs We need more Williams, Allen, Smith
  8. Which is fine, if you don’t think it’s worthy then don’t pay for the subscription. At the same time don’t ask for said articles without paying for them. People just want everything for free without paying for it. That’s not how the world works, people need to get paid for the services/products they make.
  9. Paying people to write articles isn’t free, If you like the content then pay to read, if not then ask people to break forum rules is pretty low. Would you moderate without being paid?
  10. What is the most a team has ever gotten in the regular season? 6?
  11. Are you sure he isn’t interested in the Buffalo Bandits?
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