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  1. It wasn’t a crusade, it was a simple statement. He’s running behind a worse injuries Oline than ours.
  2. Shakir absolutely needs to play more. Criminal if he doesn’t
  3. Until the Bills win a super bowl it’s going to happen. Fans deserve it so just deal with it.
  4. No way. Why would I give up not taking Hall. Watching our stable of RBs is gross.
  5. I’d much much rather seen Shakir out there than Crowder who hasn’t shown much of anything. Shakir is going to be a good one.
  6. Jets missing a ton of linemen and Breece still trucking it in. So mad we didn’t take him.
  7. Our RBs AND Oline suck. I’d rather have drafted Hall and a top linemen than Elam and Cook. Our defense isn’t the problem.
  8. This. This franchise has never won a super bowl and fans are tired of the ineptitude. We can complain all we want.
  9. He’s the only thing that gives me hope on this team.
  10. Nothing, but I’m tired of all the ball washing here when the results don’t mirror the praise they get. Great teams don’t play like this. No accountability ever.
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