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  1. For good reason, dude was looking all pro before the injury.
  2. Jalin Hyatt is worth the #27 at face value anyways. All SEC WRs that ran sub 4.4 and posted at least one 1,000 yard season went in the first round. Not only did they go in the first round, every single example the WR with similar stats went on or are looking like all pros.
  3. Don’t mind the homers, most realist fans understand that Beane has been terrible outside of Josh Allen. You guys have drafted very well. As long as we have Josh Allen though, we always have a chance against KC. If we can close the gap with some good drafts over the next few years, we will be just as good and super bowl appearances will be obtainable.
  4. Could you imagine if the Niners had Josh Allen? They would be a dynasty for a decade.
  5. Apple roasted like a pig on a spit.
  6. 27. Dorian Williams LB Tulane 59. Garrett Williams CB Syracuse 91. Rayshad Williams CB Texas Tech 128. Chantz Williams EDGE Miami (FL) 135. Bennett Williams S Oregon 160. Mario Williams WR
  7. So the rest of the league will have to keep up with the Jones’s?
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