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  1. Well we can correct the wrongs. We still have that ability.
  2. Then sit back and enjoy the Araiza curse. We have our chance to correct it right now.
  3. It’s not a coincidence that the Bills were riddled with absolutely bad things last year. All of this started after sacking Araiza after our whole mantra has been family and standing by them. It’s the universes way of dealing with these things.
  4. Well if it’s not going to happen, then we just have to learn to live with the curse until the universe has decided we’ve been punished enough.
  5. Nope, make things right by fixing a wrong. We fired Araiza on false allegations, to make it right is to re-sign him.
  6. The only way to break the curse is to bring Araiza back if he’s willing.
  7. Well curses happen. I’m just acknowledging we have to deal with it for a long time. Really bad things happened to this team after this whole thing went down.
  8. Just chalk this up to the long list of failures by the Bills organization. They will listen to an angry mob, but completely ignore fans choice of talent evaluation lol
  9. I mean it’s the NFL. They could wave their wand and say Araiza gets to go back to Buffalo and no team can poach him. They can do whatever they want. Bills management messed up, they should have just ignored the mob and let it play out.
  10. I don’t want Araiza to have any job. I want him back in Buffalo where he belongs and was taken from us because of the media mobs.
  11. This is such a defeatist attitude. How can just shrug your shoulders? Message an NFL rep, reach out to Beane and crew. I mean we just roll over and deal with it? No wonder we haven’t won a super bowl, never will.
  12. The Bills should have just ignored the outside presence. Don’t answer any questions and avoid it. Now they lost out on a generational talent for nothing.
  13. It’s true life isn’t fair, but it’s important that as humans we don’t stop trying to make it fair. It would go a long ways if the NFL were to step in and make an exception. They have done more for less. I mean the Pats will somehow get a 3rd round compensation for this.
  14. But the Bills were robbed in this. The fans were robbed in this. This isn’t just about Araiza having injustice. He’s one of the best punting prospects in like forever and we were denied the chance to witness such a great talent. Buffalo always gets the rugged pulled from underneath, ALWAYS. Where is our compensation?
  15. I will be sure to let the DA know about this, maybe they will change their minds lol
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