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  1. Don’t let them fool you. While the overall defense approach hasn’t changed much, the underlying demeanor has. We are attacking smartly, our blitz percentage is low and still wreaking havoc, and that is due to being better disguised under McD. While it is true we are generally healthier this time around thus far, the defensive ambiance is definitely different. It’s like when people say oh that was just a thunderstorm or that was just a hurricane. Every thunderstorm is different and every hurricane is different, to those that are willing to dissect.
  2. Go try out and collect those checks, I mean it’s so easy right?
  3. Well I mean it kind of does compared to Mahomes and Maauto. Mahomes currently has 9 games over 400 yards to Allen’s 4.
  4. I want to stampede like a Buffalo, beat the AFC Let my RBs carry free Into the super bowl. I want to feed the fans who can’t get enough victories Ohhhh there’s a solution
  5. Bernard is a certified freak out there. Going to call him Spielberg because he’s just a great director out there. Amazing what a great air traffic controller does for the flow of a defense.
  6. From the All 22s I’ve seen, Bernard has been identifying much better than Edmunds which helps place Milano in better positions. It’s amazing the difference. Night and day.
  7. Unleash Kaiir. His skills match what Miami does. Stats above prove it.
  8. Yes. Edmunds was the weak link holding us back. Now look at us with McD and Bernard, rather than Uninspiring Frazier and Edmunds. Total new identity that is smartly aggressive and impactful. Night and day.
  9. He was garbage. Routinely out of place and the instincts of a snail. Bernard shooting smartly, something Edmunds just couldn’t do.
  10. I’m so happy McD took over the Defense. Couple that with Edmunds being gone, and our identity has changed for the better. Defense differentials would be even better if not for the crappy ST giving up points.
  11. The Edmunds effect. I’ve never been happier to see him leave. Watching Bernard has been a blessing to see what real LBs are supposed to play like.
  12. Wasn’t necessarily referring to last night specifically. Just that they have loses on the field in general. They are 2-1 .
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