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  1. Why do you think burrow has no issues? I love the kid, but he was throwing to a group of receivers in 2019 that is likely more talented than the 2019 Bills receivers, and likely better than the receivers he will get in Cinci, all against college defenses... I like joe, I think he will be good, I watched him go off live, but he was not driving the ball into tight windows often. He was often hitting receivers that were open by 5-10 yards after being afforded 6 seconds of time by his o-line. I think he will be solid, maybe great, but it is not like the NFL will be easy for him just because one of his seasons, with an absolutely loaded team around him, looked easy.
  2. And two fumbles... and missed screens... but we would gladly trade tre and josh for him... even with our stand on the brakes, defensive, offense and no help on offense, he would have still been mvp last year and we would be losing to sf right now
  3. Don’t forget he has a ton of help and Andy scheming for him... super talented... I love him, he is a great qb... but Allen gets roasted for throws that mahomes makes constantly... why would PM be good here with coaches that stand on the brakes when they get up 2 possessions, and a team that only helps on defense... hell, he threw behind two screens and fumbled on a scramble... we would all B word about him trying to make plays and not being perfect
  4. Threw it too hard to get picked... but yes, about 4 of those
  5. Allen has struggled on all 6 passes he has thrown? Get out of here... he hasn’t lit anything up, but what chance has this game plan given him? Until the game plan isn’t built around being afraid of the pats, he won’t play confident, and neither will anyone else... sick of defensive game plans on offense, and the homerun ball every play the first meeting week 4 isn’t it either, false confidence... but Jesus, get into a rhythm call pass plays before 3rd and 8, give him a little freedom, but don’t ask them to take the top off until the opportunity is there
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