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  1. 12 minutes ago, EasternOHBillsFan said:

    When I first saw this post, I was like "Ohh here we go, this guy is going to get roasted by a lot of people!"


    I am very happy to see that most appreciate just how good we have it now... these memories fade fast when you end up with GMs like Tom Donahoe and coaches like Gregg Williams, Dick Jauron and Mike Mularkey.


    Enjoy the ride, because in the blink of an eye banishment to the NFL desert creeps up on you.

    Its not clear we will be playing any teams coached by Gregg Williams, Dick Jauron on Mike Mularkey in the foreseeable future. In real life they are all irrelevent.  Bills fans are so used to total incompetence that average competence appears like greatness to them, and slightly above average competence appears irreplaceable.  


    This perception problem workd in reverse when fans called for firing Wade Phillips after he did not deliver Marv Levy level results.  Always better to follow Doug Marrrone and Rex Ryan, than to follow Marv Levy. 

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  2. 7 hours ago, Royale with Cheese said:

    We haven’t been Super Bowl contenders in a long time until McDermott got here.


    The mindset of “Every game we win it’s because of Josh Allen and the every game we lose is because of McDermott” is annoying.

    Everyone who plays the "Belichek sucks without Brady game" needs to realize that more than half the coaches with the NFL would make the playoffs with Josh Allen on the roster. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

    Yea I was speaking more of the current breece hall-less jets for the matchup this week…not their future as a franchise.  I don’t think either of their tight ends are as good as hunter Henry.


    Garrett Wilson is certainly the best wr on both teams but I’m not as high on Davis and I haven’t really seen anything from Elijah Moore.  

    both teams will struggle mightily against a team that can stop the run…we just happened to run into the jets with a pretty terrible depth linebacker playing with Milano injured and no Jordan poyer.  Both those guys were back makin plays against the pats.  

    they’d certainly be better with competent qb play but that’s not an upgrade they can make by Sunday 

    Mr. Diggs says hello. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Thurman#1 said:



    Bills o-line is slightly above average at this point.


    The D would be a lot worse without him. You only have to look at how they've played when he's not here. That's not something that only started this yearl

    I know we are supposed to hate PFF but they are one of the only sites that rank

    olives. They rank the bills below average at 22nd.  Probably more reliable than your eye test of a couple of games per week.   

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  5. 5 hours ago, John from Riverside said:

    It’s really easy to say whenever you’re in your championship window did you see how things were completing passes over the middle without him there

    Who would that linebacker be?

    I am not a full time GM, nor do I have professional and college scouting staff.  But it seems like almost every team in the NFL is able to find starting inside linebackers for less than a 10 million cap hit.  Some will argue that that he is some sort of hybrid inside / outside linebacker. But all of the big money outside linebackers are profiecient pass rushers (Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, etc.) 



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  6. It is very hard to say.  Its pretty clear Edmunds is better than who ever backs him up on the Bills.  But if we don't keep him, we will replace him with someone not on the roster today.  Would we better off with a different starting quality mlb in the  for 8 or 10 million per year less than Edmunds and using the money to upgrade the oline.  Bills oline is not even NFL average at this point.  Protecting Josh Allen needs to be the priority in any long term plan. 

  7. The first time I saw him play was in a Bills preseason game.  I told me wife during the game. This guy will be the best QB the Bills have ever had.  Its not clear to me how NFL scouts could pass over his obvious natural physical gifts to land instead on Baker Mayfield for Sam Darnold.   Thank God incompetence runs rampant through the NFL. 

    3 hours ago, RobbRiddick said:

    I remember seeing him play for Reedley college and thinking "this kid is special, he's going to be a great one in the future".


    I wish I had some proof of this because I have a feeling no one will believe me

    I believe you. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, Just Jack said:


    Pretty much every current player on the roster can be included with that statement.  



    He was going to move to Virginia after he retired, but ended up deciding to stay in Buffalo. 



    I knew the location was changed because of him, but not the green room being created.  I was there for the last ceremony on the steps when Marv Levy was inducted, and then the following year in the stadium when Jim made it in.  People I was with for Marv's induction, were already planning for Jim's induction the next year, even though it was far from official, only that he would be eligible for induction, they were that sure he would make it. 

    I thought people realized the thread was about Kelly and Allen. Apologies. 

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