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  1. Just now, JayBaller10 said:

    I think you missed McD’s thoughts on this  from a few days ago. “At some point you just have to go.” I think the decision is entirely Tre’s and the organization has been supportive and in his corner up until this point. The longer this draws out, you start to see chinks in that support, especially with teammates playing under various ailments.

    I did miss that, thanks for the quote.  

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  2. I don't trust the team,the coaching staff, and maybe the QB to show up in the big moments anymore. I hate that watching football as a Bills fan is existential dread at what bonehead "shoot yourself in the foot" move they can do next. Allen was "king of the 4th", I want that guy back.  


    I hope they respond well and act like the team we all thought they were, but I certainly don't expect it anymore.  

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  3. 6 minutes ago, muppy said:

    The fact that Marlowe and even Hines haven't been utilized more I think is because they are so new to the roster. I expect much more significant playing time very soon. In principle I agree with you though

    I don't feel like that it's an excuse, frankly.  Lots of other traded players from the deadline have made major contributions to their teams.  This is a failure of the coaching staff. 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, NewEra said:

    He was great.  He was made to look even better by a handful of backups. 1 of which, cam, will probably be on our PS for the next 2-3 years. 

    the two biggest Vikings offensive plays of the game were on him.  

    I certainly hope he's not on the PS.  I'll take rookie athletic upside at this point over Cam "I'm gonna make an INT 1 on 1 against the best WR in the league" Lewis.  


    He looked terrible at safety.  We traded for Dean Marlowe for him to ride the bench, apparently.  If he's not better than a PS player who has never had an NFL game playing at that position then he shouldn't be on the roster. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, HappyDays said:


    Jeff Wilson had over 100 yards rushing for the Dolphins yesterday! Is our playbook written in Latin? It's inexcusable not to use the weapon that we traded for. Zero touches on offense, less than freaking Duke Johnson, is just crazy, especially since we were up by 2 possessions for a large portion of the game. That's where you lean on the running game. No way Beane traded for him just to be a punt returner.

    It's how I feel about having Cam Lewis out there even though you just traded for Dean Marlowe.  What's the point?  


    I've lost a lot of faith in Dorsey and McDermott on gameday.  Players have to execute, but damn it coaches can put them in better positions.  We were marching down the field in OT, Allen has a big run, call the TO.  Have him calm down and breathe.  It seems straightforward to me.  Ugh. 

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Straight Hucklebuck said:


    According to Howard and Jeremy this morning, McKenzie was wide open in the flat.....





    (even though he was completely blanketed from the snap)..........

    I'm not going to rewatch because my emotional sanity is fragile enough as it is but I thought that was Singletary who leaked out into the flat.  He was wide open though, no doubt about that.  


    Ugh. Just typing it out makes me feel sick. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Airseven said:

    Hines trade was “universally praised”?? Huh.


    Anyway, he’s not getting reps because he hasn’t absorbed the playbook unfortunately.

    I hate this excuse.  


    The Vikings traded for Hockensen and he's immediately put to use, CMC is traded for and instantly slots into the 49ers hyper complicated run game.  Such a joke to pretend that Hines couldn't know the playbook by now.  


    The coaching staff are floundering. 

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  8. 3 minutes ago, BuffaloRebound said:



    You think we stand a chance with Hamlin, #4 Jefferson, Bernard, and whatever rookie we start opposite Jackson against Jefferson, Thielen, Hockenson, Dalvin Cook and Cousins? 

    And now Edmunds is on the injury report.  Here’s a question many people won’t like… why should Edmunds in a contract year play hurt when guys who already got paid like Milano and White are sitting out? 

    None of those players are officially rule out for Sunday, and most of them were day to day last week, so that kind of dulls the edge you're spitting out there frankly.


    To address your first question: Yes.  I think they stand a chance because the Bills are a well coached team with a scheme that is exceptionally friendly to DBs. We also have one of the top edge rushers in the game in Von Miller and a solid interior line.  We'll be going against one of the least mobile QBs in football, so pressure will be important, but to say the Bills are the worst defense in the league because they're missing pieces is laughable. 

  9. 8 minutes ago, BuffaloRebound said:

    Unfortunately the smart money is to bet the Vikings.  Even if Josh plays, the defense has too many guys injured/sitting out.  Without Poyer, Milano, and White, we might have the most inexperienced and worst back 7 in football.  

    You must not be watching a lot of other games then.  It's also very possible we have Poyer, Milano, and White in the starting line up. I'm not sure I'm liking your "smart money". 

  10. 28 minutes ago, Bandito said:


    Look in the mirror.


    Here is the article about all the other dumb things he has done and why he's bounced around the league a lot. 



    Did someone scam you into investing in cheeseheadtv.com/blog or something?  It's weird that you're pushing a single opinion piece like it was written by god. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Bandito said:

    I don't know. I am not them. Why do you want to date OBJ?


    He has caused many issues in the league before. It would be best to just not sign him. We likely won't so this thread is pointless

    Okay, so your position is this: Everyone who says something positive about him is lying for unknown reasons, but anything negative is a fact and true? Even when it's not even first or second hand information like a random cheesehead blog?


    And I'm just going to go with that dating OBJ thing now, and hopefully it makes you more uncomfortable because clearly the idea of men dating men is insulting to you.  


    I totally want to date him.  He's a strong beautiful man who just makes me weak at the knees!


  12. 6 minutes ago, Bandito said:


    I just gave Von praise. But why do you ignore the multitude of problems other teams and QBs etc have had with OBJ?


    You are ignorant. Sorry, OBJ does not want to date you.

    I wouldn't expect him to want to date me.  This is a bizarre point you keep bringing up that seems to stem out of homophobia, I really think you should take some time to be introspective and realize that being gay isn't an insult, and it shouldn't be thrown around in an argument as some sort of "gotcha" line.


    Give me some first hand quotes from players saying "he was a bad teammate and a locker room problem".  You keep saying I'm ignorant but people are giving you first hand accounts saying "we liked him as a teammate" and you're willfully ignoring that, and propping up baseless speculation from a completely random blog as evidence. These are not the signs of a sound thought process. 

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Bandito said:


    Why do you ignore what is in that article? It points to all the reasons why I said he was a primadonna, a headache and not a good teammate. Good for Von for sticking up for him, but that is no surprise. They are bros. He would really have to change his persona to fit in here. I think it will do more harm than good. 

    If you're going to ignore testimony from people who actually were in a locker room with him and take a random blog as gospel, it's going to appear that you're being willfully ignorant. 

  14. 1 minute ago, Bandito said:

    You need a lesson in how to use Google and that many people agree he is not worth the headache. It isn't just me. He doesn't want to date you bro. Time for you to sign up for Grindr and swipe right.

    Geeze, homophobia in 2022 is a bad look my dude.


      "many people agree he is not worth the headache" - Does not make it an objective fact. You keep using the word incorrectly.  It's an opinion, which is by definition subjective.    

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