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  1. 45 minutes ago, wppete said:

    Kincaid - 105

    Knox 45


    That's what I'm thinking, Kingcaid will have just about 110 on his own and Knox's contribution is gravy. @Special K, you should think about about bumping those numbers up to at least 130. if Kingcaid can build off last season and be a better/more consistent target and Knox is healthier and bounces back a little bit the sky is the limit. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Commish said:

    Worth a two and a half hour drive? That's pretty subjective, but I'd say yes, esp. with the kids. My advise w/b to get there an hour before the official start time, walk around - there are some games for the kids - and get to the bleachers early, even with tickets it's SRO a quarter hour before start time. Unless the kids want to fight for autographs, sit on the far bleachers: sun's at your back, WRs drill near there. Defense drills pretty much out of view.

    Awesome! I'm definitely leaning towards going. Is there a better time to go in regards to going at the start of tc or closer to the end? 


    And thank you. That's some seriously great advise. My kids are finally old enough to start appreciating the finer things in life. Bills football!

  3. 3 hours ago, hondo in seattle said:


    Brady said...  “I think the guys last year — obviously it wasn’t exactly how we wanted, and didn’t end how we wanted it to end.  But the guys kind of played together and it’s kind of, hey, in this offense, everyone is going to eat. And they’ve got to have the mindset that it’s not just about one person — no one’s bigger than the offense. But, in order for someone else to have success, I’ve got to do my job so they have success and then vice versa. So that’s the biggest thing that we’re preaching right now.”


    The biggest thing Brady's preaching is that everyone needs to do their job - even if it's not time for them to eat.  In other words, teamwork and high effort on every play.  If that's his biggest thing to preach this year, is it because he didn't believe we had that going on last year?  That's what I think.  As he said, "The guys kind of played together" last season.  





    Sounds to me like Diggs didn't buy in last year and only put in effort when it was 'his time to eat'. Not surprising the team decided to move in another direction. Diggs, understandably, wants the attention for being great. The issue lies in that he can't stand getting outshined, especially when the team loses and he thinks he didn't get his fair shake to make an impact. 


    Honestly, the only ego the Bills should feed is Allen's. Look at the Pats and Chiefs, no one is bigger or more important than the head honcho (Allen/Brady/Mahomes).


    Mind you, in my glory days I was definitely more of a Diggs than an Allen. And in hindsight, it not only hindered my growth and development but the ceiling of the teams I played on.

     So I can see how Diggs impact could be both positive and negative on an aspiring championship team.  I'm not sure if he'll ever win a superbowl as it stands, this might be his last best chance this year..

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  4. 1 hour ago, FireChans said:

    This is a complete misrepresentation of these player's values.


    Stefon Diggs was the 11th highest paid WR in 2019. He was traded for a first round and 4th round pick (with a discount because he was being his normal locker room cancer self). Of course, Diggs had just posted back to back 1000+ yard seasons.


    Brown and Beasley were the 24th and 29th highest paid WR's in football in 2019. Of the UFA WR's signed in FA that year, they were the 3rd and 5th highest paid WR's.


    FWIW, Curtis Samuel signed the fifth highest FA contract this year. Claypool doesn't appear on the list (lol). Samuel is the 31st highest paid WR in the NFL currently.


    And they added on a 4th round pick in Gabe Davis in 2020.



    Do they?


    Shakir is promising. Coleman is a second round pick, is he gonna be a legit top 30-40 WR right off the bus?  Samuel and Kincaid are definitely NFL starters.


    Claypool is a lotto ticket and a bad one. He's on his 4th team in 3 years. The teams that spent a second round pick gave up on him, twice. How many of those players recover their careers ever?


    You say this, but literally the best year of Allen's career came when he had a great player that got the lion's share of targets and ALSO had a stable of other good receiving options. That was also coincidentally the farthest the Bills got in the playoffs. So what is the evidence for this?


    Besides "it's what the Bills are doing so let's hope for the best?"


    So when you talk about the value of players does every QB who makes more than Allen a better QB than him? What about the players who were traded for 1sts or other high picks? DeShawn Watson-Elite, Russell Wilson- Elite, Danny Dimes-GOAT. There's a lot of players who you might claim to be high value based off your metrics but in game situations have less value than their market value.


    In Diggs time here he was a great player, before that I'd put him on the cusp. It's all about perspective, and what you percieve as value, Diggs,when he was traded was playing second fiddle to Adam Thielan.  I'm not sure what exactly was going on in MN at the time but that doesn't exactly scream elite to me. So yeah he had btb 1000+ yards, Claypool (lol about him not making the cut) had btb 800+ yards. Not last year, but as a rookie and 2nd year player (there's talent there). He fell off and may or may not suck now, we'll see.


    Cole Beasley was 2 years removed from his best season aside from Allen and he had 75-830-5 as a 5th year player, Shakir just last year had 39-610-2 as a second year player(including his 2nd half of the season uptick in production)


    John Brown actually has a better best season without Allen than I thought at 65-1003-7 which was 3 seasons before he played with Josh, Curtis Samuel had his best year 3 seasons before with 77-850-3


    There's definitely a statistical drop-off when comparing just the raw data but that doesn't get into a more nuanced discussion about the players' traits and how they'll fit into the current offense


    Kincaid had 73-670-2 as a rookie TE which are top rookie Tight end numbers. If he can take a step that's half the battle.


    Cook last year had 44-440-4, Singletary had 38-280-1 last year.


    Admittedly RB and TE aren't WR, that doesn't diminish the role they'll play on the offense. I'm anticipating Cook and Kincaid to be main features in the Bills offensive attack. Which is something the Bills never done before in the Allen era. 


    As much as I wanted to like Gabe, he, much like Mckittrick, was a clown and the Bills will be better simply not having him on the field.


    Coleman will probably see at least 75-100 targets this season and who knows how that shakes out. I'd reckon that its better than we saw with Davis last year


    Also when you look back at when the Bills signed Smoke and Beasley I would argue neither was particularly coveted by front offices. Sure they're good role players but that's about it.  Honestly Brown and Samuel are essentially the same player in my mind, and from what I've seen from Shakir is a younger, faster, more agile player than Beasley ever was with the Bills. So apples to apples I feel pretty good about those 2. 


    So all that's left is to replace Diggs and his massive target share. Which in theory will be distributed amongst the rest of the group and will determine the fate of the offense. The crux of this is that since the Bills are deeper overall that those 160 targets won't all be thrown into double coverage or against an elite CB1. They'll be able to attack the field in a variety of ways that wouldn't be possibly otherwise when they're funneling the ball to their high-value diva. 


    Simply put I value the youth and potential of this group of pass catchers more than you, I also believe that Allen is a much better player than he was when he put up his best statistical season. He's gotten better every year. Unless you think he peaked, we all just saw it last year with Mahomes. Great QBs make the player around them better.  


  5. 43 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    It’s hard for me to take a back seat on the discussion on WR’s.


    2 years ago, I was worried about the depth of Jake Kumerow as our backup outside WR. I posted about addressing the position more. It ultimately didn’t matter because no outside WR was saving us in the Bengals game. So fine. 

    Last year, I was worried about the depth of Trent Sherfield as our backup outside WR. I posted about addressing the position more (and to be fair to Brandon Beane, I think they did miss out on the run of WR’s and Addison may be a Bill today if he was within striking distance). This came to pass when we had Trent whiffing in the postseason. 


    And imo, we are there again. 3 years running.


     All I know is that Josh Allen had his best year of his career when he had one star receiving option and 3 other legit NFL starters as receiving options. That group was able to ride out one of those receivers getting injured and missing part of the year in large part because they had quality players waiting in the wings.  He has never been farther from that level of talent than he is right now. Jmo.



    I definitely understand the trepidation with the WR core the Bills are currently fielding. But, think about it this way..

    when Diggs first came to the Bills he was a good player, when he played with Allen he was Elite, John Brown was good, and with Allen; he was close, but wasn't quite great, Beasley before was mediocre, and with Josh was good. On top of the fact these players grew with Josh over a few seasons. (Do you see where I'm going with this?) 




    Josh himself has grown as a player over the past few seasons and he is now in charge of the offense. He has a RB room that can (sometimes) catch and move with the ball, an upgraded OL and no more hand holding from OCs to reign him in or coddle him, no Diggs "teaching" him how to be a 'leader' in the NFL, he's the Franchise now. It's his ship and it's sink or swim, I hope he wears his big boy pants this season. 


    To the recievers; as it stands they have a number of unknowns and reclamation projects. Hopefully it works out for the best, right? 


    How I see it, the Bills have at least 2-3 "legit" starting options as you've called them in Samuel, Shakir, Kincaid, Coleman(?), possibly Knox, and maybe Claypool (based off of his 2 good years).  While the team doesn't presently have a Diggs-level WR, there's talented players in place to step up. Kincaid, Samuel, Shakir, or Coleman (and again the dark horse Claypool) all have a path to be the top receiver on the team and end up with 1000+ yards. While the top end isn't quite there yet (maybe it is? We won't know until after this season) this year's crop is almost undoubtedly deeper than years past and has a much higher potential ceiling.


    Sure the team lost a lot of targets, but the production based of those targets wasn't commensurate to a successful offense. Forcing the ball to one great player and hoping Gabe pulls out a miracle game, seems to me like a losing recipe when you have a player as good as Allen at the helm. The plan to load up on guys who are better than the CB2/3 or S/LB they're lined up against and let Allen play keep away seems to me, the better plan.


    Just let the man be great!



  6. 6 hours ago, folz said:



    I'm fine with the MVS signing (even though he frustrated me with drops when I had him in fantasy when he was still in Green Bay). The more competition this year, the better. And we are at least deeper than we were last year, even if the top isn't as strong. But, I also think we will be a different offense this year under Brady. A more ball-control offense, hence the bigger receivers. I think targets will go Kincaid, Shakir/Samuel, Coleman, RBs, Knox, then the best of the rest (whoever rises to the top of the remaining candidates). So, whoever that is will be fighting for like the 7th target-share position. And we at least have a lot of options there. If Brady can use each guy we keep to his skill set, in a committee-like approach, running the ball at like a 54/46 percentage, I think this offense can still be very potent with Kincaid as your #1/#2 target and Josh at the helm. It's just going to look different...maybe more of an old New England style offense (but one that takes some more risks/shots downfield, etc.). Just my guess/opinion at the moment. So, I'm not complaining about adding more competition.



    However, I really wanted to address the quotes above. On paper, losing Diggs and Davis looks pretty bad. But, neither were consistently clutch in the playoffs and they definitely weren't helping us get over that divisional round hump. [I still like both players and am happy they were Bills, but it probably was time for a change.]


    Diggs' playoff numbers:


    Over his total playoff career (14 games with Minnesota and Buffalo), Stefon has averaged 5 receptions for 65 yards and 0.29 TDs per playoff game.


    Over his Bills playoff career (9 games), Stefon averaged almost the same: 5 receptions for 67 yards and 0.22 TDs/playoff game


    Stefon did really well in the 2020 playoffs, averaging 7 receptions for 104 yards and 0.66 TDs per playoff game that season (3 games total).


    However, over the last three seasons (2021-2023; 6 playoff games), Stefon only averaged 4.5 receptions for 48 yards and 0 TDs/playoff game, with a 58.9% catch percentage and a 41.1% success percentage. Those numbers are not great...and that was our #1 WR over 3 years of playoffs.



    Gabe Davis had the really nice playoff game in Indy his rookie year, then had the monster game in KC in 2021, and an excellent game against Miami in 2022. But, in his other 4 playoff games, he averaged 1 reception for 18.7 yards and 0.25 TDs. And then, of course, he was unavailable for the two playoff games this year (due to injury). Obviously, you can't blame a guy for getting injured, but he only helped in 3 out of the 9 playoff games the Bills had while he was here. 


    So, of the 18 combined possible playoff games played by Diggs and Davis as Bills (9 each), Stef had 4 good games and Davis had 3 good games (7 out of 18). And actually, three of the games overlap. So, we had 3 of 9 games where they both played well, and then in the other 6 playoff games, they both had bad stats for 5 of the 6, and in the other Diggs did good, but not Davis. We obviously need to do better in the post-season, however Brady and McD think that can be done. 









    6 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:


    Well there in lies the disconnect or disagreement per se.  You are "sold" that Coleman isn't capable of being a WR1.  And while there is nothing wrong with you having that opinion of an unproven player, I think you are not leaving yourself room to be proven wrong either.  As much sold you are that he is nothing more than a WR2, there are others sold he can be an elite WR1.  


    I get it though, everyone has takes or opinions this time of year, and nothing wrong with that.  But, I would recommend at least leaving room for the concept that Coleman may just be the Alpha you say you would be excited about this group if we had.  He was definitely drafted by guys who scouted him beyond just a highlight tape at FSU to be the Alpha.  But hey, I am not saying you are wrong for your opinion or concerns either, I just think its always, 100% of the time, a mistake to conclusively decide on a rookies future before they have ever stepped on the field.  How many people had St. Brown pegged to be who he is on draft night?  Nobody was talking about Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, etc etc on the nights they were drafted to be elite top 5 players at points in their careers.  Mr. Irrelevant just started in the Super Bowl and was an MVP candidate in his first full year starting, also only his 2nd year in the league.  


    The best talent doesn't normally have all the best measurables, that has been proven time in and time again over and over throughout NFL history.  People (saying in general, not sure what your main beef specifically is with him) wanting to write off or significantly cap Coleman's potential because they don't love really one main measurable (his 40 time being the most talked about negative and then translating that to he won't get open) is incredibly premature.  I am all for doubt, concerns, questions, etc...its the conclusive mindset that he "can't" be something before he has stepped on the field that I will never understand...same goes for anyone who conclusively decided he will be a stud as that is just as premature too.  


    Lastly...this whole statement I bolded above is wild to me, and honestly, its a "fools gold" type answer, meaning it leads to a false positive answer.  First off, ranking the WR group is an absolutely meaningless exercise and really has no realistic way to predictive of on field results.  No disrespect, but this notion that the only way to rank or build a WR group is on sheer talent is not at all accurate.  I get the mindset, but it leads to a false predictive conclusion of expected results.  A bottom tier WR group is currently the back to back SB champions.  In all 7 of Brady's SB wins he had a mediocre or bottom tier group of WR's and the ones he lost he had his best set of WR's in his career.  All kinds of teams besides Chiefs and Patriots had mediocre to bad WR groups who won the SB even in the passing era of the NFL like Philly, Seattle, Ravens, Giants, etc.  


    What makes a group good or not is not the individual accolades, its the fit within the team, the offense, as a core, etc.  Not many teams who won the SB in the past 20 years had a truly dominant Alpha WR.  Its not about having a WR that puts up over 1500 yards...in fact, go check the NFL SB winners and count how many teams had that kind of WR on their roster when they won the SB.  


    You want to win in the postseason then you better win in the trenches and you better move the chains.  Its not rocket science, and there are many ways to move the chains.  Some do it with a dominant run game...some do it with spreading the ball around with a balanced attack...some do it with an all out air attack to an Alpha WR.  You know which of those happens more?  The teams who SPREAD the ball around with a balanced offense.  Go count how many SB winners won in an all out air attack to a Alpha WR.  Go count how many SB winners won in an all out ground attack.  And then go and look at the box score of the teams who had a balanced offense where they spread the ball around, were able to run the ball, and kept the chains moving controlling the clock and scoring points.  Its overwhelmingly that category.  


    So while I get until we see the product on the field there is warranted doubt, concerns, questions, etc...this whole we are "doomed" mentailty doesn't actually add up to SB championship results.  We have literally have the #1 WR in efficiency and catch rate from 2023 just now coming into his own, we have the 2nd leading TE in efficiency and catch rate as a rookie in Kincaid, we just added a 4.3 guy in Samuel who has never had a real QB and had his best seasons under Brady, and we have a promising rookie how at the very least is a MUCH NEEDED redzone TD machine.  And thats with arguably the 2nd best QB in the league, and some other quality depth behind them and a run game that was quite good last year and might be even better this year.  


    Meanwhile, the best WR's of the last 20 years mostly are without a SB ring.  None for Adams, Hopkins, Megatron, Julio, Jefferson, Chase, Diggs, etc, etc.  Would it be great to also have a WR like one of those guys...sure...but history has shown its not even remotely close to "necessary", especially to the degree some of you have bene making it out to be.


    I don't say all this to smite you, I say all this to maybe help talk you off your ledge abit because you have been abnormally angry and over the top about this subject for awhile.  And I think its fair to be concerned until we see what happens, but there is also more possibility and more hope here than you realize.  


    Personally...I think Josh Allen is about to have his best career season yet.  And there is no one who will be running out there on that field the DC can ignore, including Cook and Davis out of the back field.   

    It's post like these that really take the boards to the next level. The thought and analysis are top notch and even if the conclusion was 'not so positive' there's so much to unpack that it makes for a good read even as a one off post!

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  7. 7 hours ago, sven233 said:


    I've seen this video.  I've also see a lot of the all-22 on him as well.  I just don't think either are all that flattering to his ability to get open quickly.  When I watch him, it seems like my reactions are as follows: "Ewww". "Yuck". "Meh". "Ugh". "WOW"!!!!!!  And this just keeps happening over and over again.


    The thing with him is that there is not a lot of in between.  He will be blanketed on most plays, either not get a target, get a target, but it will be incomplete, or make a crazy contested catch.  But there are plenty of targets in that video and on the all-22 that leave you wanting more.  There are drops.  There are broken up passes.  There are periods of time where he never even sees a target because he isn't open.  And then there are targets where he is just bigger and stronger than his opponent and he makes great catches.  What there isn't is a lot of in between and that is why you see a lot more stat lines of him catching 4-6 balls a game rather than 8+.  Florida State used him on a lot of screens which honestly isn't his game.  But if you watch even this video, you won't see a ton of those intermediate routes where he just creates separation.  A lot of his great plays come down the field a bit where he just attacks the ball in the air.  That's fine in college.  You can get away with that.  But in the NFL, against elite NFL CBs week in and week out, asking him to beat these guys is not going to be easy. 


    It will be up to the coaches to scheme up plays that will create leverage and space for him.  But, if you just line him up one on one, I just have a feeling that as good as he is at contested catches, he will have to make even more of them against better CBs.  That is a tough ask.  Now, I will say that one area I am excited to see him in is the scramble drill situations where all of a sudden everything is out of structure and Allen can just chuck it up to him;  I think he will thrive in chaos.


    At this point, from my perspective, the Bills brass wants two types of WRs; big strong bully types (Coleman, Shorter, Cephus, Hollins, Knox, maybe Kincaid), and fast, shifty, precision types (Samuel, Shakir, Hamler, Isabella, maybe Kincaid). Not only that, they want to be multiple, meaning, able to run the full playbook with each of these guys lined up at any of position. 


    It's hard to type it all out but I'm imagining a playback where on any given play the defense is legitimately guessing who's getting the ball because anyone realistically anyone could and have not only a positive, but potentially major impact on any given play because of the mismatch problems these formations present. 


    The Bills might even transition to a heavy screen team given the amount Coleman ran and having speedy WRs and backs to catch out of the backfield. Having Kincaid and Coleman lined up in trips with Samuel off the line behind them and Knox on the opposite side of the line and Cook lined up next to Allen in shotgun present a number of match up problems that I can't imagine many teams can run with. 


    All of this said, that's my vision for the Bills offense,  a multiple, spread offense that can condense to heavy formations and big body teams to wear them down and create even more opportunities late in the game from teams chasing around the fast guys and taking shots from the bullies. 


  8. 10 hours ago, DJB said:

    Watch all his targets. He can’t separate. He consistently has a DB all over him unless it’s a coverage breakdown . 

    For a guy that is touted as a 50/50 guy he sure doesn’t come down with a lot of balls 

    Just from watching the first 10 minutes of that video I saw him make more, high degree of difficulty, catches than Diggs or Davis did all of last year.  Without watching the actual all-22 footage it's tough to determine how open he was on a lot of routes and then the window closes due to his qb missing the read or poor ball placement. On top of the fact that half his targets were screens or go routes. I don't think this video is as damning as you think it is. 



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  9. 44 minutes ago, Einstein said:


    This is called copium. We’ve all been there.


    Colemans issue was never really smoothness. His problem is that he has no ability to seperate. Thats the issue. And none of his YouTube videos ever showed that getting better. He makes up for it by being incredibly skilled at adjusting to the ball and catching in contested spaces.


    If I'm being honest that was the Bills WRs biggest problem last year "adjusting to the ball and catching in contested spaces" how many times did we fans watch Josh throw a dime to Davis and Diggs only to watch the ball hit the turf?


    I'm sick of fans talking up how good Diggs is, and that Davis is a huge loss.  They're both overrated and I say good riddance.


    Maybe Coleman will actually make the circus catches I've grown accustomed to watching other teams make against the Bills. He cant be worse than Davis or Diggs, they're more liable to drop it than make a play.


    Samuel isn't going to be huge drop-off from Diggs and getting Davis subbed off the field by a jag is addition by subtraction

  10. 20 minutes ago, Sammy Watkins' Rib said:


    Small sample size, yes. But boy did it spiral out of control FAST in all 2.25 games. In the most recent and only two full games, the Bills defense gave up TD-TD to start off each game. In the shortened game they gave TD and at least a for sure FG could have also easily been TD-TD in that one as well. Just no answers at all on defense in either of the three games. 


    Offense really never clicked in either as well. 

    Fair enough. The Bills defense as currently stands is vastly different than the Def that played against the Bengals those few times. If the offense gets going and doesn't feel the need to force the rock to an overhyped malcontent the games turn into shootouts instead of blowouts. Which turn into coin flips at the end of the day. 


    IMO, I'm glad they got rid of Tre, Hyde, Poyer, et al, I honestly think it boils down to the team being fed up with overpaid stars who've been playing well in spite of their talents, skills, athleticisim, etc. (Idk, maybe the defensive HC can actually coach guys up) I mean how much worse could the Def play against the Chiefs last year, Bengals the year before, or 13 second? I

  11. 5 minutes ago, Sammy Watkins' Rib said:


    I disagree. Bills have not really shown any hint at all that they can beat Cincy. We can't even be competitive with them. We are at least beating the Chiefs in the regular season and playing competitive game with them in the postseason. Cincy remains the Bills biggest challenge until proven otherwise. We just got lucky they didn't make the dance last year. They nearly did with a back up QB. 

    I mean the Bills have only played the Bengals 2.25 in the past few years since the Bills have been good, so to Cin has their number is disingenuous.

    Sure,they got their butts whooped twice and it might very well have been 3 times for all we know. But only 1.25 of those games correlate to each other.


    So many fans get caught up in these nuances instead of realizing how much actually luck goes into play during these games. Sure a great coach or player can swing some things but when you're talking the best of the best it's the little things that get lost in it all (for instance, Alllen missing Diggs in the Bengals game for a TD which without a doubt would've changed how the game played out)


    The Bills biggest challenge is simply being the best version of their current selves. Just like the Chiefs, just like Bengals, Just like 49ers. The best team at the end of the year is the one who plays the best in the final game. It's that simple. 


    The Chiefs may not have been the best team the whole season last year but they were for the game counted most

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  12. @Billl

    1 hour ago, Billl said:

    That’s BS.  I wasn’t hostile nor insulting to anyone until people started calling me out.  Is the rule here that Bills fans get to insult fans from other teams without response?

    New Era asked for my response to the events.  My response was that he’s not going to serve jail time, and it didn’t impact the Super Bowl odds.  In no way was I being an instigator.


    Realistically, if I went to Chiefs planet or whatever cesspool you call home, and started trashing Chiefs fans and their critique of Diggs/the trade what would the response be?


    Honestly, we all get this is the internet and you're welcome to voice your opinions but there's a thing called tact which you clearly lack.


    If you want to have intelligent discussions about football or the Bills in general, this is the place. If you want to talk ***** to people about your favorite team go to fb, insta, or x and #Chiefs #NFL #Bills or whatever your proclivity. 


    This is a Bills message board. Get over youself 

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  13. With the 63rd pick in the TSW mock draft the 49ers select Christian Mahogany, G, Boston College.


    Not thrilled with the players available we decided to double dip on the OL. Mahogany slots in as a hopeful upgrade to Feliciano on the right side, where he can use his tenacity and pulling ability to open holes for McCaffrey and smash DBs in the open field in front of Deebo and Aiyuk on WR screens


    (Considered Braelon Allen here as the thunder the to McCaffrey's lightning, having Henry 2.0 in that backfield would be insane. McCaffrey, Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle, and Allen on the field in base sets would be insane)

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  14. 1 hour ago, section122 said:

    With the 31st pick the SF 49ers select Jordan Morgan OL Arizona.  


    Can he play tackle is the big question but he can slide right in at Guard while the niners figure that out.  Shanahan prioritizes OL and they are getting older.  LTs can play a long time but not forever!


    From Matt Miller "The 49ers were active in free agency, but they didn't do much regarding the offensive line, which struggled throughout the postseason. To me, that signals that the front office sees the draft class as a good opportunity to build there. Morgan played left tackle at Arizona, but he is seen by scouts as a potential guard at the next level. He has 37 games of experience and is a great mover in space. Morgan is a plug-and-play fit in the 49ers scheme."


    @NewEra and the Chiefs are on the clock.

    Thank you for stepping in. I apologize for missing the pick. That's the guy I would've taken so I'm happy about that. Sorry for slowing things down for everyone

    3 hours ago, NewEra said:

    Was hoping @Hermes would’ve had his pick in by now-  I’m walking into a crazy day at work and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to check my phone to make the KC pick.  I’ll do my best.


    3 hours ago, Virgil said:

    I have @NewErapick ready to go.  With the draft day starting at 9a officially, @Hermeshas until noon to make his pick.


    However, we've started to slow down with some people, so those who take the full 3 hours may not get a full 3 hours each pick.  I want to have all 3 rounds done by Tuesday so we can get 2.0 rolling.

    Sorry guys

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  15. 44 minutes ago, CapeBreton said:

    This regime is good at identifying WR talent later in the draft (Davis, Hodgins, Shakir have all done well) but I question their ability to evaluate first round talent. In the 2020 draft, they didn't like the guys they scouted and proceeded to trade the 1st for Diggs. Meanwhile, they passed on the likes of Justin Jefferson, Aiyuk, Higgins, and Pittman. I'm happy with Diggs but the fact they didn't like these guys is a major red flag. 

    In all fairness the past few years the only one of those who's been on Diggs level has been Jefferson. So really it's a pretty even swap. Especially when you consider that JJ was a rookie taken late in the first. No one could've anticipated he'd surpass Diggs at this point. He'd be the No 1 pick (or close to it in a redraft).


    So what you're saying is they correctly diagnosed (3 of 4) that Diggs would be better than. Maybe they didn't think Jefferson would be there and they're kicking themselves for it since they retroactively compared him to a Brian Thomas type prospect who'd be gone by their pick.


    Nobody knows. Hopefully we find out soon, they're freaking awesome at it ;)

  16. I've been thinking about the idea of using a 2nd next year to move up in the 2nd this year along with 2 of the 6ths the team has. It would depend on how the draft plays out but we'll just say in the 1st they draft Franklin or Thomas, then around pick 40 or so, one of the other highly touted WRs starts to slide (Worthy, Leggett, McConkey, etc.)


    How awesome would it be to see the team say you know what, let's force the other teams to play catch up, and add 2 guys to the mix that are going to make the Bills absolute matchup nightmares!? The amount of different looks the offense could come out in and just dictate to the defense what's going to happen would be absurd. The Bills could go from ground and pound to air-it-out and everything in between.


    Ideally you'd be adding 2 WRs that are better than Davis and then saying try and stop us... The more I think about it, I'm all aboard the RD2 Trade Up Train


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