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  1. On 1/31/2023 at 11:32 PM, Big Turk said:


    Even with Daboll he wasn't that great.

    In his defense, he was throwing to guys the Bills cut and the Bills have some of the worst WR depth in the league.

    On 2/2/2023 at 10:26 AM, Mr. WEO said:


    What hot iron?  He looked awful against the Eagles.  Davis Webb played a closer game two weeks prior.

    Oh please, I suppose you still think the Bills should have give Reich the reigns over Kelly too.

  2. So far, Allen hasn’t gotten it done, Maholmes IS the unquestioned best, Burrow looks to be #2 at this point and he’s actually taken Maholmes down in their biggest games.  Allen has yet to beat Maholmes in a meaningful game.  I think Allen is more Farve than Rivers, he’s got that wild man to him, he’s fun to watch, he tries to do it all and his team is built just like GB, all the resources dedicated to anything but weapons on O and there are plenty of teams that are better overall, so he has to be perfect.

  3. On 1/31/2023 at 7:58 AM, billieve420 said:


    McDermott tends to stick with the Vets far longer than he should. Thought Elam and Shakir should have played more than they did. This team brings their younger players along too slowly for my liking. Reps are the only way they are going to improve so should be playing their younger players that show promise.

    I agree he is over conservative, but maybe part of it is that the rookies just aren’t very good.  This year, had to fit Elam in who’s a man cover guy into a zone scheme.  Cook wasn’t even a starter in college.  Bernard.. should have been UDFA, has absolutely zero NFL traits… etc.

  4. Hines either renegotiates or is gone.  Motor will have to be cheap, but in all honesty, I can’t see them bringing him back, he should get a reasonable deal in FA and the Bills should recognize they could have just kept their own UDFA last year and had equal production, there’s no real reason to commit resources to RB.

  5. I can understand looking at reality and saying, Dorsey wasn’t perfect, but we see potential, let’s let him run it back and get some more weapons for him.  

    Kromer, major disappointment and I wonder if he got sent packing from LA because he’s great at an older approach and not getting the linemen where they need to be for a more wide open O.  Purely a 2 second thought here, but the line was not good… I could see him being gone.


    Frazier, enough is enough.  Yes, the scheme works well enough to win games when the offense scores a lot, but it’s actually counter productive to the team success.  We want JA on the field, allowing teams to dink and dunk down the field and burn clock is NOT what we should strive for.  Go for the kill, if you get burned, cool Josh, go get ‘em.  If you get the ball back quicker, cool, Josh go get ‘em.  Waiting for a good team to screw up means you lose the time of possession game and ultimately your offense has to be perfect and quick to win.  It’s a bad formula for the post season.


    Ultimately, we need to look at the formula overall.  You are a poor weather, outdoor team.  Relying on a finesse game to score and big bombs down the field to be converted is fun, and doable, in good weather or a dome.  As soon as the wind kicked up, snow flew and we had to play in the elements, the team began to struggle.  Does everyone think it coincidence that Josh starts off on fire and flames out every year (statistically)?  Or that many of his biggest games come on the road?   I’m not saying build a Ravens offense, but I’m saying you need to look at something like the Pats ran with Brady.  Quick hitters, the wind doesn’t bother, have a run game that can punch a team in the mouth and then when they try to take it away, go to the next level.   I don’t know about you, but I thought it worked pretty well for NE.   You could easily ask Diggs to play the Welker/Edelman role where he gets to do whatever the hell he wants, but mostly focus on the quick throws and gets fed the ball 15 targets a game.  Use Knox as a Gronk type.  If you destroy the middle of the field, they have to drop LBs back a bit and then you hit them with the runnning backs, who should be more the bully types.  How KC finds Pacheco that late in the draft for a battering Ram with 4.3 speed is beyond me, but we need a guy like him or a rookie year Karlos Williams, big punisher with enough juice to make a missed tackle into 15 yards.   We need to take a page from Bellicheck and dare I say it, Doug Whaley, get guys that are bigger and faster than the guys they are playing against.  Be Physical.  We don’t need dancing bears, we need Josh to have a pocket and we need some holes opened up for the RB between the tackles.  Speed rushers never were Brady’s problem, you just step out of their path, the real key is some hogs inside that don’t let Dick Grabber come right up in Josh’s grille every pass attempt.

    58 minutes ago, Thurman#1 said:



    Yeah, I guess it's possible Beane doesn't know what he's doing. But nearly all the evidence points the other way. This team has both units near the top of DVOA and the whole team was #1. If he didn't know what he was doing, that simply wouldn't have happened. Doesn't mean he's perfect, of course. But good? That appears very clear.


    As for their rounds, one of the problems the Bills now have is that they're drafting in the mid to late twenties consistently. The blue-chippers are gone by then. His first round picks have been good. The two first rounders you mentioned, Oliver and Rousseau, are solid value. The two second rounders you mentioned are young and may get better. Or not. So far neither has lived up to their spot, but we'll have to see.


    And the "business/performance aspect of the enterprise" is doing really really well. Could be better, of course. Only one team really goes home happy at the end of the year and let's face it, we aren't that team. But they put a really good product on the field. Most teams would trade for McDermott/Beane/Allen in a second.


    "Recency bias from this last game, I know everyone’s gonna lose their minds, but we did a lot of good things this year."  - Josh Allen



    Yeah no.  I’m not accepting the “we draft too late” excuse.  KC is drafting after us every year and keeps replenishing talent and whooping our ass in the playoffs.  It’s poor talent evaluation and poor use of resources. 

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  6. 22 minutes ago, FrenchConnection said:

    They drafted Matt Corral in the third last year who promptly got hurt in preseason. There may be something there.

    He was my favorite prospect of the QBs last year, not sure if it will all translate into the NFL, but they got a steal there.  He’s got the “stuff” to be a good one, let’s see if it ever actually happens.

  7. 4 hours ago, Jerry Jabber said:

    If your team is bringing in retired WR’s during the season because the WR’s on the team aren’t getting the job done (outside of Diggs), then those WR’s are garbage. Davis a not a #2WR, he’s a #3/4. McKenzie is a gadget player and not a consistent slot WR. Too soon to tell on Shakir, but banking on a low round draft pick to be an instant contributor was a horrible and stupid gamble.

    Beane went with Hope as a strategy, it didn’t work.

    He counted on Davis making the leap, something he had never done, McKenzie being a starter and to his credit he did bring in Crowder, but he’s been made of glass so it was a known risk.   Essentially, he let go of two veterans, replaced them with 1 and hoped everyone could move into full time roles, under a new, inexperienced coordinator, though none had done it before, oh and threw in a 5th round rookie.  


    Take a quick look at what was out there besides Diggs, the highest drafted player was Knox, a 3rd round pick, and you had McKenzie who was a scrap heap find, Davis a 4th rounder who never had been more than a #3, throw in glass man, then you have TD Jesus, another scrap heap find, and your rookie 5th round pick.  That’s what Allen got to work with.  Show me another team with so little, that actually wins.  


    There were so many opportunities to add talent and they passed, it’s sickening.  Instead of giving up a low 3rd round pick for a massively talented, albeit giant douchebag, in Toney, they let him go to KC and tried John Brown.  C’mon man.  Couldn’t afford to lose another replacement level RB or ST Lb in the draft I guess.  Even Valdez-Scantling was a option to pursue over anybody we brought in for FA.   Let’s just not talk about the draft where they decided CB was the priority in round 1, took a pass catching RB they didn’t regard as a starter (Beane’s words at the draft, not mine) in the second, took a LB that would have been at best a 6th round pick based on measurables and athletic ability, quite possibly a UDFA, in the 3rd, 4th gone to go up 2 spots for the CB in the first and THEN they took a flier on Shakir.. wow.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

    It begs the question: what if Josh hadn't panned out, as the odds overwhelmingly suggested?


    Where would we be these last years if Josh is a total bust?  


    We'd probably be .500 at best and still searching for a good QB.



    We would be on to a new coach and GM after another year of missing the playoffs. 

    Allen has saved them both.

  9. 1 hour ago, newcam2012 said:

    Wow! That is the blunt truth at its best. However, Beane does deserve credit too. He inheriented a mess from Whaley. He tore down an inadequate team and built it into a consistent playoff team. We fans were estastic with the turnaround, winning games, making the playoffs, and having a franchise QB. 


    However, the fans and teams expectations have changed. A credit to the organization's success. The Bills were in everyone's top 3 teams in the NFL going into this year. Overwhelming favorites to win the Super Bowl. 


    Beans is now backed himself into a corner with very little ammunition to retool the team. Paying the price his failed DL pick ups. His failure to adequately solidify an offensive line. The lack of weapons the teams has. Lastly, a coaching staff that has clearly become inferior to others especially in the playoffs. You can see the difference between Coach McD presser and Beane. Vastly and starkly not on the same page. 


    Beane is a very intelligent guy. He can clearly see the writing on the wall. He knows the Bills team is likely trending downward. Of course he can't admit that. Instead, he had to give excuses and hope players develop and step up. 


    I can see a total rehaul of the Bills organization within the next couple of years. Especially, if the team doesn't meet expectations. We fans should probably forget about making that Super Bowl appearance next year. 

    Beane’s misses have put him in the corner, he hit on a boom or bust gamble in Allen and got a good player in Edmunds, from there he’s really not landed a single impact player in the draft and the COUNTLESS misses in FA have really hindered the ability to go get help. 

    The media hype going into this year was a bit over the top.  Calling this “the most talented roster in the NFL” was a pathetic joke at best.   I sat here at the beginning of the year and said, the WRs are Diggs and a lot of hope.  Well there’s a reason that hope isn’t a strategy and we are looking at it.  Davis didn’t step up to the 2 and everyone else suffered. McKenzie drastically regressed, Crowder went full Crowder and barely played, a 5th round rookie looked like one and ya had to go dumpster diving to try to save the season.   Then you look at TE, over paid Knox (vs production anyway), let a good Vet walk and rolled with 2 guys that offered nothing.  The OL, again, had to have cap for awful defensive signings so we got guys off the scrap heap again.  

    If you aren’t a Bills home and want more than a team just competing for the playoffs, then you have to look at Beane and REALLY start to question him.   Unless someone pops up from this draft and really takes off, this is another in a line of over drafted, under whelming players.  I’m a Groot fan and aside from Allen, he’s the biggest impact Beane has added, in comparison to the rest of league, he’s an average-ish starter.  The multiple whiffs on DEs and RBs is scary and for a guy thats supposed to be a defensive guru, I think it’s time he lets somebody take over the decisions on LBs, because that’s the weakest group of dog crap in the league behind the 2 starters, thankfully they don’t need a third, we’d still be 3 years out.

    6 minutes ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


     Whitner has never been known to be an intelligent person. Did Whitner take into account that we were down Hyde for the last 16 games, or Von missing the final 7 games. How about Poyer playing with numerous injuries throughout the season and was no where near 100% from the Ravens game on. That's the last 14 games. Or Tre out for the 1st 10 games, then slowly getting worked in as a starter and never coming close to the player he was before tearing his ACL?


    That's 4 out of our top 5 guys on defense, plus numerous other injuries to the defense. I mean we were down to our 3rd & ultimately our 4th string FS during the Bengals game. People pissed about Sunday's loss are acting like what they saw was our original team.


     What other team in the NFL could lose 2 of their top 5 defenders, have 2 other top 5 defenders clearly limited in what they physically could do, plus be down another starter(Jones) and have another player playing with only 1 arm(Phillips) and still hang with the Bengals or even get out if the Divisional round? I don't think there’s a single team that could do that. 


     Are there some problems on the team that need to be fix? Yes there are, but mostly on offense. The defense wasn't anything like what the roster read in September. Good news Hyde is already cleared. With another 8-9 months and being  2 years removed for his ACL surgery, Tre should be close to what he once was. And Von's surgery went really well, they were able to reuse holes ect that they drilled from his first ACL surgery. As a result his timeline to return to playing is much shorter and he said he will be ready for the 1st game of the season. Their return is like signing 3 top tier players on defense. 


     There's been alot of playoff blunders and bad defensive play in the playoffs with this staff. I mean if you want to talk about last year's Divisional round fiasco, I hear ya.


     But if there was one year that I would think they should get a pass, it's this year. Don't forget this was a very good defense the first 7 or so games. And they were minus Hyde & White at the time and playing rookie corners. Only once the injuries started to really pile up, did they start to look bad.


     They held Tua & Hill to very little a week after they went off on Baltimore. And 7 of the 21 points given up were gift wrapped by an offensive turnover inside our own 10. Held Lamar and the Ravens to 20, even though a 4 yard drive and a 12 yard drive resulted in 10 Ravens points because of turnovers. Held Mahomes and the Chiefs to 20, their 2nd lowest output of the season. All this was done on the road no less. They were a much better team before all the injuries to very good players happened. 





    Did you consider the Bengals were without 3 starters on their OL and the Bills still managed zero pressure and got embarrassed on their own field, only truly down one starter on the DL?

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  10. I understand your frustration with what he’s saying, but look at the reality, there’s virtually no cap room, you are picking, 28th (?) and you have glaring holes.  What are you going to say?  

    “All the free agents I signed were a bust, so they are taking up cap space and the draft hasn’t looked much better, I’m pretty much running a top 5 QB out there with bottom 1/3 talent around him and hoping for the best.”?   Let’s get real, he’s got to cling to the fact they had 13 wins, and he has built in excuses, new OC, Miller got hurt, Hyde got hurt, White wasn’t quite himself, Hamlin scare, snow storms, didn’t catch the groove at the right time.  He’s basically going to be Teflon this year, wish all you want, he’s not going anywhere, nor is the team.  


    Ironically, the first thing he did was get rid of all of the big contracts Whaley had signed with under performers and suffered a year of dead cap hits, only to be right back to it 3 years later.   Beane is MMMASSSSSSSIVLY over rated, take Allen out and watch this team fold like origami.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Success said:

    Yesterday was a real eye-opener - but we've seen it ever since Miller went down.  The Bengals were missing 3 out of 5 starting O-linemen, and our pass rush was still anemic.


    They were saying in the post-game how outside of Miller, we don't have 1 guy in the top 40.


    And we've also seen that many SB champs have this as a strength.  Think of the Bucs line from 2 years ago, or the Rams last year.  Multiple players who are good or great at getting to the passer.


    How do the Bills fix this?  It feels like they have made every investment they can make - high draft picks, getting the best pass rusher in FA.  It's a glaring weakness.


    It’s been obvious there’s not a difference maker on the line for a long time.  Miller was a help, but obviously, you rolled the dice on an older player on the decline and lost.   Quite honestly, this team needs to have the whole D revamped and the assets moved to the offense.  If you don’t support what’s making you great, you’re going to lose.  I’d personally looked at:


    Edmunds walks (try to sign and trade, but I don’t see it happening)

    Oliver, try to trade to clear that cap hit. Worst case, don’t resign.


    Poyer, gone- old and injuries, love the guy, but gotta rip the band-aid off.

    Hyde is back this year, gone next. 

    Benford to SS


    Elam has to be CB #1 or 2 depending on what happens to White.  If Tre comes back, cool, if not, I’m not shocked.


    Tre… prove it year, may need to take a pay cut or a hike, can’t play like he did this year and get paid big money.   If he can’t get his speed back up, he’s not going to make it. 

    Must find LB depth and ideally a more impactful starter to play along side Milano. 

    DL is going to have to be what it is, the rotation means there is no point in paying for big time players, unless Beane is going to make a shift in mindset. 



  12. McDermott is a classic example of a mid-tier coach who’s an outstanding builder of culture.  He rallies the troops and creates a great environment.  That said, he’s as good as the coaches around him and the talent of the players.  He’s not a guy that I look at and say, “look at that guy’s career after Sean got him”.  His system “works” at making DBs look better than they really are, but he also punishes those that want to show they are better, because it won’t fit his system.    

    IF, he was willing to hand the reigns over to the coordinators fully and embrace change, he could be amazing.  He’s not that guy.  He’s cautious at base line and he’s going to lose offensive coaches because Allen is going to make them look good, so we will be stuck in a loop of a soft defense that will have to be carried by Allen’s O, which will have to be rebuilt every year he truly shines because the coordinator will be scooped up as a HC.  It’s a vicious cycle, I’d rather end now.  You are not going to win the AFC with the talent present, without being an offensive juggernaut, you won’t build that without losing the coordinator.  If they system leaves with them, you’re screwed.  So hire the offensive guru as the HC and maintain the system. 

  13. A DL rotation like this basically proves there’s no discernible difference in the players.  It’s like Parcells said, “if you have 2, you don’t have one.”  Basically, we don’t have a clear cut starter at any of the positions that commands being on the field.   Rousseau and Miller should be getting the Lion’s share of reps as should Oliver and Jones if they are the players the homers proclaim them to be.  Yet nobody stands out enough to warrant being on the field more than another.  With all the draft and cash outlays on the DL, it should be dominant. 

    The defense will be this way under McClappy and hence, he needs to be fired. He believes in an antiquated strategy that continues to be beaten in the big games.   It’s his system and it’s a failure when it matters.  Meanwhile, we have to revamp the entire offense, everytime Allen makes another coach look good and they go to another team.  Your NEED to hire an offensive guru to run the team, so you don’t have to rework the very thing that makes the team good, every damn time there’s another coach poached.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Victory Formation said:

    I’m kind of on the fence right now. What if McD dumped Dorsey and brought in Frank Reich to fill in that OC void?




    What if we just ***** canned our entire coaching staff and hired Brian Callahan to be our HC? He sure did great with Burrow, Stafford and Manning. 

    What if we just fired McDermott and hired Reich?

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  15. 1 minute ago, Beck Water said:


    They got outcoached in the Eagles game.  IMO.


    Your mileage may vary, that’s fine

    They got their ass kicked, that’s for sure.  They may have overestimated their own abilities and underestimated Philly.  I can see that argument.  Overall, it’s a flat out different league of talent.

  16. 2 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

    Ironically, we get our butts kicked by Cincinnati, who had to fire a VERY successful head coach to get where they are now.


    Do we have another:



    I was just thinking, we have the modern Marv Lewis.  Good enough to win in the regular season, useless when it counts, but “he’s a nice guy and a great leader” 🤮.  Get me a winner.   

  17. 11 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    Giants got blown out on both sides of the ball yesterday.  Can say they don’t have the horses yet, but they appear to have been outcoached

    They are starting guys off the Bills practice squad and made the playoffs.  That’s not out coached, that’s the reality of a team that had no business being in the playoffs, but coaching got them there.

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  18. 12 minutes ago, DCOrange said:

    On top of the actual players he selects, I fundamentally disagree with his draft philosophies too. 

    I’m not totally out on him but I think he might be a bigger issue than our coordinators are. 

    Absolutely agree his philosophy is less than ideal, he’s continually reached for needs.  No great GM has ever said, “I took the best player available, that met the needs”.  You take BPA period.  There’s no time ever that somebody has said, sure we drafted a HOF player at X position, but it sure would have been nice to have an average player at the place of need.   He got hung up on a pas catching RB, there’s a second wasted, wanted a cover LB, there’s a wasted 3rd rounder, not to mention panicking about DB and trading away and extra pick to get the consolation prize because he wasn’t willing to go get the guy he wanted for what was basically the same cost.  This last draft was an absolute ***** show and honestly, most have gone the same way.  He gets hung up on a need and won’t budge.

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  19. Nice to see some realist here today, this soft team isn’t a fit for Buffalo weather and can’t handle the big games.  The McBeane era would have been over if they hadn’t got lucky on Allen.  I hope the ownership can see it and starts looking around.  There’s a reason all the teams left in the playoffs have offensive coaches and hire aggressive D coordinators.  The Tampa 2 is dead, it should have been extinct when Dungy left and Tampa finally won the title.

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  20. 27 minutes ago, Mat68 said:

    The Bills were predictable.  Cincy knew what Buffalo would do on defense and Offense.  If im Terry I would have a conversation with Sean Payton.  Does Tampa win with Dungy?  Does Indy win someone with Peyton?  As a Billionaire I make the call and see.  With a generational talent Mcdermott could get out of the divisional round.  I do it.  Shake it up.  Do you want to win the division and make the playoffs or win it all? 

    I wish.

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