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  1. Easy there big shoots. This is like 1988 to the SB era Bills. Give it another year. Don't get me wrong, I'd take just a flat out one and done SB win.
  2. Between the two of them they couldn't even see Van Noy, let alone block him.
  3. Zay seems to be a magnet for bad things. Maybe it's the fake weed?
  4. Josh will get a week or two vacation here to think about this one. Hopefully he'll learn, but I kind of think this is what you get. It's sad, but you rarely see a QB progress much any more.
  5. I ate some bacon as an offering to the HAMstring gods, and low and behold, Singletary's HAMstring is getting better. Must be the bacon. Truth be told, I'd eat bacon even if my new favorite RB wasn't dinged up.
  6. Looks like Team Bacon works! Let's all eat a piece or two to celebrate!
  7. <25% right now. Tomorrow is the day, if he practices with a red shirt then the odds are at 50/50.
  8. We closed up the tailgate at 12:15 and started walking over last weekend at 12:30, and got to our seats at 1:20. Too late for me, but taking into account the herd of degens that I was with, it was impressive. They NEEDED to stop at O'Neill's for shots as we walked over. Without that, we would have been fine.
  9. I feel like the Bills offense has played well at times, and that is when they are allowed to take chances and "go for it". Once they had gotten the lead in the Giants & Bengals games, conservatism has limited their ability to continue to push the ball down the field. Call it a lack of focus, lack of killer instinct - whatever it is has allowed teams to hang around. With the Pats game, I think you'll see that sustained focus on O because they know the Patriots will get their points. They won't go John Harbaugh Riverboat Ron crazy (this is McD you know), but the offense will need to be consistent. I think this offensive consistency will be the big surprise of the game. Lots of 8-10 play drives, maybe not all ending in Tds, but productive none the less. Hopefully it will be enough to pull out a win.
  10. I ate a piece of bacon this morning, is that a sufficient offering to the hamstring gods?
  11. 1 prime spot for me if you still have space. I am a first timer TBD Hammer's Lot dude, so 1 general spot would work as well if that is the way to haze the new guy.
  12. What is a good time to get to the Hammer lot? I always park in someone's back yard along Big Tree, but all my friends NEEEEEED to park in the Hammer lot this time... And honestly, I'm excited too.
  13. You're not a punter, good sir. Take the watch off. Signed, Reginald Henry Roby
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