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  1. He was the mayor of Burlington, VT starting in 1981, and was born in 1941, so your first sentence is not correct. Never going to vote for the guy anyways, but all the drivel below it is probably false too.
  2. That bastard. RESIST! IMPEACH!! RUSSIA!!! COW FARTS!!!!
  3. Can you Diggs it? We can Diggs it. Whoomp there it is.
  4. What about the global methane CATastrophe? This is riDONKulous.
  5. Why 1,100? Why not 17 (see Hilldawg, 2016)? Or 1,117? When making an inane point, it is better to reference a number that is very specific. Makes it more believable.
  6. . Drop/Add lasts the first 2 weeks of the semester; hopefully he made the right choice.
  7. It will replace the pledge of allegiance in 2030.
  8. Bad dad joke, but I award you 1000 Drew Carey points anyways.
  9. Like the kid but looks like damaged goods. Potential for low availability, so the bills will pass in round 1. Maybe they'll trade back up to the middle/end of the 2nd if he's still there...
  10. Me don't thinks that Big Fredo and Big Don are going to be able to find common ground.
  11. I guess I was wrong, I didn't think any of those Pokemon guys were real...
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