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  1. She is autistic, so she is immune to those attacks. I for one, welcome our new overlords. In celebration, I went out and did some snow donuts in my 3 ton vehicle while driving around a fire made entirely of styrofoam. You can thank me later.
  2. And those 8 yard runs should be >20 yard runs for most NFL backs. Great story, time to move on.
  3. https://www.npr.org/2019/12/10/786609754/vanity-fair-father-son-dynamic-may-explain-tenure-of-ag-barr This thing on NPR today sounded like a planned "Billy" Barr take down, you know, just in case the OIG FISA report was really bad and we needed distractions to discredit the other side. She says Billy Barr three times in one paragraph. Kind of like how Pearlman calls Trump "Little DOnniE". As it turns out, this lady was not needed, as the OIG report was a dud. Or was it?
  4. Dude just needs a little more talent around him. Joshy's a keeper, just need that extra little umph to get him over the edge. That's when you turn it to 11. Sorry, I got trapped in a Spinal Tap trap. Summary - Beane's got this. 2020 look out.
  5. Get better WRs, TEs and RBs. We are married to Joshy thru 2021. Keep - Brown, Beasley Replace - Knox, WR3 Supplement - SIngletary with another real RB Also continue to bring in the best 8-10 linemen you can find. They don't have to be on the roster today.
  6. I've been watching a lot of 80s xmas commercials lately. This is great.
  7. Call me weird, but I hate all kickers. Punters, whatever I can tolerate their stupidity. At home I get up, stop watching and do something productive when there is a FG. It's tougher when you're at the stadium, but it definitely enhances my overall football watching experience. I come back, and if 3 more points are up there great. Other team, same principle. If they deleted FGs all together I would be the happiest clam.
  8. And as someone who has dabbled in the fringe, extreme ends of certain sports - I understand what the Peloton commercial is going for. The whole transform your mind & body angle, plus the break thru "boundaries" that you thought were impossible selling point. But any overpriced exercise thingy is going to play very poorly in a 30 second commercial. There is a reason why those old P90X commercials were 30 MINUTES long. You obviously need a copy of the Politically Correct Handbook for the Recently Deceased (TM), 2019 Version.
  9. Oh yeah that NFL "The Champ is Here" has the worst song?, audio? that I have ever heard. The strutting people are fine, just use a normal song that grabs your attention.
  10. That's fine if they go that route, I just hope tailgating isn't completely eliminated.
  11. With respect to the dome/no dome question - I really love the idea of just building a roof over each side of the existing stadium (like Seattle or Miami). It would be a massive structure, and you'd have to get rid of Abbott Rd, but it would still give you that outdoor feel. Plus we could line the underside of the new roof with those infrared heaters, and that would look gnarly for night games.
  12. Gee-whiz man, a headless chicken? Tough guy move there, Boston Globe. I guess that is better than Brady=Plastic Adult Toy.
  13. Almost similar to the way Fred Smerlas' career ended. Right at the wrong time.
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