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  1. After reading the Daboll is a lunatic post, how about a hype video to lunatic fringe? That song gets me going!
  2. All class all the time...truly for you guys, sarcasm for the clownish cowpoke fans behind you!
  3. That sounds like a plan! We’re staying at lofts on pearl...
  4. Much appreciated Plenz!! We have a group of 6 (4 core, 2 wanderers) so I don’t know if that would be too much to add, but I would LOVE to meet PINTO RON in person!! Caution...2 Bills fans, 3 Eagles fans and 1 Packer fan!
  5. Hi guys, heading up to the eagles game next week...really looking forward to it! Trying to get to the game responsibly. Do any bars or other groups offer a deal there and back? Ive talked to some people about Uber, but I’m hearing its not easy...please let me know any ideas
  6. Hello, I am returning to Buffalo for the Eagles game with a fairly large group (12) of fellas (yes, most of them are Bills fans!). I was looking at VRBO and AirBNB, but i did not see any rentals near the stadium. Is that normal? Do listings change once the schedule comes out? And, if there typically are no rentals near the stadium, I am looking for some help in planning our trip. Any tips? Sincerely, Rick
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