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  1. Hey Bills fans if anyone has some left over tickets to the Bills July 29th Training camp I would love to work something out for them. Please message me. Thank you and GO Bills !!
  2. Hey buffalo Bob I’ll take the ones for the 29th if you still have them pleaee
  3. https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2022/05/08/popular-jacksonville-chicken-wing-restaurant-home-to-buffalo-bills-fans-to-close-this-month/ Let’s send our Bills Mafia Love and support to these owners and thank them for what they have done for us all through the years.
  4. Your correct just looked it up, I stand corrected. Thank you
  5. Yes that who is was Michael JASPER !!!!!!!!!! OMG people went nuts over this guy.
  6. No who was that big guy that was an UDFA about 5 years ago that everyone went absolutely crazy over?
  7. It happened years ago and who didn't? It was a compliment girl is a stone cold Fox !!! No news here!!!
  8. If it helped us land our franchise QB and/or add another key component to either side of the ball then yes. Age is a huge factor if you found the right price and the right trade partner then I'm all for it, I would hate to see him go but if the team got better in the long run then yes. I trust Beane to make the right decisions.
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