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  1. bills in oregon

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    Effert beats talent every day of the week and especially on Sundays.
  2. bills in oregon

    I may have been wrong about McCaffrey

    I would love to have him right now instead of Shady.
  3. bills in oregon

    Bills schedule next year?

    I know it’s out their but I cannot find it. what division will bills play the next two years ?
  4. My wife and I need help for tomorrow nights game. We wantthe the full Bills home game tailgating experience. We are from Oregon and are excited to see our first game here in Buffalo. We will be Ubering to the game. How early should we arrive and were should we go for tailgating?
  5. bills in oregon

    [Vague Title] Trade bait?

    OK so it looks like the Eagles are in need of a running back do you ship McCoy back to them for the right draft picks? Look I think Shady McCoy is amazing I do not believe the bills are going to go to the playoffs this year. get what you can for him now thank him for his services send it back to Philadelphia so he said so he has a chance at a ring.
  6. I am amazed at how many people are so bitter at how this team is playing. I’m not sure what your expectations were but this is exactly what I expected regardless of who was quarterbacking this team. How many players on this team could start on any other team in the NFL? The defense maybe four on offense two. I am amazed at how many people are so bitter at how this team is playing. I’m not sure what your expectations were but this is exactly what I expected. I know not every game we’re going to be able to compete. The offense of line is horrible receivers aren’t catching the ball I don’t care how this season turns out I just want to see improvement. The coaches have to do a better job of putting the players in position to succeed. I’m hoping for a top five traffic I would be super excited for the number one pick overall. There’s gonna be a lot of teams are going after the Oregon duck quarterback which will in turn give us more draft picks I’m excited for the team in the direction they’re going sit back and enjoy it quit being so damn bitter so of you are acting like patriot fans. Haha. One last thing I do not want to see the coaches or the GM fire do not blow anything up the patient.
  7. bills in oregon

    Stop already!!

    This is the beginning of the second year of a five-year plan. If you’re pissed at anybody be mad at the coaches and GM that were in charge 3 or 4 years ago. There’s not much talent on this team a few spots here and there. There’s one player on the team from a draft from 2016. The Browns won one game in two years and their defense looks pretty damn good. Their offense of line looks pretty damn good they’re going in the right direction sit back and enjoy the process. I just want to see this team compete I really like the offense of coordinator it’s one game they’ll figure it out . Yes they might go 0 and nine but I just want to see them compete.