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    Stop already!!

    This is the beginning of the second year of a five-year plan. If you’re pissed at anybody be mad at the coaches and GM that were in charge 3 or 4 years ago. There’s not much talent on this team a few spots here and there. There’s one player on the team from a draft from 2016. The Browns won one game in two years and their defense looks pretty damn good. Their offense of line looks pretty damn good they’re going in the right direction sit back and enjoy the process. I just want to see this team compete I really like the offense of coordinator it’s one game they’ll figure it out . Yes they might go 0 and nine but I just want to see them compete.
  2. My wife just surprised me on my 50th birthday with tickets to the bills vs patriots game on Monday night. I’ve never been to Buffalo, it is been a dream of mine to go to Buffalo to watch a game. We live in Salem, Oregon and I’ve been a bills fan since 85 and we arrive on Friday 26th and I want to know where the places that we should go to for the experience of what Buffalo truly is and to experience the great fans that I hear about.
  3. bills in oregon

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I don’t know how long the contract plans for DIRECTV. All I know is they outbid them selves they went from 2 .1 billion to 3.5 billion. And when I was a DIRECTV customer for 19 years I cannot stream it on any other device other than watching on my TV because their platforms were horrible . I now just go to Buffalo wild wings it’s five minutes from my house I watch every game on the big screen. And save a Ton of money .
  4. bills in oregon

    2019 free agency?

    With the large amount of Space the bills are going to have. What position or positions would you like them to address? And do you have any players you would like the bills to go after?