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  1. Would you use Shady as trade bait?

    I would strongly consider it. he turns 30 this year and what do you hope to achieve with him on the roster? I really like him but I think we could use him to get more picks. this RB class is also deep.
  2. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Watch your mouth you’re talking about our starting quarterback he’s very accurate if the old-line were to protect him you would’ve seen that no quarterback is worth a damn When they are on their back.
  3. NEW Bills Stadium question

    I don’t live in Buffalo but I’m curious would you want a dome, open air or a retractable roof. I personally would like to see the bills get a new stadium and possibly retractable roof definitely leave it open when the warm weather teams come to town .
  4. If this was our draft, how happy would you be with it?
  5. TSW Mock Draft - All 3 Rounds Completed!

    ok so I have been following this draft. How do the Bills fans fill about this so far? I fill like we missed on a couple players.
  6. Updated Mock with RI Retirement

    I love it! NO QB it worth a dame if he's on his back. Mason will be a steal of the draft.
  7. Moving up to #2 = No Playoffs for the next three years

    Not sure if you understand what I mean Phillies defense was built before they traded up. We have way too many holes and empty spots where we need people that are stoners before we draft a rookie QB. Besides you could potential he give up five players for one player that me not see the field for three years.
  8. TSW Mock Draft Sign-Up (Closed)

    I would like to get in.
  9. Moving up to #2 = No Playoffs for the next three years

    Philly D was and is rock solid!! so was the O-line the added a WR and a RB. so ya that could do that with what that had already.
  10. S.I. : Bill's All In On Trading Up Into Top 5

    Why do you want any of the top QB's? over one that is just as good as Josh Allen but IMO will be a better passer?
  11. S.I. : Bill's All In On Trading Up Into Top 5

    WHY? why would you trade into the top for a project QB. Not one will start day one! why give up all of the draft picks too. Draft people that will start day one, you have two QB's that will surprise everyone. I am just not in love with any of these guys at QB. If I were to take a QB I would take Mason Rudolph Oklahoma St.
  12. TSW Mock Draft - Completed!!

    I just looked. To see who the bills would check in I just threw up in my mouth I do not want Any part of this pick.
  13. The Wunderlich test for quarterbacks

    Does the Wunderlic score matter to GM’s anymore
  14. Albert Breer's new mock

    You act like you want me to jump up to the second pic and you’re pissed because he won’t that’s a lot of capital to give up for one unproven player.