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  1. bills in oregon

    EXACTLY why I think Beane blew the '18 draft. -Rd. 1

    I understand everybody’s entitled to their opinion but what are your credentials are you a professional scout. Let the people that get paid to scout people cast their opinion everybody thinks the bills had a great draft.
  2. Trust the process boys and girls
  3. bills in oregon

    Trade down and get

    Your second round pixs back more pics more players
  4. bills in oregon

    2018 Draft: 1st round discussion

    Come on Cleveland please take a baker Mayfield please please pleaseCome on Cleveland please take a baker Mayfield please please please
  5. bills in oregon

    Would you use Shady as trade bait?

    I would strongly consider it. he turns 30 this year and what do you hope to achieve with him on the roster? I really like him but I think we could use him to get more picks. this RB class is also deep.
  6. bills in oregon

    Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Watch your mouth you’re talking about our starting quarterback he’s very accurate if the old-line were to protect him you would’ve seen that no quarterback is worth a damn When they are on their back.
  7. bills in oregon

    NEW Bills Stadium question

    I don’t live in Buffalo but I’m curious would you want a dome, open air or a retractable roof. I personally would like to see the bills get a new stadium and possibly retractable roof definitely leave it open when the warm weather teams come to town .
  8. If this was our draft, how happy would you be with it?
  9. bills in oregon

    TSW Mock Draft vs Actual Draft

    ok so I have been following this draft. How do the Bills fans fill about this so far? I fill like we missed on a couple players.
  10. bills in oregon

    Updated Mock with RI Retirement

    I love it! NO QB it worth a dame if he's on his back. Mason will be a steal of the draft.