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  1. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    Posted this in the college post https://cfbcomparisons.com/a-j-mccarron-vs-lamar-jackson-college-comparison/ Thoughts? Didn't he lose every game against high level competition? Not sure if he did. Not sure why people are defending the guy to this extent. If you like him fine. If you don't cool. Not sure he is the next franchise q.b. Nothing has shown me that he has that potential.
  2. Do you take Lamar Jackson?

    https://cfbcomparisons.com/a-j-mccarron-vs-lamar-jackson-college-comparison/ Whatcha think?
  3. Bills better off waiting on qb?

    Matt doesn't have his escapeability. And I only meant JMs ability to escape and make plays.
  4. Bills better off waiting on qb?

    I've actually seen more of him than 30 minutes. He is actually that good. He is like Russell Wilson and Johnny Manziel mixed together. I do agree that any team that tanks to get the number one player isn't a team I want to watch. I'm not sure on his desire to finish college. He is very smart and faith oriented. He may graduate or he may leave early. I don't think money is what motivates him or his family. And yes it is me, Tua
  5. Would the Bills be better off waiting until Tua Tagovailoa graduates or leaves early than to draft a qb this year? Imo he is already better than the qbs in this years draft. If not he definitely has the potential to be. Why not wait, fill some needs this year and next, then draft Tua? Plus it gives us the chance to see what AJ can do and he can mentor the kid when he comes in.
  6. At this point the pressure may be too much not to trade up. If the bills don't and fail people will be abnormally pissed.
  7. Who would you draft and where?

    Ah I had read they paid 2900+ in draft points in a different article.
  8. Who would you draft and where?

    Jets paid too much for 3. You'll never get 4 with that. Not seeing the difference in Mayfield or Darnold. Allen maybe is behind. I'd like to see Ridley...and Guice or Michel. Ol are a dime a dozen in the draft. And take the qb that falls to you at 12 or Jackson at 22. I'd pay to see those guys play in a bills uniform.
  9. Lets say its a perfect world and every guy that you wanted(logically lets not get all crazy here) fell to the Bills draft spots, who would you take?