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  1. Bfanlc

    Updated: Early 2019 mock draft

    I wouldn't draft Jennings till the 5th rd. He had a knee injury and he looks as though he didn't get his speed back.
  2. Bfanlc

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    No he doesn't....just because a guy has arm strength doesn't mean he has great potential. I mean I'm pulling for Allen but where is all this pro bowl potential everyone think JA has???
  3. Bfanlc

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Browns won????!!!! Is that legal?
  4. Bfanlc


    https://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2018/09/phil_savage_adam_zucker_react.html Should be a good game this Saturday.
  5. The Bills brass was stupid.
  6. Bfanlc

    Every Josh Allen Throw Vs. Ravens

    So we are just discussing one pass? He didn't drop 10 did he? All the hate based on one pass?
  7. Bfanlc

    Bills vs. Ravens Postgame 😭

    Any way to get McCarron back? Lol
  8. Bfanlc


    Probably be a long time. Bama is starting to put some good home and homes together so if you can travel a little bit those will be closer.
  9. Bfanlc

    Who will be the 2018 Heisman Winner

    That crazy spin move to escape a sack and throw a td was insane by TT!
  10. Bfanlc


    Think he is trying a back handed troll job on the Hurts situation.
  11. Bfanlc

    How did Foster make the team?

    Wow 30 pages I was hoping with the McCarron trade skydiver and I could leave but fortunately for you guys the Bills signed Foster and Wallace.
  12. Bfanlc

    How did Foster make the team?

    Wonder what Daboll saw in him? Why he brought him in.
  13. Bfanlc

    Looks like AJM might play the whole game?

    Skydive and I are staying to haunt you guys...kinda like bad leftovers.
  14. Bfanlc

    GO Bucks

    I havent had a chance to really follow them much. What has me saying that is the playoff losses and the significant loss last year. It just seemed, from memory, that they fielded better teams (win/loss) than the last few years. I think...and again this is from an outsiders lack of knowledge view...that their biggest issue was finding that star qb. Which I think urban needs in his offense. Its not like an Alabama offense which relied on its defense to win.
  15. Bfanlc

    GO Bucks

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong...can't remember but did Urban do better when he first got there with someone else's recruits? Osu could have 3 losses this year.