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  1. Bfanlc

    Reuben Foster; Suspension

    I'm a Bama fan and a Foster fan. I'm also all for giving a guy a second chance regardless of whether or not he went to Bama. At this point Foster has had his second chance. Another mistake and I'd kick him off the team.
  2. Bfanlc


    Think that may have been more of Deshaun Watson than Dabo. If the acc was a stronger conference , Clemson would have lost more games last year. They were pretty pitiful against Bama.
  3. Bfanlc


    I actually prefer Kirby. He is more like Saban than Dabo. Dabo is too rahrah for me.
  4. Bfanlc


    This is an amazing run guys. Don't think we'll realize just how special until years down the road. Now if I could only get a job working for Bama life would be perfect.
  5. Bfanlc

    Help! Josh Allen needs a catch phrase

    "I'm apparently the only player on the bills roster"
  6. Bfanlc

    Who will be the 2018 Heisman Winner

    Word going around is Fromm may not even be the starter this year. Which I think would be a mistake on Kirby.
  7. Bfanlc


    He loves defense, has played def line, off line. He was in the camp as a tightend. He is tall for his age, has speed but not elite wide recvr speed. They definitely keep the kids (and parents moving). He was open most of the times they played 7 on 7. All in all he did good and learned a lot. He had fun and as we were leaving Tutwiler said he couldn't wait to go to college lol
  8. Bfanlc


    My son and I are at the football camp this week. Saban yelled at his coaches lol If you've never met him he is an extremely motivated, one main goal, very detailed person.
  9. Bfanlc

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    Any numbers on him from the camps? Catches/yards?
  10. Bfanlc


    I've always been pulling for Hurts. But I think it was painfully obvious 2016 that a better qb wins us a national championship. He just hasn't developed. Tua is now the man.
  11. Bfanlc


    Have a feeling Bama is about to have two qbs transfer. Hurts and Jones. We will have 6 qbs on the roster with the new commit.
  12. So dt went to 9 pro bowls in his first 9 seasons. Had that ever been done before? And not that good of a lb?
  13. Don't let the chief's hate blind you guys. Dt was one of the greatest lbs of all time. Had he lived longer his records would be astronomical.
  14. Bfanlc

    Surprise Candidates For Starting WR Spots

    Any info on how the receivers did in otas? How did Foster do?
  15. If Peterman starts we need to incorporate a drinking game into his interceptions. Say for every interception you have to drink a pint of jack