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  1. Did he win any championships in College Bill?
  2. I would like to announce Mr. Irrelevant.
  3. Bama Aday game...who's going?
  4. Browns are releasing Mayfield an picking up Rosen.... 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Can I do like the price is right and say 1?
  6. ???? You do know what one year wonder means right? Guy is an all pro. Nobody mentioned Eddie Lacy. Guy was great then just fizzled.... Kinda related but my gf says I'm a 30 second wonder. Not sure what she means by that. Wonder if injuries had a lot to do with these guys leaving the league so quickly.
  7. Did not know Trent Richardson won the Heisman. Thought Ingram and Henry were the only two Bama players to win. Good deal
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