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  1. Bfanlc

    UB vs Troy - Dollar General Bowl 12/22

    Also a airport in Panama City Fl. that might be closer than driving from Atl. Family Dollar and Dollar general are billion dollar businesses. Crazy as that may seem. Pulling for Troy in this one guys sorry. We went down for the Senior bowl when Tim Tebow played in it and let me tell you the wind coming off the bay in the middle of winter is no joke. Rented a room off the bay to be all romantic. Literally froze my butt off the entire time I was there.
  2. Bfanlc

    Is the CFP ranking process flawed?

    Why is ND not in the acc, officially?
  3. Bfanlc

    Josh Allen Apparently Loves Popeye’s Chicken

    I could go for some popeyes chicken right now.
  4. Bfanlc

    Robert Foster pays it forward to a young fan!

    Some people will always find something negative to say about anything.
  5. Bfanlc

    Off topic here Gary Danielson

    Not sure who actually likes this guy. Bama fan base dislike him, every game he announces I turn the TV to mute and listen to the school broadcast.
  6. Bfanlc

    Bama vs Georgia

    One of the worse calls I've ever seen. Bama had their starting defense out there not the normal punt return unit. Ga shouldn't be in...not with two losses.
  7. Bfanlc

    On this day 9 years ago ...

  8. Bfanlc

    On this day 9 years ago ...

    Wasn't this in 2012? 6 years ago?
  9. Bfanlc

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    I think Baker knew Hue was holding him back. Look at what's happened since he left.
  10. Bfanlc

    Andrew Luck is done

    Gase lost this game for the Dolphins. He has no idea on how to wins games and has screwed up the rb situation. Drake has all 4 of the dolphins running tds this year, constantly makes plays and he isnt getting the majority of the handoffs??
  11. Left cornerback Levi Wallace of the Buffalo Bills had five tackles in a 24-21 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Wallace has played in two games in his NFL career, started both and the Bills have won both. Not saying its a coincidence buttttttt....
  12. Bfanlc

    Bama vs Georgia

    Bama vs Ga in Sec title game. Who ya got?
  13. Bfanlc

    Tua Tagoviola is a beast

    Did Tua win the Heisman with his performance yesterday? Also how did Murray have a higher qb rating? Tua had more tds and no interceptions. While Murray had an interception.
  14. Bfanlc


    It was actually Kenyon Drake who ran the kickoff return back. Eddie intercepted Watson though so
  15. Good read....may have to exit some of the ad crap. https://www.stack.com/a/how-former-zero-star-recruit-levi-wallace-walked-on-at-alabama-and-built-himself-into-an-nfl-caliber-cornerback