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  1. I realize this type of hindsight thinking isn't productive, but can you imagine if we had somehow paid Gilmore the money his agent thought he was worth two years ago? White and Gilmore as your two shutdown CB's would have been a lot of fun...
  2. I agree with all of this. Both the Bran and the Night King storylines were severely lacking in detail and coverage toward the end of the series. My best guess is that this may have been done intentionally in order to set up the prequel, which I assume/hope will address many of the surrounding questions? From a storytelling perspective, I guess the point of the Night King was to rally all of the disparate and antagonistic groups of people in Westeros together and get them on friendly enough terms in order to create a better Westeros post-Cersei and post-Dany. Or something...
  3. Are the Jets now trying to out-tank the Dolphins or something?
  4. We play 9 games against teams on this worst-12 list: Jets twice, Dolphins twice, Giants, Skins, Bengals, Browns, and Broncos. The Steelers, Ravens, and Titans also aren't looking so ominous at the moment.
  5. There's actually a lot of truth to this. Sadly, national media people who get paid to cover the NFL don't follow the Bills and know this team nearly as well as the average TBD'er. Examples include Colin Cowherd, Shannon Sharpe, Stephen A. Smith, Cris Carter, etc. So much of what they know about the team comes from the following: 1. Vontae Davis quitting at halftime. 2. Nate Peterman and the ensuing blowouts. 3. Josh Allen not having over 60% completion percentage in small college program. 4. 17-year playoff drought coupled with Pats winning the division and sweeping us every year. 5. Antonio Brown rejecting us. The narrative of the Bills being a joke will only change when they start winning games, and it probably won't even take much for the narrative to turn. Start the season 4-0 and watch as people suddenly start talking about us as a legit Super Bowl contender. Regarding the pass defense, there were still a few major flaws I saw last year: 1. Below-average pass rush opposite Hughes. At least one of Lawson or a healthy Murphy needs to step up. 2. Instability at the CB position opposite White. Either Wallace or a healthy Gaines can secure this spot. 3. Statistically poor red zone defense. A lot of this may have been fatigue from the historically awful Bills offense last season.
  6. I suppose it's possible that all of these teachers are, in fact, Amy Schumer. Maybe she's just really good at escaping from the police and starting over again in another location.
  7. Absolutely. That's probably our 5 most physically talented right there, at their proper positions, each with long-term potential. Also note that this creates an entire backup unit of Nsekhe - Spain - Bodine - Feliciano - Waddle that is probably more capable than any starting lineup we fielded last season. The sudden loss of Incognito and Wood hurt the Bills last year, but Beane has the OL recovering nicely this offseason.
  8. That's just it: Dany has now shown to be no different than any of the other horrible sociopathic rulers that the Game of Thrones universe has ever known. Important characters in the series initially joined her cause because they thought she was a revolutionary who would usher in a new and unusual era of moral leadership. She could have easily ended the war by simply taking out Cersei at the Red Keep as soon as all the scorpions were demolished. But as she herself told Jon Snow on Sunday, she chose to rule in Westeros by "fear." This isn't some gray ethical situation here that we can all debate academically like a bunch of online neckbeards. Dany didn't just decide to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki to display strength to the Russians; she proceeded to take out Tokyo and every other major industrial city of Japan after Hirohito surrendered. The problems with this strategy are that you end up creating a lot of extra enemies that could have otherwise been avoided (all of her advisors, practically everyone from Westeros, Jon Snow) and that your hold on power is only as secure as your actual strength (1 dragon left, remaining Dothraki, remaining Unsullied). Dany is going to lose the "game of thrones" this Sunday because she played a very poor strategy in the end. Being merciful isn't synonymous with being weak.
  9. I can't??? She just slaughtered many thousands of innocent people. I realize this is fiction, but I've always been a bit disturbed at how so many people had thought of Danerys as a "good" character. Even going back to the first season, it was quite obvious that something was off with Daenerys Stormtits.
  10. Yeah but at least we have a lot of Johnsons on D!
  11. Perry has a lot of value as a special teamer, while Yeldon is a 2nd round draft pick bust that the Jags and everyone else in the NFL didn't rush to sign. I wouldn't say Stanford was awful. He was mediocre and could potentially be upgraded with summer cuts from other NFL teams. But at the moment, no one on the roster is more capable backing up Edmunds than him. Joseph is a smallish, 6'1" 230 lb Will/Sam outside linebacker. Croom is unbelievably overrated among Bills fans and is probably a borderline roster cut in the eyes of the coaching staff right now. He's likely competing with Sweeney and Fisher for TE spots #3-5. No one bothered to draft Jackson in the 7th round, yet you come across as so confident that he makes an NFL roster somewhere?
  12. It's a decent first draft of the roster. Mine only differs in 5 ways: 1. No need for Anderson as the third QB. Add Stanford as a backup MLB. 2. No need for 4 TE's. Cut Fisher and add Waddle as a ninth OL. 3. Replace Yeldon with Perry. 4. Replace Croom with Sweeney. 5. Replace Yarbrough with Darryl Johnson.
  13. The Texans put the franchise tag on him for this year. No way the Texans are trading Clowney to the Bills for anything less than a 1st rounder, and no way Beane is willing to trade a 2020 1st when that pick will likely become an elite WR talent at a rookie salary. Most likely, the Bills will attempt to sign Clowney next offseason with the $80+ million in cap space they currently have (that's not even including the rollover cap space from this year). By the way, does anyone know how exactly the rollover cap rules work? The Bills are $30 million under for this season. Do they get to rollover all of that for 2020?
  14. Here's all you need to know in order to understand Colin Cowherd's football opinions: NYC: #1 metro area in population Miami: #7 metro area in population Boston: #10 metro area in population Buffalo: #50 metro area in population He has openly expressed his disdain for blue collar people and small cities and feels that the NFL would be a better league if the Buffalo Bills had moved to Toronto.
  15. His supposed lack of effort could very well be due to clinical depression. I could see McDermott's Bills being a very good environment for him.
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