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  1. The Titans talked a lot of smack after they won and then rubbed salt in the wounds by trying to play the victim card over the game being delayed repeatedly when it was the Titans organization violating every single COVID protocol causing the chaos.

    The game was on again, off again, on again, off again.  You’re playing the Titans, you’re playing the Chiefs, you’re playing the Titans.  You’re playing Sunday, no Monday, no Tuesday?  It all ended up with a Tuesday 5pm start that disadvantaged the Bills vs the Titans AND the Chiefs last year.  The Bills got screwed and the Titans received no punishment.

    It was a crap move by the NFL.  

    And then the Titans laughed about it.


    I guarantee the Bills are looking to settle a score here.

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  2. There is no argument that the Bills needed to beat the Chiefs this season to prove to themselves that they deserve to be at the top of the AFC going forward.  It was a coming of age type of victory for this team.


    I think this game coming up against the Titans is different though.  I think the Bills just want to crush the Titans because they don't like them.  I have no fear of a "let down" performance from the BIlls following their big win against the Chiefs because on some level, they want to beat the Titans even more than they wanted to beat the Chiefs.


    Last season's loss to the TItans was harder to take than the loss to the Chiefs was, and I think the Bills have been looking forward to getting some payback ever since the schedule came out.  I think the Bills are going to destroy the Titans on MNF.  McDermott knows what this game means to his players after last year.  This game is going to be a blow out and the Bills won't take their foot off the gas until the final whistle sounds.




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  3. Just now, Warcodered said:

    Love it, but I think it needs to be something that isn't so specific to one player.


    I was thinking more of a blizzard "white out" and the tre white thing was an extra.

    It would be cool to see 60K white towels wiping around Highmark on third downs.

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  4. We went to the game two years ago and the largest concentration of Bills fans were in the stands on the "visitors" side of the field.  Me and my family sat on the "home" side of the field but there were still plenty of Bills fans there as well.  Nashville is a really friendly town  and the entire stadium is safe for opposing team visitors.  We saw no issues two years ago and Bills Mafia took over the entire down town that weekend.  Nashville is a fantastic city to hit an away game.


    Love Nashville.

  5. Levi Wallace is the quintessential starting player on a Super Bowl winning team that another team that is rebuilding and flush with cap space will over pay to sign.  (I hope we are dealing with that issue next year)  He is a solid CB2 and works great in Frazier's system.  I hope we can keep him but you can never blame a guy for signing a big money contract and setting up himself and family for life.

  6. 7 hours ago, Sugar High JA17 said:

    Give Geno couple games before we judge, the long wait & learning behind a top 5 QB could just help him be a decent backup.

    Prob wrong but im pulling for a feel good story!


    Obviously I don’t know Geno Smith and he might be a great guy, but the reason he got his jaw busted by one of his teammates is because Geno no showed the teammates’ charity event that Geno promised to attend.  When his teammate asked him to at least reimburse the charity for the cost of the airline ticket the charity had given Geno, Geno got up in his teammate’s face and basically told him to F off.  That’s when he got his jaw broken.


    Reports after the incident had the entire Jets’ locker room siding with IK  Enemkpali and Geno’s time in NY was basically over that day.


    Maybe Geno learned something from it all.  Who knows?  I won’t wish ill of anyone but I’m not going to root for him either.





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  7. 2 minutes ago, dneveu said:


    There's a lot to it tho - i assume the stadium would probably end up where conway park is.  Extend rail along the river to the stadium - then on gamedays you can run this back and forth from harbor center/sabres lots to the stadium.  Probably rip down as much of the project housing as possible for parking or re-development.  Riverworks would need to figure out a way to ferry people across to the stadium.  


    Then beyond all of this you need to figure out how to get people in and out of downtown for a game.  Access to route 5 or a skyway replacement.  Then updated 190 entrances north and south so that its easier to get in and out.  Where the 190 hits 90 is also a terribly designed exit so thats another bag of issues.



    You're right, those will all end up being expensive fixes.  Even more money for the grifters at the trough getting fat on government pork.



  8. This stadium is going to be the single biggest infrastructure development in WNY since the Niagara Falls power plant was built.  It will easily be the single biggest expenditure for the next fifty years.  Everyone is going to want to get a piece of the action.  


    Every power player in WNY is on the phone with the governor's office right now extolling the virtue of a downtown stadium and arranging "donations" to various campaigns and political action committees.  Back channels between labor unions and the politicians they own are wide open right now.  Downtown real estate owners and developers are on the phone with the politicians they own too.  Not one of them is going to be arguing for a stand alone OP stadium that gets used a handful of times a year.  


    I'd be shocked if this stadium doesn't end up built down town significantly overbudget and a year late.  Everyone is going to want to get a bite out of this once in a lifetime apple and that apple is much bigger in downtown Buffalo that it could ever be in OP.  Dunkirk is right, follow the money, and that trail leads to downtown Buffalo.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, SlimShady'sSpaceForce said:

    true. While I love Milano his replacement did perty darn good 😊 


    yeah yeah. Against a practice team. 



    You may be right Shady.


    I think Klein's role is different from Milano's when he plays though.  I think they like to drop Milano into coverage against the RBs and TEs releasing into their receiving routes.  I think they have Klein stay near the line to rush the passer and stuff the run.  I think last year when Milano was out and Klein first started playing he looked terrible because they asked him to do what Milano was doing in coverage.  Once they figured out he just wasn't athletic enough to do it, they changed his playing responsibilities and he really started to play well up at the line of scrimmage.


    If there is someone out there who drills down on the All 22 film maybe you can chime in and say if I'm off base on that.



  10. Just now, uninja said:


    I dunno, he was out there for us in the AFCCG and he couldn't stop a soft breeze. I think regardless of whether he's there or not this Sunday the Bills defense is still well equipped to stop KC. Our defense is legit this year.


    I think Milano is the only one with the athleticism and coverage chops to slow Kelce down.  Instead of 9 for 120 and 1 td, hopefully 6 for 75 and no tds.


    Just my crazy WAG...



  11. It's hard to overstate how much of an impact having Milano out will have on defending that KC offense.  If Milano is out I give the advantage to KC.  If Milano is healthy and plays I think the Bills will win.

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  12. https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/teams/cle/cleveland-browns


    Apparently it is affecting his throwing motion and impacting his accuracy...


    "NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Browns QB Baker Mayfield suffered a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder in Week 2 against the Texans.

    The good news is it's in his non-throwing shoulder. The bad news is that it explains why Mayfield has played so poorly the past two weeks, completing 53.1% of his passes for 6.2 yards per attempt while missing wide open receivers streaking across the field. Mayfield reportedly doesn't need surgery and will continue playing through the ailment, which could be spun as detrimental to the team rather than heroic. Case Keenum will undoubtedly come off the bench if Mayfield continues to struggle."



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    I think one thing that might help is that the Bills have had the last three games in hand by half time.  I hope Daboll has intentionally kept some looks and wrinkles close to the vest for the Chiefs' game.  The Bills' offense has been pretty vanilla.  Not a lot of pre-snap motion or misdirection.  Very few JA17 runs.  Hopefully the offense can put some plays on the field that will catch their defense off guard.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Albany,n.y. said:

    The Bills will be playing there on February 13th. 


    I'd love to go.  I also wanted to see the Bills play in Vegas but COVID blew that one up.  I've been lucky that the Bills have played in Nashville the last few years which is only a two hour drive for us.  We'll be there in two weeks for that game.  We haven't been out West in quite a few years.  A Bills game would be a nice excuse.  🙂



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