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  1. Lamar's tweet literally made me laugh out loud!


    Two things,


    1.  He never should have posted that for a hundred different reasons that I don't need to explain.


    2.  Every football player in the NFL loves Lamar Jackson even more this morning.  You know they have to read the crap that a bunch of us arm chair warriors post about them everyday and they want so much to respond, but they don't do it.   Well, Lamar did it.



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    32 minutes ago, LabattBlue said:

    ...and where has it been said that shutting him down for the regular season would mean that he would be ready to go come playoff time?  


    The TSW doctors are always good for a laugh in every injury thread.


    Based on my evaluation of the injury from my Barcalounger at the house yesterday, I believe that Von has injured his "leg bone" which we all know is connected to both his "hip bone" and his "foot bone."  I suffered this same injury while playing full contact tiddlywinks in 1987 when I was a student athlete on full scholarship at the prestigious University of Beijing Polytechnic Online. 


    Thank God I have a high pain tolerance and was able to control my unrelenting agony with just some black tar heroin and Tiger Balm ointment.  I was back on the pitch in just a couple of weeks.  Of course, it took a lot longer to recover from this injury back then before the advent of Copper Socks which are arguably the greatest advance in medical science in the last hundred years.   


    If Von has half the pain tolerance I have, I don't think he will miss any time at all.

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  3. Couldn't agree more OP.  We all saw how the defense played at the start of the season when healthy.  The parade of defensive injuries kicked off in Week 1 with Oliver getting hurt and it hasn't stopped yet.  The defense has been forced to play practice squad elevations some weeks with key players in and out of the lineup constantly.


    The fact that we are sitting here at 8-3 is incredible.  I hope we can finally get the defense healthy for the playoff stretch and bring back the roster that throttled the Rams, Titans and Chiefs. 


    I hope the people advocating for Frazier to be fired are trolls.  If not I think they need to lay off the egg nog.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, BarleyNY said:

    The Jest are a QB away from being a formidable team. I don’t see Zach Wilson developing into one so a lot will depend on how long they stick with him. 


    I agree. 


    The worst thing they could do for the franchise is to bench him now --- unless --- they have already decided to move on from him at the end of the season.  They can't go into the off-season with a shred of doubt about his status.  He is either getting better and worth investing another year in, or he clearly can't cut it and they need to go back to the QB well.  If they aren't 100% certain right now that he is a lost cause he needs to be playing so they can figure that out.


    They don't have a championship level roster now with the QBs they have.  Mike White and Flacco are not winning a Super Bowl this year despite the talent around them.  They might win a game or two more this season if they play White or Flacco, but to what end?  All that will do is kick them even farther back in the draft next year.


    They need to decide if Zack is worth another year to develop or not.  Everything else should be a moot point for Joe Douglas and Saleh.  

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  5. The offense is still not hitting on all cylinders and McKenzie had another forgettable game yesterday.  McKenzie's 2022 stats so far;  24 receptions,  219 yards and 3 TDs.  He's also had 5 rushes for 35 yards and 1 TD.  This is a huge fall in slot production compared to Beasley who had 82 receptions for 693 yards and 1 TD last year, even as Beasley's focus in the offense was diminished.


    Dorsey continued to involve James Cook in game plans taking baby steps since the start the season.  That investment is starting to pay off now and he is turning into a legitimate threat with the ball in his hands and has the potential to be a real weapon for this offense in the playoffs.  Dorsey needs to make more of an effort to do the same thing with Shakir. 


    Through the last five games;

    McKenzie;  average of 56% of snaps a game, average of 3 targets a game.

    Shakir;  average of 14% of snaps a game, average of 1.2 targets a game


    Shakir should be splitting series with McKenzie evenly to see what he's got.  If Shakir plays well he can gradually start to overtake McKenzie.  Shakir hasn't done anything in his limited playing time that would make you think he's a liability out there.  We have seven weeks until the playoffs start and I think Dorsey needs to make a bigger effort to see what Shakir can do and try to develop another weapon for a Bills offense that is sputtering.


    Hines is still learning the play book and I understand why he hasn't seen a lot of snaps so far.  He sure looks good in the return game and It would be great to get that speed on the field for this offense.  He isn't a true WR but can certainly play the slot if they need him too.  He might be an answer in the slot for a dozen plays a game.  I wonder if Hines would have converted that 2 point try yesterday?  He's just as fast as McKenzie and packs more of a punch when he puts his shoulder down.  


    There's going to be a lot of competition for OBJ and the Bills may not land him.  Dorsey may have to look in house for another weapon for Josh in the passing game.  Our slot position is not producing and Dorsey needs to fix it somehow.  I'm not hating on McKenzie, how can you not like the guy?  I didn't expect him to completely replace Beasley's production, but the truth of the matter is that he's simply underperforming for the offense this season.  Dorsey needs to see what we have in Shakir and Hines in the next several weeks before the playoffs start and see if they can increase slot production.

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  6. 28 minutes ago, KDIGGZ said:

    Josh Allen had 27 yards in the 1st half before they went into prevent 2 min defense. We are in no position to be making fun of a QB having a bad half especially when that QB just beat us 


    Three things;


    1.  Josh and the offense were off and still managed to score 13 first half points.   Equating that to Zach Wilson's play today is a real stretch.


    2.  I'm not making fun of Zach or throwing shade, just stating a fact.  Zach will be holding a clip board somewhere next year.  He's a bust.  If you feel differently that's fine with me.  Time will tell.


    3.  Two things can be true at the same time.  The Bills can lose to the Jets in Week 9--- and --- Zach Wilson can be a bust.






  7. 1 minute ago, Pbomb said:

    Played good against us and won though


    1 minute ago, Max Fischer said:

    Unfortunately, Wilson had a decent game against the Bills.  


    1 minute ago, buffalo2218 said:

    Even more mind blowing that we lost to this team. WTH is goin on with the Bills?


    1 minute ago, Big Turk said:

    And yet he looked like a great QB against us. Very rare when the Bills make opposing middling QBs look good rather than look terrible. Pass D has been struggling since the Pittsburgh game.


    It's still mind boggling to me that we lost that game.  It's this season's Jacksonville.  Time will tell how much it hurts us.

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  8. The Jets had 2 yards of total offense in the second half against the Pats.   It wasn't a bad weather game.


    Two yards....


    Today Zach was 9/22 (40.9%) for 77 yards, 0 TD,  0 INT,  3 sacks for 44 yards


    Through Zach's first 7 games this season;

    57.5 comp percentage

    1,202 yards passing --  171 yards a game

    4 TDs

    5 INTs


    They've had some tough injuries on offense but Zach can't even game manage.  He just can't be under center again next year.  They're going to have to go back to the well for another QB.  This year's Jets are like a lot of Drought Era Bills' teams, a great defense squandered by a parade of inept quarterback play.


    Josh had some tough games in year two but he was constantly flashing, showing the potential that was there.  I don't think anyone who watches Zach thinks he's on the cusp of putting it all together and breaking out.  It was clear at the end of the 4th quarter today with it tied at 3 and the Jets with the ball, that Saleh was trying to hide Zach, trying to not have him lose the game.  Saleh had no confidence in Zach's ability to make a play and even get the ball into field goal range.  The Jets ended up punting it away and the Pats returned the punt 84 yards for the only TD of the game with 5 seconds left.


    The Jets have already spent their horde of draft picks.  In next year's draft they only have their own pick for the first 4 rounds.  This miss on Zach is really going to set them back.  They're going to win just enough games to get them selecting in the middle third of the draft.  They're going to have to trade away future picks to move up for a blue chip prospect in the draft or look for a retread vet QB to pick up.


    I can't imagine Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh putting their livelihood in Zach's hands again next year.  They're going to ask for a mulligan and try to grab another QB.



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  9. 1 hour ago, 2020 Our Year For Sure said:

    Did the Bills move/cancel games for snow in the 1960s 70s 80s 90s? Seems weird.


    There wasn't an ambulance chasing personal injury lawyer on the back of every phone book and on every billboard back then.  The liability of inviting 70K people to your venue during a blizzard would be an invitation to get sued into oblivion when things inevitably go sideways for some of those people.



  10. 5 minutes ago, BuffBillsForLife said:

    Diggs is amazing and I hope he crushes his own franchise records this year and takes the single season franchise TD record too.


    His amazing season is being completely eclipsed by the Dolphins embracing the "**** it throw it to Tyreek" strategy though, 2k is a very real possibility.


    Tyreek is a fantastic receiver.


    I watched the last couple Dolphins games because I had some fantasy football interests in them.  Tua is throwing bad balls that should be intercepted, at least three last week, and every "deep shot" to Hill is badly underthrown and he has to come back and compete for the ball.  Hill is having a great season in spite of Tua's poor play.


    People who say Tua is having a great season only look at the box score.  Watching the actual game reveals a QB who is enjoying a fair amount of luck and who is being bailed out by his receivers multiple times a game.  I don't think that is sustainable.


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  11. Though just 7 games in a 17 game regular season Diggs already has 55 receptions for 764 yards and 7 TDs.  This is more notable when you consider the first part of the season that the Bills just completed is likely the most difficult part of the schedule.


    If Diggs keeps pace for the rest of the season he is on track for 1,855 yards receiving, 133 receptions, and 17 TDs.


    Diggs already holds the franchise records for receptions (127) and receiving yardage (1,535).  Bill Brooks holds the franchise record for receiving TDs with 11 set in 1995.  Diggs had 10 TD receptions last season.


    The crazy thing is that it doesn't even seem like Diggs is working hard to do it.  At the end of every game I think to myself that Diggs had another good game and when I check the box score I'm surprised by how much production he actually racked up.  He is probably going to break every franchise receiving record this season and is making it look easy.




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    The Aaron Jones shoulder shiv that sent him flying was one thing, but the hit Phillips laid on that poor Green Bay tight end looked like something out of an Incredible Hulk movie.  I was half expecting to see the outline of the tight end's body in the turf.  To the guys credit he did get up by himself and was able to get off the field on his own.


    Phillips was bringing the pain last night.  His energy is a huge factor in the Bills' D-Line success this year.



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  13. It's between Mills in Houston and Wilson for worst starting NFL QB.  I think Wilson has more natural ability than Mills but might not be able to handle the mental side of the game which is what ultimately separates the pretenders from the real NFL QBs.  The Jets will be back in the QB sweepstakes again next year with a pick around 8-10 and outside the sweet spot for a franchise QB and needing to spend more valuable draft capital to get up into the top of the draft. 


    The question now is does Wilson take JD down with him?  The most important thing a GM does is draft and develop a QB and JD has not done a very good job of that.

  14. 7 minutes ago, Bleeding Bills Blue said:


    What i find most impressive about this stat, and the defense in general - the strength of schedule.  Buffalo is near the top in both scoring d, and yardage d.  


    Rams looked inept as last years champions.  Titans are a team who gave buffalo fits before, and looked terrible.  Dolphins beat buffalo, but had 200 total yards and 15 1D's.  Ravens couldn't move the ball in the 2nd half.  Mahomes had 20 points and 2 INTs, and then Rodgers.  


    Buffalo gets - Jets x2, Cleveland sans Watson, Patriots x2, Lions, Bears from here on out.  Minnesota, Dolphins, Bengals are the toughest 3 games on their schedule.  


    Definitely a favorable schedule to finish the regular season.  These first 7 games were definitely the toughest stretch of the season and the Bills are sitting with 1 loss at the end of it.  Of the tough games you mentioned I think you can eliminate the Dolphins from the mix.  I think you're going to see a Bills team playing at home with their ears pinned back looking for some payback for the Heat Stroke Bowl in Week 3.  I think the Bills are going to run them for 4 all quarters and establish definitively who the King of the AFCE really is.

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  15. It's more than just having the best record in the AFC, it's the manner in which the Bills are beating their opponents compared to the rest of the Conference.  If you look at the AFC teams with at least 4 wins it's pretty amazing what the point differentials are for those squads compared to the Bills.  It's even more impressive when you remember that Allen has sat for two 4th quarters so far this season. 


                    Record      Point Differential

    Bills            6-1                +108

    Titan s       5-2                   -8

    Chiefs        5-2                 +51

    Ravens      5-3                 +25

    Jets           5-3                 +17

    Dolphins   5-3                  -14

    Chargers  4-3                  -25

    Bengals    4-3                  +41

    Patriots    4-4                  +14


    And just for comparisons sake, here are the top teams in the NFC and their point differentials.


    Eagles     7-0                   +78

    Vikings    6-1                   +29

    Cowboys 6-2                  +50

    Giants     6-2                    +6

    49ers      4-4                  +29


    The Bills have arguably the best offense AND defense in the NFL this season.  I think this defense is going to get even better when Tre White comes back.  As a Bills fan in his 50's, I think this is the most complete and deep Bills team I've ever seen.

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  16. https://nypost.com/2022/10/25/hochuls-giveaway-to-bills-owning-florida-billionaire-now-looks-even-worse/


    Article in the NY Post throwing shade at the arrangement between the Pegulas and New York state, and most importantly... a different and more detailed stadium picture.  If you hit the link to the article there is a button to magnify the stadium drawing.


    I think the stadium looks a lot better in this rendering than the images released yesterday.






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  17. It's a newer football stadium without any frills.  Looking at Nashville's proposed stadium shows what is possible, looking at ours shows what's acceptable.


    Realistically, there's no reason to build an architecturally interesting building that is going to be an anchor or hub of a neighborhood sitting in the middle of nowhere in Orchard Park.  If it was built in downtown Buffalo it would have made more sense to make it something more than just a generic football stadium.  Which is what this is.


    Ultimately, it's about the football team playing inside.  

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  18. My name is taken from a character in a famous movie called "Titanic".   My character is a Spanish swashbuckler played by Leonardo DiCaprio who is searching for a six fingered man onboard an ocean liner only to fall in love with some rich chick instead.  It's your classic, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl lets boy drown in the frozen north Atlantic story we've all seen a hundred times before.  Rather formulaic but worth a rental during a long bye week without football.



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  19. 2 hours ago, MJS said:

    Hey, he has already sat two 4th quarters and is still on that pace.


    These 4th quarters on the bench may be what keeps Allen from it.  I suspect he will end up sitting for at least six quarters worth of football this regular season, which if my abacus is correct, equals a game and a half of offensive production that comes off JA's total.

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