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  1. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    Will you dispute that his athleticism helps receivers get open? I have better things to do than sit here all day and try to convince you guys he can play. I tried to show he has all the tools in my original post. I'm about to close this to replies as the points are getting watered down on both ends. You have a very valid point, but like all the QBs in this draft IMO, he's a project and needs to be coached. Anyone who thinks he's incapable of that has yet to prove that to me. This roster has too many holes now to trade up for a QB unless you guys are fine with sucking for another 2-5 years which I am not. Have a good day and go Bills!
  2. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    I think he's been too busy trying to prove he's an NFL QB instead of a receiver (a position he's never played) by doing things like working on throwing mechanics, taking snaps under center, etc. to worry about some stupid math test GM's may or may not care about. I get why the score is concerning to you, but for the love of God, find another criticism to make because you've beaten this one into the ground.
  3. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    https://blogs.usafootball.com/blog/5116/how-louisville-coach-bobby-petrino-maximizes-lamar-jackson-s-running-ability I will say I've never seen Jackson audible or check out of a play, but I think that's because there are so many reads in each play already. There is no doubt whoever is coaching him will need to tailor their offense around his strengths, like any QB in any offense, as Petrino has done. So a 13 means he can't process reads quickly? Have you ever seen the kid play?
  4. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    You've typed the number 13 at least 13 times in this post. It isn't lost on me I promise, but neither you or Gugny have been able to prove why that means he's a total idiot. When others have cited hall of fame QB's (who don't have the athletic tools of Lamar) who scored poorly on the test, all you say is THAT DOESN'T MATTER. Then you insult THEIR intelligence. Why? Who hurt you?
  5. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    I've been following the website for years. Just recently decided to start posting. I saw someone, thought it was you, criticize his interviewing skills. Eluding to your multiple "dumber than a box of rocks" accusations. I don't think it's fair to base that off of the wonderlic alone. It's a f'ing standardized test that has nothing to do with football. Out of all the 'unsuccessful' QB's in the past who scored lower than a 16, I guarantee you none of them have the tools or athleticism Lamar has. All I'm saying.
  6. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    i don't agree that it isn't a complex offense, I do agree, however with his point that Petrino hasn't exactly bred successful NFL QB's in the past.
  7. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    Your argument this entire time has been if a quarterback scores poorly on the wonderlic, or has a southern slang in interviews, he can't play quarterback. The hypocrisy is mind numbing.
  8. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    Way to back up your point with examples. Lets bring in another Harvard QB! Isn't there a guy from Princeton in the draft?
  9. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    Because he scored poorly on a 15 minute standardized test? With that logic let's make it a requirement that you have to post your SAT/ACT score with every reply. Doesn't matter that he ran the most complicated offense of all QB prospects (the same Erhardt/Perkins offense Daboll plans to run), ran the read option to perfection and has never had a disciplinary problem.
  10. Trade idea with new needs based on RI retirement

    I can't see a team like Cleveland giving up that much for a next year pick after going 0-16 and obviously having holes all over that roster.
  11. If Browns/Allen rumor has merit......

    I hope to God this isn't true
  12. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    Kurt Warner bagged groceries
  13. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    All valid points/criticisms. Thanks for the reply. He is active in the Boynton Beach, FL community (his hometown) in mentoring at risk youth, He's a respectful guy in interviews. He's also certainly not afraid to be a vocal leader in the locker room, I don't think any prospect is ready to be a leader of an NFL team from day 1, I also don't think every elite professional athlete has always been outspoken or even great at interviews. As long as our guy is a hard worker and represents the team and community well, I'll cheer and support them.
  14. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    You just killed your argument by comparing Lamar Jackson tape to EJ Manual's. Wish some of you guys could get over stereotyping QB's, or at least not be so obvious about it. First everyone compares him to Tyrod now EJ...it makes no sense they're all completely different players. You're doing nothing but showing you don't watch any football outside of Bills games by making these comparisons which is fine, but it doesn't mean you can look at a QB and say it won't work based off of his appearance.
  15. Making the case for Lamar Jackson

    Strictly as a passer no. If he can't run he's definitely not even a 1st rd pick, but he can. Also I disagree with the area code passer thing, that just makes no sense. Check out his passes on Youtube, a lot of his touchdown passes are in the perfect spot right on the money. Part of a WR getting open is that you have to throw them open.