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  1. Nope. Would never happen. I wanna say he'll retire a Patriot, but anything can happen. Great QBs like Montana and Favre finished their careers in a different uniform, so it is possible he will too. Just not our team. As much as we hate him, it's sad and painful to say that we would welcome him with open arms
  2. Very true. Put up points and force the other team to play catch up through the air
  3. i love how we're all in the same mindset about the kid. Before opening this thread, I was going to write something witty about him catching the ball, or lack thereof. you all are awesome. Happy bday Knox.
  4. I'm for Cleveland on this one. They're less of a threat to us. Steelers are getting hot and they need to cool down. Having momentum on the back half of the schedule is crucial for a playoff run and I don't wanna see the steelers having that momentum.
  5. i hope i'm wrong with that score. They just have a history of sloppy games. This game could also show the Browns that they picked the wrong QB. I remember when there were talks about JA going overall #1 to the Browns, so it would be awesome to see him make Baker look like complete trash.
  6. I think this is exactly why we let Shady go and kept Gore. As of right now, Shady is the better back, but Gore is the better role model. McD and company are looking towards the future.
  7. Schein is usually spot on with his predictions. With that said, I hope it's not a curse either. As he mentioned, this will be the 3rd year in a row that he's predicted a team to breakout and make the playoffs. His last 2 predictions, the Jags and the Bears. After their breakout years, they've been borderline atrocious. Very underwhelming. I really hope that won't be the case for our Bills.
  8. Well said, even though Micah Hyde said it first http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/bills-outrun-redskins-in-24-9-victory-move-to-6-2/ar-AAJMyjK?ocid=ientp
  9. Very true. It didn't determine the output of the game so I actually forgot about that one. if it was challenged, it probably wouldn't have been overturned anyway.
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