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  1. I do agree that Cam will have a bad year. But I think that Will Grier will only start the last game or 2 for an underachieving Panthers team and he will become the starter in 2020.
  2. Just being hopeful I would be very happy with 60% and believe that it's doable.
  3. Here's a bold prediction. Very bold. Josh Allen leads the league in passing percentage
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030275/article/2019-nfl-bold-predictions-derek-carrs-back-pittsburghs-wack 8) Sean McDermott earns Coach of the Year honors. Back in early April, I predicted Buffalo would be the NFL's Cinderella team in 2019. In the wake of a draft that saw the Bills steal DT Ed Oliver and wisely move up for OL Cody Ford, I fully stand by that Cinderella forecast. GM Brandon Beane has done a fantastic job building this roster. But my bullishness on the Bills stems most from the guy in the headset. McDermott is a fantastic teacher and leader of men. His defense quietly ranked second in the NFL in yards allowed last season. And his team exudes toughness and discipline, giving Buffalo a great opportunity to overachieve. As much as I like the Bills being underdogs, I also love them getting some national attention. I've always appreciated Adam Shein's comments and actually believe that he's on point with most of his predictions. From what he's done and accomplished the last couple of seasons, I could definitely see this happening. Additionally, if he does earn Coach of the Year honors, that means we're a playoff team. GO BILLS!
  5. His name alone needs to be on the back of a Bills jersey. Sounds like a punter I wouldn't attempt to block
  6. given his age, let's convert him to a RB for this team. There's always room for one more.
  7. The Bills will play a meaningless game in Wk 17. I predict that we will have already locked up the 5th Seed by week 16 with 11 wins.
  8. That's definitely a bold statement. But he has the potential. And if he is the leading receiver, it better because he's actually producing like a true #1
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Zay was on the bubble. he may get pushed down further than you think.
  10. Because WR wasn't our top priority in the draft. It's that simple. We snagged a couple of capable receivers in the off season, so our FO wants to see what they can do before pursuing one in the draft. If our current WR corps doesn't pan out this year, then I guarantee that WR will be a top priority next year.
  11. I agree that Belichick game plans around Brady, but I think he could still sling it 50 times per game if he wanted to. That's why he has so much longevity, because he doesn't have to pass it as much. Additionally, their run game has gotten way better over the years
  12. I do have a feeling that we'll be adding Ziggy to this group, not Clowney. We won't overpay for Clowney. We'll settle for Ziggy and get the most out of him.
  13. Decline??? as much as I wanna believe he's declining, he's just not. He's only getting older and still playing at an elite level. All we can hope is that he either breaks himself or just retires soon. Just because we all hate him and want his career to end doesn't mean he's declining.
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