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  1. Our special teams defense has nothing to do with kickers missing against us. We can only get credited if kicks were blocked. For these stats, it lies solely on the kickers who are just simply missing. We've just been on the fortunate end of kickers missing, i.e. the Titans missing 4 against us. Other than that, these numbers are pointless.
  2. I don't care what the numbers say. I'd much rather have Hopkins on our team over Smoke.
  3. Nobody is looking at him as a HC. OCs that are generally considered for a HC job usually produces a ton of points. Averaging around 20 doesn't usually qualify. Frazier has a better chance than Daboll.
  4. "Wow, Jerry is sticking with Garrett"
  5. When the season started, I said NO over the Texans. But now that we're playing the Texans, I can't pick them to go. So... Saints over Chiefs 38-35, and Brees retires.
  6. Which is why I said if he can change. If not, then of course steer away. His hands are ridiculous which is the only reason why they should potentially pursue.
  7. It's no secret that OBJ isn't happy in Cleveland. If he can be turned into a process guy and buy into the culture that has been established in Buffalo, I think we should target him in the offseason. We'll have the cap to make it happen.
  8. I love the crew they have on GMFB and they do a fantastic job. Like most of you, I was jumping out of my seat while watching that video. I'm against the whole jumping through tables thing, but damn, I had to contain myself after that motivation. Kyle Brandt needs to go to our locker room and give our Bills a speech before they hit the field tomorrow.
  9. Tom isn't even the best player on the team right now. For the first time in years, i'm not worried about him. Eh. Let's be real, that secondary is something to fear. Fitz isn't a bad scrambler. Fitz needs to watch the tape on LJ and see how to beat NE with his legs.
  10. Josh: "Damn, you look good for your age" Tom: "I still wish I was your age. Getting old sucks. It's all downhill from here." Tom: "This is the last time I'm playing in Buffalo, and I'm leaving with a win." Josh: "Ironic, cuz your final game against us in Foxoboro, you'll be leaving with a loss."
  11. Dumb. Just dumb. so you mean to tell me that they have an 8 win team (Titans), whom we beat already, is ranked ahead of us? SHM. It's hard to argue against the rest in front of us since they have better records, with the exception of the Vikings. Either way, it's just a numbering position based on "expert" opinions, and their opinions are just like a!#holes, everyone has one, and they stink . Come February 2nd, we'll be #1.
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