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  1. Circlethewagon8404

    What Would Josh Allen Skeptics Need To See In Order To Buy In?

    I disagree. it doesn't take a SB victory for skeptics to believe a QB is a franchise guy. it takes consistency and/or improvement each year. I think for most skeptics, it takes being in the running for MVP or even just being the guy who can keep your team competitive every year. There are plenty of QBs that skeptics are bought into that haven't won or even been to a SB. Luck, Stafford, Alex Smith, Dalton, and Rivers to name a few.
  2. Circlethewagon8404

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    I think this is a bad move. They should keep Foles and trade Wentz. I like Wentz, I think he's a good QB, but he's the next Tony Romo. He's gonna keep having injuries that plagues his career.
  3. Circlethewagon8404

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    if I were to pick a team, it has to be the Chiefs. outside of the division, we play them almost every year. And each year we play them, on paper, it looks like we should always lose to them because they've been a better team. But, somehow, it winds up being one of our best games each season we play them.
  4. Circlethewagon8404

    Why Haven’t The Bills Officially Announced Coaching Changes?

    Trust the Process!!!
  5. Circlethewagon8404

    Has the ghost of Scott Norwood's 1991 miss been finally exorcised?

    Are you kidding me. Sorry, but this "wild card" missed FG is not a bigger miss than the potential Super Bowl game winning FG. Additionally, Parker's "miss" was considered blocked. Just the slightest touch on the ball can completely change the trajectory of it, in which we all were witness to. Your logic must be from a millennial's perspective. You must be young. Someone, please shut down this ridiculous post.
  6. Circlethewagon8404

    Packers to hire Titans OC Matt LeFleur

    Really??? This isn't the shiny name I thought they would go for.
  7. Circlethewagon8404

    Nick Foles Contract

    Damn, I completely mentioned the wrong QB. I meant to say Wentz = Romo. i'll edit my post.
  8. Circlethewagon8404

    Bills: Playoffs or Bust 2019. What must happen?

    This game is a team sport. Allen can't get the wins by himself. We had the worst receiving corps in the entire league, we couldn't establish a run game throughout the season, and our O-line was horrendous. If Allen was a Raven, his winning percentage would be the same as Jackson, if not better. If we can find gems through the draft and free agency, Jackson will become an afterthought with Allen outperforming him easily.
  9. Circlethewagon8404

    Nick Foles Contract

    Wentz = Romo
  10. Circlethewagon8404

    Jonesing for some SNF

    i'm ok with it. I don't know what sunday night football is anymore. for me, it's Monday morning football (Japan).
  11. Circlethewagon8404

    Sunday NFC Wild Card: Eagles at Bears 4:40 NBC

    Let's go Colts vs Eagles SB!!!!
  12. So Jackson plays only like 3 games and gets ranked higher than Allen? Good thing these rankings have no meaning behind it, because in the long run, everyone is gonna say that our Bills got the best QB in the draft.
  13. Circlethewagon8404

    Bills: Playoffs or Bust 2019. What must happen?

    My take on this? Just get Ws. Doesn't matter what stats are on the board, just WIN!!!
  14. Circlethewagon8404

    Do you want Adam Gase to stay in the division?

    Rex 2.0. Absolutely. This guy thinks he's a great coach. Jets FO, listen to me, this will be the best signing in your history. please pull the trigger.
  15. Circlethewagon8404

    Interesting and optimistic point about our final record

    i would really love for us to take the division while Brady is still playing. I want us to be the reason why Brady retires after next season.