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  1. Circlethewagon8404

    Raiders Release Jordy Nelson

    Not gonna happen. He'll end up back in GB. He's insufficient without Aaron Rodgers
  2. Circlethewagon8404

    Case Keenum traded to Redskins

    Case Keenum is not a franchise guy. We are still an excellent trade partner for Washington
  3. Circlethewagon8404

    Report: Raiders shopping Derek Carr

    Taking Carr would solidify them tanking. He's probably worse than Tannehill. He did. He just didn't say which franchise.
  4. Circlethewagon8404

    What Punishment Will the NFL Kraft for the Champs Owner ?

    Another Super Bowl Ring
  5. Circlethewagon8404

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    Aaron Rodgers. To this day, I still can't believe we gave up our 1st that year to acquire JP Losman the year prior...smh
  6. Circlethewagon8404


    Okinawa, Japan
  7. Circlethewagon8404


    #BillsMafia runs way deeper than I ever expected. The one great thing about being stationed overseas, is that some organizations are able to put together some pretty amazing meet and greets for us. Just recently, Steven Jackson and Donnie Edwards made a visit. Naturally, I don't care who it is, i'm gonna show up supporting my Bills attire. When they showed up, Steven Jackson walked right up to me and yelled "Hey, Bills Mafia," he introduced himself and we just started chatting. He was telling me that Bills fans have probably the greatest fan base ever and he loved how deep our fan base runs. I just really appreciated how much admiration he has for our fan base, especially coming from a non-Bill as well as coming from someone who's never stepped foot inside the Bills organization for the true experience. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  8. Circlethewagon8404

    Would The Bills Have Won Super Bowl 27 w/ Frank Reich as Starter?

    I'm gonna be optimistic about this and say that we may have had a better chance. I think those days when Reich had to come in are almost similar to Nick Foles. Watching Philly this season, they were garbage all around when Wentz was in, but when Foles was in, they were a different team, offensively and defensively. The energy of one side of the ball usually energizes the other side, therefore, I think we could've had a better shot at winning that game.
  9. Circlethewagon8404

    Dolphins Plan to Tank

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/miami-dolphins-reportedly-planning-to-tank-next-season/ar-BBSVCkq?ocid=ientp As much as I hate this source, I find it to be hilarious that this is already being talked about. Seems like they're finally ready to move on from Tannehill, which should've been done a long time ago. If this is truly their plan, I don't mind 2 easy wins next season. I will enjoy seeing our team on the upswing while the other division foes try to catch up. #GOBILLS!!!
  10. Circlethewagon8404

    Bills Packers similarities

    Correct. Both have 4 SB trips. Both have 4 losses.
  11. Circlethewagon8404

    Bills Packers similarities

    man, don't tell me that. I'm about to move to Philly
  12. he probably would've turned those down too. I honestly think he's just selling himself short during that interview and throwing smoke in what he's interested in. He's definitely their heir apparent.
  13. Let's be real. McDaniels is being groomed to take over. If him turning down the HC job in Indianapolis last year and him taking himself out of any Head coaching jobs this season isn't an indicator of that, then I don't know what is.
  14. We say this every year.
  15. Circlethewagon8404

    What Would Josh Allen Skeptics Need To See In Order To Buy In?

    I disagree. it doesn't take a SB victory for skeptics to believe a QB is a franchise guy. it takes consistency and/or improvement each year. I think for most skeptics, it takes being in the running for MVP or even just being the guy who can keep your team competitive every year. There are plenty of QBs that skeptics are bought into that haven't won or even been to a SB. Luck, Stafford, Alex Smith, Dalton, and Rivers to name a few.