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  1. I thought I read something saying he changed his mind and also went back to Washington. Not sure if that was Fake News
  2. Wouldn’t be weird if you actually said it was a prediction instead of just throwing what you said out there knowing people would run with it
  3. Isn’t that what you said yourself? It was your opinion
  4. Exactly! Another poster just throwing his opinion out there. Nothing of real substance
  5. It’s like Groundhog Day. Every year a post gets up to 170 pages full of excitement for a player that signs elsewhere….
  6. My money is on nothing happening. Just another poster hoping for attention. I guess it makes for entertaining reading!
  7. So every player rumored to Buffalo so far has signed elsewhere. This was expected with the Cap and teams overpaying.
  8. Hopefully no news is good news!
  9. Very quite on the home front . I thought by now we would have some information on Jones
  10. Agreed! People have nothing more to do than to post stupid rumors!
  11. The AFC West is loaded. He would stand a better chance going us. We would be the favorites to win our division again and get to the playoffs. The AFC West is going to beat on each other.
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