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  1. 59 minutes ago, mushypeaches said:

    Boogie needs to figure out if he wants to put the effort into being a stronger, more disciplined, and more motivated player.


    Having Shaq Lawson on the team as an example of a similar type of player who didn't have much production in his first 2-3 years either might help him


    Or he might just be John McCargo 2.0


    He may be AJ Epenesa 2.0. Just doesn't have that bend or explosion. Perhaps he would be better suited in a 2 gap type of defense. 

  2. Brown still has that baby deer thing going on. He is so long and athletic, it is easy to get out of whack in terms of chain and technique. I think at the very least he becomes a Mike McGlinchey type. But these long athletic guys just take longer sometimes because they have to be very sound to generate power and leverage. 

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  3. 24 minutes ago, 2020 Our Year For Sure said:

    Wow Dalton Risner is a free agent? I didn't realize he wasn't working out.

    I think he has been okay, but as a second round pick this is year 4, so he is a UFA at the end. They have not offered him an extension. 

    He is their Harrison Phillips. Beloved by the fans, does a ton of work in the community, great teammate, but the production is up and down. 

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  4. 28 minutes ago, nosejob said:

    Chad Reuter had a good write up on NFL.com where he took the top 20 Senior Bowl prospects with short Bios and NFL comparisons. Plenty of Oline prospects to ponder. I wouldn't be surprised with Torrence and Voorhees from USC. Maybe we can bring Teller back with a late rounder since Browns need picks, maybe Nelson?

    I'm sure Beane knows he needs to build this line.

    Not sure getting Teller back is doable, but I do think the Browns will cut or trade Joel Bitonio. They will be up against it and Jack Conklin is a free agent. Bitonio is the perfect fit at left guard in this offense. Super athletic with a mean streak. 

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  5. 49 minutes ago, ExWNYer said:


    How is that his fault? Maybe your vitriol would be better directed at the Bills' front office and scouting department at the time he was drafted.


    Yep totally not his fault. It's one of those what could have been scenarios. It's a weird spot to place blame since Beane was not around yet. At the end of the day, the player didn't live up to his draft spot and that is his fault. 

  6. Elam is already better than Jackson will ever be. He needs to play more to feel the flow of the game. I never liked the idea of rotating corners. There is too much of a chess game happening out there. Let him play and grow. 

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  7. Honestly, the 2 seed winds up maybe playing the Dolphins and or the Chargers. Honestly i would prefer not to play the Dolphins a third time. Additionally, Herbert can be dominant, and their defense can be as well. If you can avoid that first round, that would be ideal. Obviously, home field is huge as well. 

  8. 35 minutes ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

    If you’re referring to the dropped passes, special teams gaffes, big plays given up on defense, awful execution on screens and quick game, I agree completelyZ

    Yep it seems to happen every game for stretch, and then they turn it on and are unstoppable. Not sure why it happens really, but it’s annoying to watch. 

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  9. I always liked Boettger, so I recall a lot of people complaining about him last year. But I guess now he is the savior. I do think he can help us, but an achilles is really a terrible injury for offensive linemen as that plant foot has to be able to bear weight and explode. It happened so late last year that I wouldn’t be shocked if he he doesn’t play this year. 

  10. The Dolphins are talented. They have top ten picks all over their roster and a guy who is running Shanahhan’s offense. The beat us in a lot of the one on one situations, but that is not how you win a championship.  


    I take issue with the boneheaded mistakes that happen too often this season to our Bills. But as long as we have Josh, we have a shot. 

    I am glad the game was close. The Bills have to continue to prove that we can win these close games. If the game against the Bears is close, I will be concerned. 

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  11. If Morse winds up having issues the way easier fix is to move Bates to center and find a guard. But we need two because Saffold is very bad right now. He was jumping the snap count on almost every play because that is how bad his pass pro is. But Morse has been excellent so I hope he is okay. 

    FA centers include Rodney Hudson, Connor McGovern, Garrett Bradbury, Scott Quessenberry (David’sbro). FA guards include Justin Pugh, Issac Seumalo, Wes Schweitzer, Eldgton Jenkins, Dalton Risner, Nate Davis, David Edwards (ram).

    In the short term they need to look at John Simpson. He visited the Ravens after clearing waivers. I have seen nothing else. He would be a nice fit adding youth and strength to that interior. 

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  12. My issue with McKenzie was not so much the drops, though they were anger inducing, but on that drop on the sideline, CJ Mosely was hip to hip with him, basically running his route. If your are small and can't make contested catches, you better have some serious speed and route running ability and short area quickness and it just doesn't seem to be there this year. I have never been a huge fan,if only he could play against Miles Bryant every week. 


    I would like to see some combination of Hynes and Cook take his reps, on the field at the same time. What Shannahan is doing with McCaffrey and Deebo in the backfield, slot and out wide, is what we should be trying to do with those guys. Without Daboll, the offense has lost some imagination.  

  13. An interesting replacement could be John Simpson who the Raiders just released. I really don’t know what went down with the Raiders, but we were all over Simpson pre draft, and a lot of people were projecting him to us. High RAS player who is only 25 years old. Grabbing him now would be like having an extra draft pick. 

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