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  1. 4 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

    I didn’t realize this, but it’s worth noting

    Lavante David was the guy we were all clamoring for to replace Edmonds


    Lavonte David is 61 233 pounds


    Dorian Williams is 61 228 pounds

    Yeah I feel like a lot of fan’s expectations of the what a mike looks like is skewed by having a unicorn like Tremaine. 

    Roquan Smith is 6-1, 232

    Fred Warner is 6-3, 230
    Demario Davis was 6-2, 235 when drafted…now he weights 248.

    Eric Kendricks is 6-0, 232


    With his length and frame I see zero reason why Williams couldn’t add 10-15 lbs of muscle. 




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  2. I watched the USC game today, which was touted as his best game. He was all over the place, but he was still a bit up and down. Really over committed on the rpo stuff, play action and counter stuff. He also made some ridiculous plays. I feel like he was a bit in conflict at times with what he was tasked to do, which looked like it was a lot. Got pushed around a bit, and had a bad missed tackle on a long USC TD but you can see flashes in his game. He destroys the running back on the 1 yard line which led to a safety that absolutely changed the game. He’s a playmaker. There is a lot to like here, but I am not sure he’s going to be ready to step in this year. JMO based on one game film. 

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  3. I’d take a shot on some younger guys. Greg Little could be good competition at the swing tackle. He’s somehow only 25. PFF hates him. 

    Oshane Ximines can get to the QB. Not great in coverage and all the things the Giants asked him to do. Hand in the ground, I think he has upside. Just 26. 

    In terms of vets I’d be interesting in one of Yannick Ngakoue, Melvin Ingram, or Frank Clark. Yannick is my favorite as he is productive without a lot of playing time and is only 28 and a former Diggs teammate at Maryland. 


    At TE maybe this is finally the year for old pal and obsessive target former message board hero Jesse James. He did play for Penn State. 

    As many have mentioned, Poona Ford and Matt Ioannidas are pretty good fits on the DL. 

    At LB its the same cast of characters…Deion Jones, Myles Jack, Zach Cunnigham, Rashaan Evans. Not sure than any are huge upgrades over what is in the building but competition is always good. 

    I would be trying to work trades for guys who had their 5th year option rejected who have fallen out of favor. In another post I mentioned Kenneth Murray. He was a pre draft visitor here and he badly needs a change of scenery. He is a great fit for for what we do and would be a really nice fit at the mike spot. I would call the Niners on Javon Kinlaw. Maybe they would be interested in one of our extra interior linemen, or one of those extra sixth rounders. I am guessing Jacksonville will reject K’Lavon Chiasson’s option as well. That’s the market I would look to to make cheap additions of guys with something to prove. 


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  4. 26 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

    makes sense, he went to Syracuse. He’s also had least 500 yards rushing every year since 2015.  

    only 12 games with Broncos last year had 700 yards and 5Tds


    6’3 230 one of the most underappreciated big backs in recent memory. 

    I’d love this signing. If Cook or Harris is hurt, Murray is a solid starter. He could also be active on gameday for goaline carries

    He is also a great teammate with no ego. He could become the practice squad vet running back like he was in Denver and NO until he was needed. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

    Josh Gordon minus the weed.

    Gordon actually ran a 4.52 40.


    He played at a faster game speed in his prime years with Browns



    He’s another guy who skipped the agility drills. But a strong comp as well. 

    4 minutes ago, Maine-iac said:

    Speaking of Higgins that is why the Bengals took that kid from Princeton because they will have a hard time paying Higgins pretty soon.  I was really hoping we'd take Iosivas but given the time we spent with Shorter they must really like what they've seen.

    Yeah once they pay Burrow they will probably have to move on from Higgins, Boyd. That’s probably why they drafted Charlie Jones as well. Logan Wilson will

    be a free agent as well and Myles Murphy probably replaces Trey Hendrickson after this season. 

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  6. Sh

    1 hour ago, Chaos said:

    Shorter did the agility drills at his pro day, according to this. It did not go well. 



    1 hour ago, Augie said:


    Wait, am I reading this right? Did he come in in the 3rd percentile in the three cone drill? Did he get lost or something? 

    Someone made a point somewhere about big guys and agility drills. Both Shorter’s 3 cone and shuttle are bad scores but actually better than DK Metcalf. DK has Shorter easily beat in the 40, but that’s why Shorter is a 5th round pick. Shorter’s short shuttle is better than Tee Higgins as well. Almost every measure of Shorter’s is better than Higgins and I think that is a good comp. Plus Shorter has 15 lbs on him. Those scores have not affected Higgins’ career.

    Big guys like Mike Williams, DJ Chark, Equanimous St. Brown and Chase Claypool skipped those drills. 

    I think those numbers are super important especially for a slot guy, but in this case for a 5th rounder with upside, it doesn’t really bother me. If he had the great 3 cone and a better 40 he would have been a first round pick. 

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Turk71 said:

    Shorter was the top ranked wr in 2018 college recruiting class that included Amon Ra, Waddle, and Chase; so the potential is definitely there. Penn St was a bad fit and it seems he was much improved his last seasons at Fla. 

     I hope he is a diamond in the rough and contributes immediately

    Coaching was pretty inconsistent there and sometimes it just takes big guys longer as well. I’m very excited about this one. 

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  8. 5 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    Definitely agree it should provide a big advantage in the running game........in all situations..........but getting the Bills to run the ball more is at least something of a win for the opposing defense if how they defend the pass doesn't have to change.    That's where the floor of the strategy would fail to be a 1st-round-pick kinda' result, IMO.   For it to really work out.......Kincaid needs to be able to regularly beat the defensive back in the passing game.   And it's the confidence that he can do just that which made the Bills use that pick on him,  IMO.   As PFF noted he was the best receiving weapon in the draft.   

    I guess I would also add that hopefully Kincaid can beat people with his size and route running. Jimmy Graham was always super raw, one year of college football, and really never a great route runner. He was jumping over people and there was never really much savvy to his game. The savvy was in the way Sean Payton used him in NO. That was the difference when he moved to Seattle imo. 

    Kincaid isn’t quite the explosive athlete Graham was, but he seems to have some deep knowledge of coverages and a ton of savvy in his game to go along with speed and huge hands. If Kincaid is truly a roided up Beasley, he could be unstoppable in this offense. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    It's a valid concern.   He needs to be a better receiver than a lot of very good TE's before him for it to work the way Beane was talking it up.  It's probably most notable that putting a good CB on Jimmy Graham basically erased his impact in Seattle.  And in Buffalo we have seen Antoine Winfield and Tre White really neutralize Tony Gonzalez and Rob Gronkowski at times, recently.   He really needs to be in the range of Kyle Pitts or Kelce.   If he just ends up being an upgrade on Knox they will need to upgrade the quality of targets at WR.   Which would already have been on the immediate to-do list with Diggs getting up there in age.  

    I know Kincaid isn’t the best blocker, but I am guessing if teams want to cover him with a corner it will create advantages in the run game for Buffalo. Kind of a pick your poison. Now the defense has to play two tight ends in a nickel set, which really hurt the Bills 4-2-5 the last couple of years. It sounds like that is the plan for the Bills. Beane said teams would play their two tight end sets with heavy base personnel. The Bills want to force the other teams to defend their run game in a sub package. Also if they want to double Diggs they will have to play single high safety. The strategy puts pressure on defenses. 

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  10. 46 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

    I'm sure they'll bring in a camp arm if nothing else.


    Anyone know if they are allowed to bring in a vet without a job, like a Kurt Benkert or one of the XFL guys like Cole McDonald? Rookies are super dried up. I’d rather a guy who can actually throw maybe work with those rookie guys. 

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  11. 17 minutes ago, Doc said:


    They have to keep him at RG, at least as a rookie.  One less thing for him to have to worry about (i.e. switching sides).

    I agree. I do think that playing both sides is not a huge deal but in this case having a guy who just started his last 34 college games at RG moving to another spot makes no sense. He did play a bunch of left guard his freshmen year,  but imo just plug him in at RG after he earns it. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, BaaadThingsMan said:

    Am I missing something?


    Kid looks like he can play. 

    Meaning like why wasn’t he picked earlier? It happens all the time but different teams have different flavors of corner they like. 4.56 forty and he is a zone only corner takes about half the league out of it, so it just happens. But I like his game. I think he pushes for the back end of the roster. To me White, Elam, Benford, Johnson are locks. Outside of that it’s competition between Neal, Jackson, Austin, Cam Lewis. 

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  13. 16 minutes ago, Herb Nightly said:

    Moot point if they don't have the cap space 

    He has reached 10 sacks twice in his career. One trick pony that wouldn't be a great addition 


    Well I disagree. He is a guy who does not need a lot of playing time to make an impact. Sure he is a one trick pony, but it fits here where we need to get more sacks. He’s still young and where else do they find sacks at this point?

  14. 2 minutes ago, strive_for_five_guy said:

    I’m intrigued by what his addition will. mean for this defense too.  For instance, is he going to fill a pass coverage role that Tremaine was responsible for?

    Rapp played a lot of stack nickel backer in LA. That’s our base defense. So he has done it before. I think maybe he becomes that guy in super obvious pass situations, but not in base. 

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  15. 20 minutes ago, MAJBobby said:

    Oooo I think he can improve his lateral mobility more than he has already when he transforms his bad weight to good weight. 

    I don’t see super tight hips in him because there is fluid lateral movement. I don’t think he is every going to be that elite pulling OG because I don’t think he is that athletic. 

    but he will work hard. One on the Bills training and diet programs. I think he will likely end up playing around 325. That weight loss and transformation of his body will increase his lateral mobility too. 

    I think he is a great pick. But I did want to post weaknesses in his game I did see. 

    Yeah I was wholeheartedly against picking him the first round or even in a modest trade back. It’s more about positional value than anything, but late 2nd its a no brainer and a really interesting pick. 

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  16. Anyone know what happened to Brenton Cox? He’r fit in with the other Gators.


    I know he is off the field red flag guy, but worth a shot as a rookie camp invite

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