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  1. To me, if you out-kick your coverage in the NFL, your coverage team sucks. In Buffalo it isn’t all about hang time all the time, as we saw in the Patriots game. Araiza is going to be weapon who can get hangtime if needed, but can also hit long line drives through the wind. If he is our punter in 2021 we win that windy game. I get that he may not have shown a lot of hangtime in his game. Maybe that isn’t what the coaches wanted. He did show it at the combine. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, BuffaloBill said:



    The Bills may also be playing - wait out the cuts - game.  While on the surface you hate the idea of picking up another team’s cut down, it happens every year.  Good players get cut because of money or scheme fit.  Maybe the Bills will add depth via this route.

    Yes 100%. Beane said in his presser there are still vets out there who are yet to be signed that they are watching. He also mentioned people getting cut right after the draft and those are other avenues to fill depth. 

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  3. Araiza is not the first kicker/punter to come out of college. There have been a bunch of guys in the past who did both in college and had to learn how to hold in the pros. He is a great athlete with bigger hands than Kenny Pickett. I am sure he needs work, but this has been done before, and if he puts the work in, I am sure he will be fine. It’s significant, but the challenge is being overblown. In fact, because he was a placekicker, he may have an even better understanding of what Bass wants him to do holding wise. He is going to be fine. 

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  4. Just now, Big Turk said:


    No, the ones I have read said he can play all over the field, both inside and outside and can be used in the return game and on jet sweeps.


    Shakir is going to have 0 issues unseating them, he may be challenging for Crowder and Mackenzie's playing time and will likely be stealing more and more from them as the year progresses


    The way I see it is he is replacing Gabe Davis who is replacing Sanders. So whatever Davis’ rotation has looked like the last few years, that’s what he is doing imo. And if anyone gets hurt he fills in there. Interested to see if they use him in the return game as well. 

  5. Just now, UKBillFan said:

    Would love to know his reasoning!

    He talked about Elam making a really good defense even better and he is a  lock down guy. He loved the Cook pick as a do it all playmaker. Then talked about the punter. He essentially said that times when the offense doesn’t score, Araiza can flip the field. Rhett Lewis chimed in, that his neighbor is former left footed punter Jeff Locke, and Locke texted him that the wind pattern in Buffalo is better for left footed punters. Lewis also said that Shakir is a great weapon for Josh. 

    Marc Ross picked the Jets. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Yantha said:

    I have mainly OL and DL on my list at this point...


    OC Dohnovan West

    OG Marquis Hayes

    LB JoJo Domann

    OG Lecitus Smith

    OG Thayer Munford

    LB Mike Rose

    DT Curtis Brooks

    DT Thomas Booker

    DT Kalia Davis

    DT Eric Johnson

    OG Jason Poe

    I like Smith or West. Or Alec Lindstrom. 

    Marquan McCall too. Love that dude. 

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