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  1. 1 minute ago, SCBills said:

    Three conclusions right now (IMO)


    Beane has a plan we aren’t aware of and will be happy once it plays out


    Beane is sold on restocking the roster with a bunch of cheap draft picks


    Beane is trying to move around but failing to make a deal (we heard this was the case with them trying to trade up for Bishop)


    Really disheartening start to Day 3 so far..

    I certainly think they are restocking with cheaper depth players and at this time of the draft they do have to consider BPA while also considering where players can make the team. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

    if we’re going to trade for a WR, needs to be a quality player not a fringe roster player

    I don’t think those guys are out there. Unless they are these 30 million dollar guys,  I think a young guy, with upside, who is cheap and buried makes sense on some level if you like him more than what is on the board. 

  3. I’m also still on the trade a late pick to Carolina for Terrance Marshall, Jr. train. Carolina only has 4 picks today and Marshall played for Brady back at LSU and in Carolina and is trapped down the depth chart there. He was buried before they drafted Leggette. Still just 23, big, fast, and hungry. 

  4. I put this on the other thread:


    Likely an IOL like Mason McCormick or Beau Limmer
    WR Tez Walker or Ryan Flournoy or Franklin or Baker
    DB: MJ Devonshire or Quantez Stiggers or TJ Tampa maybe Hicks and doubel down on safety

    Edge: Austin Booker or Javon Solomon or Braiden McGregor or Xavier Thomas

    DT: Kristian Boyd

    LB: Jeremiah Trotter Jr

    Punter: Tory Taylor or Ryan Rekhow or Matthew Hayball (lefty)

    Probably a RB

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  5. I do like Bartolini. But the center that Carter is absolutely abusing in those senior bowl clips is Bartolini and I have a hard time unseeing it! 

    I like Limmer a lot and the McCormick kid. All three of those dudes have RAS traits that play as Kromer guys. Deep sleeper for me is Nick Gargiulo. 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Sweats said:

    For anyone denouncing this pick, how are you so sure that he will be a failure and not work out for us?


    Just curious as to why people think it's not a good pick.....


    Speed?.......yes, he had the slowest 40, however, he had the fastest gauntlet and pass-arounds at the combine by any WR in the past 2 years


    What else you got?


    You know I think on some level Coleman was looked at negatively on here by majority. I think some people maybe just fell in love with their guy and Coleman wasn’t it. I know there were a few guys on the Coleman train. The Franklin stuff is silly because he is still on the board. The Leggette and Worthy stuff is also silly becuase I think it’s obvious the Bills did not want those guys. I also think it is pretty likley that the Patriots would have taken Coleman at 34 if the Bills passed. 

    I was on the Thomas/Mitchell train but I like a lot of what Franklin etc brought to the table. I wanted Mitchell but still like Coleman. My initial feelings were similar in the Josh-Josh debate. I liked both guys, liked the wrong one a little more. Obviously like a lot of people I was wrong.


    Time will tell, but Coleman makes a ton of sense on a lot of different levels. He is in some ways the Josh Allen of WR. Rawness in his game, but massive, massive upside if he can put it all together. I’ll take a shot on a guy like that any day. What I do like is that they made this pick with clear heads after thinking it over for 24 hours or whatever. I am excited for Coleman to bring a dimension of offensive playmaking ability here that we have not really seen in quite some time. 

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  7. Just now, Mat68 said:

    Really like his age.  His athleticism is off the charts.  Being a multi sport athlete and playing for a premier basketball program shows just that.   I think him concentrating solely on football later than the other prospects lends to more potential.  He is as fluid a wr in the draft.  His body control and way he runs with the ball tells you he has the physical tools to develop into a high end route runner.  I see him as a bigger more athletic Stevie Johnson.  Many people are looking for a Diggs replacement.  Imo that role is being given to Shakir.  They were looking to replace Davis.  Coleman is that.  

    Great point. Being a two sport athlete would contribute to some of the rawness in his game as his time was split for so long. Now he will get the highest level of coaching and if he refines his game he is going to be a problem. If you want an ideal piece of clay, this guy is it. 

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  8. Likely an IOL like Mason McCormick or Beau Limmer
    Tez Walker or Ryan Flournoy
    MJ Devonshire or Quantez Stiggers or TJ Tampa

    Austin Booker or Javon Solomon or Braiden McGregor or Xavier Thomas

    Kristian Boyd

    Jeremiah Trotter Jr

    Tory Taylor or Ryan Rekhow or Matthew Hayball (lefty)

    Probably a RB

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  9. 5 minutes ago, peterpan said:

    So I looked it up.


    Before the draft started:


    pff had Franklin #29


    46 on CBS Sports


    76 by Daniel Jeremiah (some NFLn) guy.


    Kipers board is behind the paywall if someone has access.

    52 for Kiper

  10. 4 minutes ago, SCBills said:

    Side note… Malik Nabers hates the Giants so much.  

    If anyone is bored, go watch his videos from today.   Even what the Giants put out themselves is just completely awkward and hard to watch. 

    He looked like he was in “James Cook high as a kite” mode. He probably partied all night got off a long flight. It is fun to see the Giants fans freaking out though! 

  11. Just now, Westside said:

    Who's everyone? This feels like a emotional response.


    I guess it's a generalization, but it seems like there are a bunch of people upset. I just think it's funny that we are always wrong!


    I think we will be fine. 

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