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  1. The trade is all semantics. Like if they don't trade up maybe they lose Elam. Maybe they trade down, or take someone they don't want as much at 25. Sure they would still have their 4th, but it's a gamble. 


    Let's say they stay put. They draft Elam (maybe), then they take Cook and Bernard. Beane essentially said the trade downs in the 2nd were to recoup picks, ammo. If he doesn't lose that 4th maybe he doesn't trade down. Let's say he never trades down and just takes Cook and then Bernard, he would have taken Shakir in the 4th. So all the trade up really cost him was that 5th, but they probably don't have those extra sixths. Probably take Araiza in the fifth, followed by Benford and Spector. So in reality, the trade up really just cost them a 5-6. That is how I see it in my mind. They had 8 picks and they drafted 7 guys. And rounds 1-4 go the same IF Elam is still there at 25. If he is really their guy, it is too much of risk to lose him even if there is a small chance someone takes him. 

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  2. He literally said that he is a laid back, quiet guy who likes to play football. Everybody has their own personality and style. He also grew up with a brother who is a huge star, so he's probably used to hanging in the background. I thought he did a good job with all of those corny questions about chains and sneakers. I think he's just a laid back dude and I'm cool with it. Just score touchdowns. Let Josh and those guys do all the interviews. 


    Here he is after winning the national championship. Slightly more animated and excited: 



    Another Post game: 



    Combine interview: 


    His Rich Eisen interview: 



    It's his style and personality. Everyone is entitled to be themselves. 

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  3. 38 minutes ago, klos63 said:

    Sure Kurt, he's not trying to win your job from you. Easy to say when you don't have to back it up.

    Shouldn't the coaches be the ones teaching Malik how to be an NFL QB? I get so tired of the 'mentor' schtick.  It's possible to be a good teammate and not need to be a mentor. Tannehill has enough on his plate as the starting QB.


    Kurt knew Eli Manning was there to take his job and did a masterful job trying to help Eli. He did the same thing with Matt Leinart in Arizona. How he handled the Eli situation is what got him another chance in the first place. So he certainly backed it up when he was playing.  

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  4. On 4/30/2022 at 6:00 PM, RobbRiddick said:

    Who will be the guy we all obsess over being an absolute 100% pro bowler in the rough* this year???



    (*only to see him gone at first cut down)


    Well there is no great white hype skill guy this year...it would have been Borghi. 


    Wydermeyer has the best chance by far imo. Though Tanner Owen and Derek Kerstetter are interesting as OL depth. 

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  5. 21 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:


    Never heard of this guy and trying to dig. So he goes to Mizzou and redshirts. Decides to transfer and starts 52 games at NW Missouri. So this isn’t your typical small school guy in that he was at an SEC school and projected to handle those guys. With his size I am guessing they see him at guard or center. Very similar measurables to Bates and Morse, both super athletic left tackles who kicked inside in the NFL. Dude is very interesting at least on paper. 

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  6. 30 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:

    Boy tough crowd today. 23 year old guard with 17 starts on a good offensive line in Philly. If he was 30 I would have not even posted but guys his age with starts don’t come on the market often. I tried to find a place in a current thread and couldn’t really find one 


    I don't think he is a scheme fit, but may work on a gap team. He seems like a good dude and still young, but the Bills seem to be moving way from this type of player. As a cheap backup to compete at center and guard? Maybe. 

  7. 15 minutes ago, Apocalypse Nuts said:

    I hadn’t realized Levi only clocked a 4.63 forty time.  Elam ran like 4.39 or something.  Big difference against speed like KC had.


     I liked Elam’s first 24 hours vid.  Not flashy but he’s a good dude and genuine.  Great culture fit.  Overall big picture you can pretty much see how much he can improve with good coaching to gain the consistency he has the potential to achieve.


    Yeah Levi is one of the slowest corners in the NFL. He gets every ounce out of his ability and I appreciate his efforts as an UDFA, but at the end of the day he was a huge liability. But this is liking going from a Yugo to a Lamborghini. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    Spector has a chance because he is going to be a demon on special teams. Those backup linebacker spots are always about special teams first and foremost. 


    He reminds me of AJ Klein honestly. Spector is a bit smaller and more athletic and explosive. Spector should be able to gain 10 lbs in an NFL strength program and his instincts will play. I really like him.  




  9. 34 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    It's true. While their interior OLine that year was decent with Norwell, Khalil and Turner their tackles were rookie Daryl Williams, Michael Oher who had flamed out in Baltimore and Mike Remmers who has the distinction of being the liability that cost his team two Superbowls (repeating the trick with KC in their loss to Tampa). Their starting wideouts were Ted Ginn Jnr as their #1 and rookie Devin Funchess at their #2. 


    I should say the Bills are already a lot better at OT and WR than that Panthers team, and better built as an entire roster. But in that run of years after they drafted Cam #1 to the year right after they lost that Superbowl they spent 7 round 1&2 picks on defensive players and only 3 on offensive players (Kelvin Benjamin - bust, Amini Silatolu - bust, and Devin Funchess - JAG). Beane and McDermott were the assistants rather than the decision makers and they have talked a lot about learning the lessons of the Carolina experience, but one should definitely be saying "we have a big, strong, mobile franchise QB... we can go cheap on the perimeter and on the oline" is not a viable strategy. The Bills since they drafted Josh are 5 defensive players and 2 offensive players in the first two rounds (though they did swing that trade for Diggs as well so 5 and 3 if you include that).


    I feel like part of that is the drafting BPA for need strategy as they shore up the defense. I think the other part about that is when their time has come on the clock, a lot of the defensive players on the board were just better than the offense imo. 


    2022 - Elam was the right pick over guys like Hall and Watson. 2nd round Cook works. 


    2021 - The argument can be made that they should have taken Elijah Moore or Javonte Williams. I think they made the right choice in Rousseau. Rd 2, I like Basham more than most, but they should have taken Creed Humphrey. 


    2020 - Diggs trade rd 1 (If they didn't make that trade I assume they draft Jefferson), Rd 2 in a redraft I am taking Antonio Gibson there. I also really like Jeremy Chinn. Obviously AJ was the wrong pick, but the offensive players around there were very meh aside from a few. Ezra Cleveland is pretty good as well and fits the profile of linemen they are now looking for. To me JK Dobbins is meh. 


    2019 - Ed Oliver was the right choice. And if we did a re-draft I would consider Brian Burns. The best offensive player selected after our pick was Chris Lindstrom and then a bunch of linemen who had their 5th year option rejected. Obviously the Cody Ford debacle in the 2nd is a problem and that is probably their biggest mistake. However, they were trying to shore up  gaping hole at RT.  


    2018 - Josh Draft, an argument can be made for DJ Moore over Tremaine.  


  10. On 5/1/2022 at 7:42 AM, GunnerBill said:


    I don't accept either of the bolded assertions. So while I do expect Saffold and Bates to be better than Feliciano and Williams I don't accept that is a very high bar. Feliciano was atrocious in 2021 and have been below average most of his career here (he had a spell of average play at the end of 2020 until Chris Jones obliterated him in the AFCCG and that was his high point). Williams was a good, above average tackle for us in 2020. I was all in on re-signing him. Not sure what happened but his play dropped off and inside at guard he was below average but not a liability which was the best the Bills had. 


    Improving on those two guys is not hard. Williams is unsigned at this point and Feliciano is penciled in for a backup job on a Giants line that was terrible before he got there. That says it all. 

    Giants fans are foolish. They think Feliciano is the second coming for some reason. A lot of fans have pencilled him in as their starting center. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, Buffalosouth said:

    I also don't see jones being around much longer.


    3 hours ago, Just Joshin' said:

    he plays gunner on ST....cut Jones, use Benford as gunner.

    I think they really like Jones. He is a “Matthew Slater” level special teamer, except his dad wasn’t a famous NFL Hall of Famer so no one cares. Having guys like Jones around is pretty valuable. Something has  to give in the running back room, but I am not sure Jones is the one who is a goner. 

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  12. 29 minutes ago, Doc said:

    I'll say it again, but I can't recall a single punter before (or after for that matter) Bojo who had a problem holding for FGs or EPs. 

    It happened with the Chargers Drew Kaser. He averaged like 48 on punts and got cut because he could not hold. He is out of the league. But generally it is never an issue. 

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