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  1. Mike Evans is one of the few receivers I’d give up big picks for. Young, amazing catch radius, uber talented. Would be an absolute coup. That said, it’ll never happen. Bucs would me maniacs to move him. He’s young enough to be there and grow with their next QB.
  2. Anyone know what the Falcons are rumored to be wanting for Beasley? I think he’d fit in well here on rotation with a little McD tutelage. I’d love Von Miller, but that ain’t happening. Bonus: The Beasley name could almost be the new Williams on this team.
  3. Good find/intel. Honestly, and I’m not killing the messenger here, but does this surprise anyone? They may think they are set. Especially considering they’ve struggled to find uses for Robert Foster. For the record, I didn’t want Sanders, so I’m not broken hearted over this. I’d much rather they add a pass rusher if they are going to unload precious draft picks. AJ Green would of course be the exception, but I don’t want another type of guy they already have who is old and on an expiring deal. While similar in age, AJ Green is far from what we already have, but I’d be shocked if it happened. Mike Brown is a stubborn old goat.
  4. I did, 4 hours ago in my first reply in this thread. But hey, if I needed to say it in terms more suitable to your eyes, I’m glad I could oblige.
  5. Oh really?! I had no idea. Completely unintentional and coincidental. Just something I’d been thinking about. Glad Joe agreed, but he’s welcome to take all the credit there!
  6. If you really stopped and thought about it, you’d realize we are saying the exact same thing - It’s impressive what they are doing with very few household names. Speaks to coaching, and yes on THAT D, they ARE playing like studs. That’s my point and what I’ve been saying the ENTIRE time. For some reason, Collins made 1 pro bowl and was second team all pro a few years ago (largely invisible since), and you are hell bent on arguing about something not worth arguing. Also, there’s a difference with your contract expiring naturally and becoming a free agent where you can choose to sign where you want as a FA (Poyer, Hyde, and loosely Alexander although he’s been around on many teams and was a ST guy before coming here and rediscovering himself on D) vs. your prior team saying you aren’t good enough for us and trading you or cutting you loose earlier than the length of your contract (Van Noy, Hughes, Chung, Collins x2, Shelton).
  7. Outside of NE, this is the hardest game we’ve had to date. I know Philly’s record isn’t the greatest, but they’ve got a ton of talent and are desperate for a win. We need Milano back and have to get back to our pre-bye defense. I almost wish they’d bring in Milano insurance like a Deone Bucannon or Zach Brown. Although, Brown probably isn’t process enough for them.
  8. Yeah man, it’s incredible what you guys do. Year in and year out. No matter what, you keep rolling and put pressure on the league. I’d hoped we’d gain on you a bit this year. I think we have a little, but you guys just moved the goal line out on us a little more showing NE is still top dog. Personally, and I know this is extreme, but as long as you stay healthy, I don’t see you losing in the regular season. Sure, you’ll get challenged and there may be some close ones, but AFC is so watered down and you guys always seem to have an answer. Pains me to say it and I hope I’m wrong! ?
  9. Stop it dude. Van Noy was discarded by the Lions. Collins by the Pats and Browns. Chung by the Eagles. Like it or not they were discarded. These guys are not superstars. If you can’t see that it’s Belicheck’s coaching, then I don’t know what to tell you. By your logic, I guess Danny Shelton is a “stud” because he was drafted in the first round by the Browns and traded to NE.
  10. All due respect, those guys have all been thrown on the trash heap by their respective teams prior to and/or including the cheats. Those are not super stars, contrary to what ESPN might have you think. Belichick elevates their game.
  11. You are absolutely right. However, you know well enough by now that it isn’t that easy when trying to understand and characterize their success. They are the kings until someone steps up and throws their a&@ off the mountain. So far...hasn’t happened.
  12. Agreed. Give it up to their corners for holding up just long enough for those zero blitzes and disguises to get home. Let’s be honest, they aren’t the only team to use a zero blitz, but as usual they do it better than everyone else. How many more games before teams adjust to it? Playing the cheats is becoming more like what playing in a playoff game at yankee stadium used to be. You lose it before you ever step foot on the field because the moment is too big and they are in your head.
  13. Obviously, Belichick’s evil genius preparation helps, but it’s amazing to me what he’s doing with mostly a bunch of nobodies. Yes, you’ve got Gilmore, Hightower, and the good McCourty brother, but most everyone else seems like just a name. No dominant pass rusher. Purely, cohesion and out preparing their opponents. It’s impressive, but incredibly frustrating we didn’t take that first game.
  14. What world class performance will be treated to at this weeks halftime?
  15. I’ve heard that narrative before, but I think only part of that statement is true (the money). Coming from TheProcess, Gilmore is all “process”. I’m not just saying that. The dude prepared and worked as hard as anyone while he was here. We let him walk as he was entering his prime. Granted the belichick coaching and always having a lead has elevated his game, but McD is a DB guru. Hard to think he wouldn’t be playing comparably.
  16. Who can we get to help us slay the cheats (besides a QB like some of you wise guys are thinking out there)? In all seriousness, what helps us most toward that goal? I’m thinking pass rusher.
  17. Only thing worse than watching the cheats roll is listening to them heap praise on Gilmore. For whatever reason McD let him walk. Rare time we hit on a first rounder. I know we had cap issues then, but you don’t let guys like that walk out the door for nothing.
  18. Tuned in late. This is going well. This isn’t even the most talented cheats team I’ve ever seen. Refuse to believe they will go undefeated. But looking more likely our “but at least we’ve been to 4 Super Bowls in a row, no one will ever do that again” argument may die. Especially in a watered down AFC. Man I hate these tools. Big gulps huh guys?! Whelp...see ya later!
  19. Talk about a mammoth human being. Look at Tyron Smith. Guy is a mountain.
  20. Chase McLaughlin sighting. Nailed a long FG for the bolts. I know we are rooting for the titans, but Good for the former Bill.
  21. Yep, I acknowledged that in a later post. I still take the points, but that’s me. Mainly due to if he drops down short of the end zone and we have a fumbled snap or something and they are driving for the win. Definitely remote, but possible. I take the points and make them drive for two scores in a minute left and no timeouts. Bills have invented new ways to lose over the last 20 years. But I definitely get the drop and kneel out the clock too. If that goes well, no question you take the win. Fortunately we got it anyway. My point still stands that this team is too conservative at times, and I think that’s McD’s mentality. Our possession before the last Miami TD is my point. You get a first down there and there isn’t much time for Fitz to do any of what he did. Instead we go three straight runs. Yes, they burned their TOs, but we still could have gotten them to do that with more aggressive play selection or (better yet) won the game with another drive.
  22. Yep, that’s probably it and a good point. I can see the value there. I think I would have done what Hyde did and taken the points and made them drive for two scores with a minute left and no timeouts. But that’s the fan side of me. I’ll certainly concede maybe my example of this team being too conservative wasn’t the greatest.
  23. I guess that’s true and a good point. Hadn’t considered that. But my mentality is to take the points there when clinging to a 3 pt lead. All it takes is a fumbled snap or something and they are driving for the win. We’ve seen it all before as Bills fans. Team has basically invented new ways to lose. Going to take more than a 5-1 start to shake 20 years of what we’ve endured. Lol.
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