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  1. nothing Watkins did here justifies the usage of 2 first round picks on him. Injuries happen, other things happen, but unfortunately, Watkins is tied to those picks given up, and compared too other WRs in his class taken far lower with better production. Watkins showed flashes. That being said, he hasnt proven hes worth the inevitable asking price at the end of this current season.
  2. but they dont have Watkins so Tyrod has lost the ability to passl
  3. i half wish they hadnt traded Watkins so everybody could see how he doesnt matter. but inevitably there would be other excuses for Taylor then. Bad playcalling, Oline sucks, etc etc etc. But id rather have the player/picks/cap space instead, of the oft injured possibly great WR.
  4. so this is the old "if u dont like it, u can get out" thread. what a brilliant idea.
  5. from the replays i sure looks like 1. Zay didnt expect the ball, and 2. He was running toward the sidelines to get out of bounds if it did come to him. Its probably a little bit on both Zay and Tyrod tbh.
  6. lol u really expect a rookie WR to blame his starting QB in the press? hes taking one for the team. and the team knows it.
  7. Zay was probably surprised the ball was coming to him, probably figured Tyrod was out runnin around already.
  8. so Tyrods strength is the long bomb. yes, a low percentage play that rarely works when u actually have to move the chains. deep balls are lots of fun, very exciting, they rarely convert 3rd downs. and, if u throw 5, convert 1, does that take the top of the defense for the rest of the game? nope, still 8 in the box, like last year. did you even watch the games? its 5yrd throws or 20+yrd bombs. what happens when its 3rd and 6+? i think u know what happens, if youve been watching.
  9. what plays should he have called to make this QB wake up? Run option? Trick plays? Long Bombs? When a defense dares u to beat them one way, and u cant, Doesnt matter what plays u call.
  10. lol of course the Denver D carried them, but that dead future HoF QB Manning could still find and hit open receivers. cmon wake up. At no point did Manning see straight 8 in the box all season from everybody like our mediocre QB does.....
  11. same stuff as last year, you realize how many games we got behind last year when the running game was shut down and we had to rely on our QB? more than half. u blamed the defense all last year. and then u blamed watkins not being there for Tyrod. we werent winning consistantly when Watkins was there.....ever. There were times when Watkins complained about not being targeted. was the coordinator purposely telling Tryod not to throw to him? No, Tyrod wasnt finding him. One possible superstar receiver wasnt taking us too the playoffs with this QB. Guys were open all over the field last year....and im betting they have been this year as well.
  12. that dead "Manning" was still feared and respected by NFL defenses regardless of his noodle arm that year. gimme a break.
  13. they dont trust Tyrod, Tyrod doesnt trust Tyrod. add that too the crappy field position for most of the game, u get dink and dunk, boring garbage offensive football. Lot more to the playcalling than just hey lets chuck the ball around. You want Tyrod throwing bombs on the 10yrd line? I know i dont.
  14. some of you are acting like that was an average hohum kind of catch any receiver could make with their eyes closed. gimme a break.
  15. let me get this right, youd rather win a coupla more games, have a worse draft position, and probably lose Watkins at the end of the season anyways while getting absolutely nothing in return? watkins is oft injured, with a possibility of having great upside. he hasnt proved it yet, hes going to want huge money, and we dont have a QB that can use him correctly anyways......so ya, should of kept him....smh u guys realize that the stack the box and make Tyrod be a QB defense that everybody uses, has been that way since Tyrod played his first game right? With or without Sammy, it doesnt matter. overpaying for a WR when u dont have a QB is pointless.
  16. i feel your pain. Cant decide whos worse passing the ball right now Taylor or Barrett....
  17. remember hearing once that the NFL doesnt like too many all field replays shown, because it shows just how badly played the game really is. why we dont get the whole field replays anymore.
  18. all those garbage time stats in losses last year make people forget this.
  19. feel like Chris Hogan will have more receiving TDs than Taylor has throwing TDs this year...
  20. miserable first half, holding the Panthers to 6 is a minor miracle. Offense needs to get it together in the 2nd. Alot of football left to play
  21. hot day, defense on the field the majority of the game so far, not a good combo
  22. Funchese caught that in the middle of the zone, turned around and actually looked surprised he was that wide open......smh
  23. as with every team last season as well. book is out on Taylor.
  24. remember when players didnt celebrate or pose after every single fricken 1st down? I do, and i miss it immensely...
  25. u play well, yer actually available for the majority of games, your a leader, you get paid. its that simple. no problem with OBD rewarding a player who deserves it. shelling out money for potential is just bad business. prove youre worth it, get paid.
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