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  1. UCONN does this as well, I believe, non-refundable donation.
  2. if they are the same seat (i.e. the same view location) even at 54 feet closer in the best case scenario, 54 feet is just over the depth of 2 parking spaces end to end.... and you're paying double. to my point earlier, they're just generating demand by having less seats available and increasing all the ***** that shouldn't matter in a football game because 1/2 of the game requires entertainment during commercials. new stadiums are flagrant fleecing of communities and fans to line the owners pockets.... like the food is going to be any cheaper at the new stadium because of gained efficiencies or anything? lmao. I wish our fan base told the owners "no to a new stadium" and they would've then said " no to a superbowl ring for you!" hopefully this buys our fanbase a championship.
  3. I'm still trying to figure out how it's possible for the new stadium to double the value of individual viewing angles of the game.... it's not like the seats are super relevant at a bills game when the bills are relevant, stand the whole game when it's being played. well, i guess the seats do matter then because 1/2 of the total time is commercial and replay reviews these days lol... still not worth double. I guess all the value is about everything except the game itself and in my opinion buffalo didn't need that, the entertainment is served outside the stadium before and after the game in the parking lot, this isn't NYC.
  4. well we're back in the news for all the wrong reasons lmao, billsy. the best was night cap with shannon sharpe and ocho.
  5. I'll take fill in the hole and keep Rich Stadium for $2000 Alex. Not driving from CT to Buff to support that bull####, 12th wealthiest owner and top 200 wealthiest american taking his fan base for gouging AFTER jobbing my friends and family (tax payers) for shame. what made rich stadium great was the people and the nfl is hell bent on replacing those people with business owners who write-off box seats as expenses..... 60,000 of those in western new york? selling ocean front in kansas if interested. as i sit here in my bills sweatshirt. the 5th fall of buffalo, the one that finally moves them to toronto.
  6. this is the divorce yard sale trade, you can have the house for a dollar.
  7. there's an NDA, the NFL owners would sue him into bankruptcy for divulging the directives from league owners to botch the kickoff.
  8. confident the D had nothing to do with the last 2 mins of throwing the ball into the turf and giving it back to the chiefs.
  9. glad my $200+ jersey has JA17 on the back and not that short termers.
  10. Love to see it, Buffalo should've also told the NFL to ***** off.
  11. been watching football a long time, 35yrs that i can remember and to be honest, it's hard to put all my eggs in the bad luck and "little details" that endlessly prevent the bills from seeing the superbowl field. say what you want, but the NFL seems to have ways of getting what they want. kraft's time is up, patriots will be banished for decades just like the bills.
  12. the only reason we needed a new stadium is so that the owners could make more money else they'd force the team to move to someplace where they could. I was and am 100% against tax payer money for this joint. The PSL shouldn't have been allowed with tax payer money. You can PSL and pay for it yourself or tax payers pay for it and we determine the costs... in fact Greenbay is the only team that actually has it correct where the fans own the team. The NFL owners treat their customers and employees worse than walmart and walmart looks like it's on the other extreme end of it by comparison. just outright fleecing and they're hiding less and less of it. just waiting on the 2024 script, myself.
  13. The bills got out smarted in the Giants game by none other than Belichick himself.... I don't know if the script is real or not but it has to be more probable than a curse.
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