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  1. Yeah but Savage briefly came back and then went to locker room. Tua just finished the game. But I still see what you mean
  2. I'm opposite, it would be mind boggling for me if they did reach out to him. His time has been past for a few years now. May as well go with John Brown
  3. That's what he said and you're arguing with him lol
  4. You have to wonder what they have been watching for anyone saying Lamar is a glorified Tyrod
  5. In a few weeks it will be Pat. M, then after that back to Rodgers. The MVP talk will change from player to player as the season goes forward
  6. Yeah, I mean I'm more of a cocaine fan myself...but ya like what ya like.....
  7. He's exactly right. I couldn't believe it either last Sunday when he came back in the game. I thought for sure he'd be out for at the very least the rest of that 1 game anyways...
  8. Yup, also there may be times different teams neurologist could possibly recommend a player not return and not necessarily a no he can't return. In instances similar to that being could be risky if player returned but not enough to say "no, he can't return this game", So in that "grey" area, it would leave the decision to someone else to go against that recommendation if deciding to risk it. I don't know, but I would be interested to hear the discussion when this went down
  9. Yeah, I mean I could be wrong here.....but I can't recall a single instance seeing any player that got up stumbling after hitting his head on the ground getting cleared from protocol in that short amount of time even if it turned out to not be a concussion.
  10. You're statement here is completely understandable and I agree that's normally the case in these situations. I will also say that something just seems a bit off in this particular situation which is reason for the investigation. I'm not sure what will come out about this but it certainly seems like more explaining is needed.
  11. Nah I wouldn't go that far. Tua has had his struggles but not even close to anything near being in line with the Rosen pick
  12. I'm excited to see him against LJ and the Raven offense. I think he may make a good impact with his size and speed. I believe this will be the 1st time for him playing against the Ravens if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Wow! I never looked quite that close lol. Horse like you say huh....well some are blessed in those ways and need a "horse like" cup not only to protect, but to keep everything in place for all that running
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