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  1. Yeah the Fins are going to feel the wrath I believe....Even more so than they would have on the regular
  2. Flagged for holding on the McK TD return but no flag on the 2 holds during D. Henry TD run.
  3. Hell yeah!!! Somebody knows how to party and lose weight the quick way
  4. Yeah really is. I just gave up on it and started looking at pictures of female escorts that I can't afford
  5. Strap on the bras and instead of tackling the QB you give him a hug
  6. Yeah well he's fresh meat. Too early to tell about him. But yeah, he's off to a good start
  7. Yeah, lot of ball washing from announcers lately. Collinsworth can spit shine the hell of some balls
  8. How much you bench bruh? I like to pick things up and then put them down lol
  9. Statements that Collinsworth would gladly welcome nut sack torture til an eventual painful death before he would ever say.
  10. Yeah he's awful. Ended up muting the game last week
  11. Not sure. I would probably be patient to see what/how things play out. Could get a better DC.
  12. To be fair, religious isn't always "good" religious lol. But I get it...
  13. Yeah, probably will seem to go by really slow . Guess I will have to spend time with the family looks like....dammit lol
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