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  1. 4 minutes ago, boyst said:

    I suggest you walk into any school k-12 and tell me you don't see it being displayed prominently.


    I don't know what you mean by prominent. There are a lot of groups and clubs that prominently advertise themselves in public schools. I really think it is just confirmation bias on your part. You think LGBT stuff is getting pushed in your face, therefore every time you see it it's another example. You have the cause/effect backwards. The things in American culture that are truly pushed in your face are so aggressive and constant that they have become the background noise of your life.


    Somewhat of a tangent here - If you want to know why subjects like LGBT, guns, abortion, etc. seem to be prevalent in the media, it's because the algorithms that now run every major media outlet in this country have quickly discovered that they're an easy way to get clicks. I'm well aware that hot button issues have become a commodity in the modern American culture, but you can actively choose not to engage with it if you want to. The more you engage, the more content you'll see. Confirmation bias is a booming business, it's been technologically perfected in fact, and the secret is that negative engagement is even more profitable than positive engagement.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Mikie2times said:

    If you run a query on playoff performance dating dating back to 2000 Buffalo's defense has the 27th rated EPA out of every team that played in the postseason. Since 2019 in the regular season we have the 5th rated EPA defense. We should at least consider that we overestimate our talent based on the performance we see in the regular season. Our system is set up to destroy teams that abandon the run and without a QB like Allen that would no longer be the case.


    One obvious counter to this is our performance against the Chiefs in the regular season versus our performance against the Chiefs in the playoffs. Each of the three seasons that we have faced them in both, our defense was much much better in the regular season game than the playoff game. Even the regular season game we lost to them in 2020 was not a complete slaughter like the AFCCG game was, and of course we beat them in the regular season in 2021 and 2023. The discrepancy is a bit baffling to be honest. But it shows that the roster has been good enough to beat them. It appears to be just repeated coaching mistakes killing us in the playoffs against them IMO.

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  3. 1 hour ago, T&C said:

    Even if you're not gay... they will for sure take you in. 


    Honestly man, you know this is total nonsense. At no point in my life could I ever have been "swayed" to be attracted by the male body. Quite frankly, the thought of sleeping with another man absolutely disgusts me. But I'm also self-aware enough to know that my disgust is not objective, and it doesn't take a huge leap of critical thinking to see how other men could find men attractive. The idea that I could have been "taken in" by homosexuality at any point in my life is laughable.


    If you think that somebody can be easily swayed to become homosexual, you may have just accidentally revealed something about yourself in fact...


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  4. 1 hour ago, boyst said:

    come to the US. it is most certainly in your face.


    It really isn't though. Fast food commercials are constantly in my face. Beer commercials. Gambling commercials. The gay pride stuff is a tiny tiny percentage of the content that I come across, yet it gets by far some of the highest engagement. If you feel that it is being shoved in your face, I would say you're probably the one shoving it there yourself. The rest of us just keep on scrolling and it doesn't bother me a tick.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    Plus, the list of Super Bowl winners don’t support your desire to over invest so heavily in receivers the way you described.  You win the post season in the trenches, KC wouldn’t have even reached the Super Bowl if not for Chris Jones, and then he went out and won the Super Bowl for them too.  And that is the same back to back SB team that has underwhelming weapons for 2 years.


    As I've said before I'm not looking to perfectly model other Super Bowl winners. I'm looking to build the best team for the Buffalo Bills. For a myriad of reasons that I don't feel like getting into we are not going to copy the Chiefs formula. We've already tried the formula of over investing in the defense and it just isn't working. It's time to try a different direction and do everything possible to set up Josh Allen to steamroll opponents all the way to the Super Bowl.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    This is just not true through.  You may feel that way, but it’s factually wrong.  

    In the last 5 drafts, Beane has used our first round pick in a weapon for Josh THREE times.  

    In the last 3 drafts he has used 4 of our first 6 picks on help for Josh - Cook, Kincaid, O’Cyrus, Keon of which all that have played have looked like great picks.  

    Not to mention using picks on guys like Brown, Shakir, etc as in these past 3 years that are now looking like great picks to go along with more guys we added this year that are promising at Center and RB.  

    None of this factors in the FA moves he’s made.  He went out and got guys like Cole who was the best slot WR in the league while here, quality vets like John Brown and Sanders and drafted Davis, who for all his faults still put up solid stats here and exceeded his draft value.  

    The reality is that the group around Allen is young because Diggs was traded probably a year or too sooner than was planned 2 years ago or even last year.  But just because that’s the case doesn’t rewrite history into a falsehood that Beane hasn’t been spending premium assets to get Josh more help.  

    And quite frankly, there aren’t a lot of teams who have 4 players who have played 2 years or leas as promising as Kincaid, Keon, Shakir, and Cook is.  Most teams wish they had a young nucleus like this.


    And while this team lacks a proven elite go to target, it makes up for right now with quality of depth.  And the best part is that if this group proves to be lacking, Beane has a bunch of extra premium picks and a ton of cap room next year to make moves to go get even more help.  


    So I mean really invest in the offense. Over invest if anything, even to the detriment of other areas on the team. In other words I wish he would treat our WR room like he's treated our DL. Multiple 1st and 2nd round picks, a blockbuster free agent signing, plus mid-tier free agency dollars spent every single offseason. I'm a big believer in building on top of your biggest strength. As long as Allen is here our biggest strength will be the passing offense. No way you can say Beane has made that the focus of his tenure here. He has made up some ground over the past two offseasons but it still does not come close to the level of investment I'm talking about.


    In your analysis you don't account for what the team lost. We lost Diggs, Davis, Harty, and Sherfield this year. In their place we added Coleman, MVS, Samuel, and Hollins. Even if you want to be extremely charitable that is at best a clean swap of like for like. I don't consider that true investment. That is just the bare minimum of what needed to happen to field a competent passing offense.

  7. 9 minutes ago, NewEra said:

    Feeling the heat….lol.  Or maybe just knowing there a lot more turnover than in the past and that more reps can help? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 


    I'm pretty sure we have skipped the final day of minicamp every year McDermott has been here including his first year. I could be wrong though. Anyways I was complimenting him. The team should be looking for any and every advantage they can find to get over the hump. Even a token gesture that says "we haven't been good enough to earn a break" is worth something.

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  8. Beane frustrates me because he's an elite executive and seemingly isn't just shooting from the hip. I think he makes every move with a clear plan in mind. But he has just refused to really build around the franchise's greatest asset. That is such an important function of his job that failing to do it almost wipes out all of the good that he's done.

  9. 48 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    So should the $43M annual check for Mr. Top 2.


    He certainly didn’t play like top 2 for those 4 games. 

    So maybe the expectations for McD to have the success of a coach with a top 2 QB should only count when the QB plays like a top 2 QB?


    Did Reid become a ***** coach for 4 hours when Patrick Mahomes had two turnovers for TD’s on Christmas last year? Unacceptable and he needs to be held accountable, right? Cost them at least the 2 seed.


    Mahomes had a down year in 2021. He was genuinely bad for a stretch in the middle of the season. He put together one elite game against our defense in the divisional round (how about that) before being almost the sole reason they lost the AFCCG to the Bengals. So that next offseason Andy Reid completely revamped the offense and got Mahomes back on track, helping him remove some of the bad habits he'd picked up by totally changing the structure of the offense. Mahomes turned in the best season of his career (IMO) that following year.


    So yes coaching impacts player performance and that includes the QB. I thought everybody knew that. Of course that doesn't mean every single bad player performance is the coach's fault, but below average streaks from otherwise great players can be turned around by great coaching.


    But like I said, as a fanbase we've now internalized that McDermott has zero impact on the offense's performance. Zero. That mindset tells on itself. I just don't understand why a certain side of the fanbase is so defensive about firing McDermott when their whole argument is that coaching isn't that important. Do you think he's just a super swell guy and you'd hate to see him go?

  10. 2 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    FWIW, Josh Allen had 5 TD’s and 5 TO’s over those 4 games lol.


    Player performance depends on coaching too. I get that as a fanbase we've just accepted that McDermott has exactly zero relevance to Allen's performance, or the offense as a whole for that matter, but in reality he should be held accountable for everything. Comes with the job title.

  11. 25 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

    When did we slump in McD's 13-3 years?  


    In 2020 we lost two consecutive games to the Chiefs then the Titans, then scraped by the Jets and Pats who went a combined 9-23 that year. Yes that kind of month long slump has happened every single year under McDermott and is always the reason we don't earn the #1 seed. Last year it almost knocked us out of the playoffs entirely. That is on coaching, 100%.


    And that's just the regular season. The playoff coaching can't even be argued. It has been outright below average. There is not a single data point that says our coaching staff has been up to par in the playoffs.


    25 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

    All other NFL teams, other than KC, lose even more regular season games than Buffalo.  So their coaches must allow even more 'malaise' than McD.


    This still needs to be said I guess - all other teams don't have Josh Allen. The whole conversation around McDermott is from the context that we have undoubtedly had a top 2 QB over the last four years.


    If it helps I think McDermott is a pretty good coach. He isn't Brandon Staley. Still I don't think he has been good enough and I'm not expecting that to change.


    25 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

    I'll stick with the guy who sucks less than 30 other NFL coaches (based on W-L record since 2020).  


    So on one hand you want to give McDermott full credit for our regular season record, but on the other you want to blame the roster for our playoff failures and absolve McDermott there.


  12. 43 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

    I think McD has performed at the level of his roster or above (depending on which season or postseason we want to talk about). 


    Man I just don't agree with this at all. Every single year under McDermott we've entered a midseason malaise where the whole team looks like crap and goes like .500 over a period of 4-5 games. That isn't normal for playoff contenders, certainly not every single year. Those midseason slumps have been the reason we never end up with the #1 seed. How is that not on coaching?

  13. 35 minutes ago, Rocky Landing said:

    This WR room isn’t going to be made up entirely of 6’4” guys who aren’t particularly fast. That would be redundant. Isabella, and Hamler both have top-end speed, exceptional cutting ability, K/PR potential, and have traits that would be unique to the room. They need a gadget guy. IMO, one of these guys is going to make the roster.


    Curtis Samuel is supposed to be the gadget player. I'm surprised how little we've heard about him in OTAs and minicamp, but maybe the Bills are trying to hide his role a bit. I think he will be deployed in a lot of interesting ways.


    Isabella I have zero interest in. At no point has he produced in this league and it hasn't been injuries holding him back. He just isn't an NFL player. Hamler at least intrigues me because talent has never been his problem, but you can't count on him to be healthy. If you keep him you're probably keeping 7 WRs on the roster and I don't think that's likely.


    41 minutes ago, Rocky Landing said:

    And in disagreement with @HappyDays, I will say there is no such thing as “practice squad fodder." Every player with a number should be ready to be called up.


    I don't believe most teams have last year's PS WRs taking snaps with the 1st team. I see a lot of people saying that it's normal, but is it? I don't remember Shavers for example getting 1st team reps last year, I could be wrong though. In the past there's been a core group of WRs getting regular snaps with Josh Allen, with a couple being mixed in sparingly for injury or rest. This year the distribution of targets so far has seemed to be a bit all over the place.


    But that's the state of the WR room right now. We have like 7 guys that would be really good WR4s. We'll be scrambling to stack them in the right order and hopefully somebody will elevate their game enough to give our passing offense some sort of top tier ceiling.

  14. Updates from Matt Parrino. Sounds like the offense was much better today, good to see.



    The offense got back on track in a HUGE way. Josh Allen looked dialed in from the very start of practice. The passes were buzzing out of his hand and his receivers stepped up.
    There are a ton of big plays to get to but let's start with KJ Hamler, who beat Rasul Douglas for a 50yd bomb. Allen dropped it in a bucket for Hamler, who showed off that elite speed. Douglas tried to close the distance but Hamler showed off the second gear.



    Kaiir Elam with another interception. If we want to talk about a guy who has made the most of an opportunity this spring, Elam is at the top of the list. Allen was having a practically perfect practice when he tried to zero in on Coleman, who looked to run a great route until the end. It was almost like he stumbled a bit at the end of it and Elam jumped in front and picked off the pass.



    Allen was 6-for-9 during 11 and another highlight play went to Coleman, who outworked Douglas on the sideline three plays after the CB had a pass breakup vs. Quintin Morris. Allen buzzed it by Douglas helmet & Coleman showed off his hands to make a catch for about 20-25 yard gain.

    Douglas on Keon Coleman after practice: "He's made some plays. He's a cool guy off the field, he's a joker and he's funny."

    Douglas came back a few plays after the catch and got physical with Coleman early in the route and broke up a pass intended for him.



    Marquez Valdez-Scantling had arguably his best practice. Had a few catches between 11v11 ans 7v7.



    Tough day for Justin Shorter. I had him for two drops in practice and this is something that I'm now monitoring closely. Shakir, Samuel, Coleman, MVS, Claypool, and Hamler seem like the top 6 right now. That means Shorter and Shavers are going to have to go nuts in the summer to make the team IMO. Shavers had a drop in practice, too, and I thought it was worse than Shorter's two.



    Sorry I should have included Mack Hollins - that was an oversight on my part. I think the Bills are going 7 WRs, folks. Hollins has been a leader all spring and they love his leadership. He could be a captain. 



    I wanted to mention UDFA Branson Deen, who has been popping a bit this week. He had a great rush and recorded a pressure by splitting the double team of Keaton Bills and Kevin Jarvis. Bills hasn't looked great but again no pads.



    Major punter update: Sam Martin was the holder today for Tyler Bass. Remember in OTAs, Bass was 7for7 with rookie UDFA Jack Browning holding. Bass was erratic today, making just 3 of his 7 kicks with Martin as the holder. If Browning is close to Martin in the punting game, and maybe even if he isn't, we may have a new punter for the Bills this season.



    Keep and eye on WR Bryan Thompson, who has had a much better spring than Shavers and Shorter. He had a bomb TD reception from Shane Buechelle and absolutely roasted rookie Keni-H Lovely.


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  15. 20 minutes ago, TBBills Fan said:

    They are still wearing shorts. It's gonna be okay



    Stronger Together Love GIF by Shalita Grant


    Like I said it's not about the individual reps. A drop here or a miscommunication there is normal. What worries me is that Tyrell Shavers and Andy Isabella and KJ Hamler are getting 1st team reps. I'm sorry but that represents a failure of the Bills team building process. These should all be practice squad fodder, not legitimate competitors for starting snaps.

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  16. 48 minutes ago, 90sBills said:

    KC secondary was missing a few starters but no one wants to hear that. Anyway it’s been 3 seasons and several heartaches ago let’s forget that game. 


    So to be clear, your opinion is that missing two starting secondary players is an equal handicap to missing one starting secondary player (Tre White, which I guess we have to conveniently forget about for the purpose of this discussion) and not having Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce on the field.

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