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  1. Bills Place Cordy Glenn on IR; Will Undergo Offseason Surgery

    I am sorry the guy is injured. I am happy on the other hand that they will not be able to trade him.. hopefully he gets healthy and they have two good tackles for next season for the first time in years.
  2. The don of dunkirk

    thank you
  3. 2018 Bills Draft Desires

    I agree with the above mention of Smth . Smith and a quality d tackle transform this d they need anther corner, wide out and I suspect a tackle. that should take care of the first 5 picks Tight end , back up Running back and and at the very least a situational pass rusher, this one could slip into the top 3 rounds I believe they will go with a vet Quarterback and Peterman next year. Starting with going after Cousins and working down their list .
  4. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    I never said they were. I was just pointing out that is player the chiefs would be happy to trade. I looked over the roster from top to bottom. I will be interested to see who it is . I can't figure ouy who is worth a high pick
  5. Have you ever had legit insider info?

    my buddy was a writer at the bergan record back in the 90's he drop an hum dinger about the coach who followed parcells. the fact that the guy was fired after one year and never coached again seems to add up to the story being true.
  6. Lets just go for Kirk Cousins in the offseason

    your two first are openers. you better be prepared to add to it. For luck if he is healthy I am in .
  7. Todd McShay 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

    if they sign Cousins I love this first round
  8. Tyrod Trade Value This Offseason

    how can you creative with taylor. he is so limited in what he can do
  9. Dunkirk Don

    I agree, but I don't know if he gets to us at 14-20 I saw mcshay has the bills taking him and Vita. That would transform the defense quickly
  10. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    2016 qb rating was a tick under 100. He gets 10-15 million on a one year deal by somebody.
  11. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    This is why getting a 4th for him would have been a no brainer
  12. Tyrod Trade Value This Offseason

    Animal house 0.0 agreed. Roll with Peterman as the backup.
  13. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    it would have to be a very small piece. how much value can he have. this issue is stretching thru two seasons
  14. Who will be playing their last home game a Bill on Sunday?

    around 6 million saved by cutting him. He made the blocks on sunday that set shady free.
  15. Dunkirk Don

    the Georgia linebacker fits the bill. they might have to gasp , trade up to get him.