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  1. baskingridgebillsfan

    The Herd- AFC east predictions

    didn't they make the playoffs last year ? the pats at 10-6 is more shocking than the Bills are 5-11. I understand there are problems with the Pats but i need to see them lose 6 games with Brady to believe it .
  2. baskingridgebillsfan

    NFL.com Free Agent RB's

    dear lord no Tolbert. they are going to have to do it by committee with that in mind Sims and oliver . Ivory , cadet , sims and Oliver.
  3. baskingridgebillsfan

    Good piece on Buffalo News Sports Dept

    it is hard to find fault with the papers point of view. Sullivan in particular would find or pivot to negativity on every occasion. Sometimes as a fan you just want to enjoy the moment. Even if the big picture maybe cloudy. Every now and than it is nice to revel in a victory without some pointing out all of the negatives that still exists. After awhile everything written was negative and than it became personal. The treatment of Whaley in particular was disgraceful. To be honest Sullivan should have been shown the door after his 20 year to last question to Cam at the Super bowl.
  4. baskingridgebillsfan

    Good piece on Buffalo News Sports Dept

    Vic will break stories but that is it. The group that was shown the door was so irrationally anti home team that they had no chance of getting a heads up . John Warwow seems to be the go to guy when the team wants to get info out.
  5. baskingridgebillsfan

    Who Will Be The Buffalo Bills Comeback Player Of 2018-2019

    i would love to see Miller, Washington and Lawson step up .
  6. i am not going the narrative that the bills will be one of the worst teams in the league. The defense should be better than last year. As weak as the wide receivers looks they will could have a healthy Benjamin for the season. The qb play will be better. Sure it maybe a transition year but to say the team won't be in the 6-10 range is kind of lazy
  7. baskingridgebillsfan

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    at worst he makes the practice squad. When is comes to Wide receiver the Bills will be in talent acquisition mode for at least the next 10 months.
  8. baskingridgebillsfan

    Tyrod Taylor: I still feel that I’d done more than enough to stay

    all you have to do is to trust what you see. Taylor was an athlete who moved the chains because of his supreme athletic ability. As a quarterback in the traditional sense of the position he was horrible. This coach staff decided that they wanted something more predictable and stable at the position. I believe they were correct. Some may still pine for Taylor. TIme will tell. I will end with this. I don't think you can win in the league when the opposition says all we wanted him to do was to play quarterback.
  9. baskingridgebillsfan

    Mindset and QB accuracy

    i also think the 60 percent accuracy is a arbitrary number. Using the baseball analogy again. Would you rather have a 300 hitter with 11 hr and 7O rbi or a 250 httter with 35 hr and 100 rbi . If Allen creates enough big plays weather he completes 58 percent of 65 percent is not going matter .
  10. baskingridgebillsfan

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    The BradyBillb is seems to be coming to an end. Yes Brady is over 40 so the end is inevitable, but feels like it may end premature to the natural ending. good for the Bills. They would both be great on their own, together they were barley stoppable.
  11. baskingridgebillsfan

    Incognito ok at home, thanks Buffalo

    if it is a medication issue I hope he stays on his meds and can have a happy life after football. Until this episode he was a good on and off the field for the Bills
  12. baskingridgebillsfan

    The supplemental draft, is there anyone in there for us?

    using a first round pick for me is a non starter. if Beal somehow fell in to round 2 i would jump on it. The Bills will be using a high pick on a corner next year in my opinion . Why not get the player in here a year earlier.
  13. baskingridgebillsfan

    Shots Fired! Tim Graham calls out Vic Carruci for Posing with The Biscuit

    Tim Graham needs to be the next to except a "buyout" thin skinned , muck raking hack
  14. baskingridgebillsfan

    President cancels Eagles trip to White House

    Eagles we speak your name great job
  15. I listen to the kid during draft weekend. He is making the right choice