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  1. Closest NFL comparison to Mason Rudolph... Tom Brady

    since Brady is mentioned I will point the Tom brady that played at Michigan and showed up at the combine has a much different body then the one he had a few years later. how he got it there I will leave it up for each of you to decide
  2. Closest NFL comparison to Mason Rudolph... Tom Brady

    watching all 6 I think they are flawed and all have nice upside Rosen to me has the most skills but the concussion thing give me pause . Why not roll the dice at 21 with Rudolph or Jackson instead of giving up a ton to move up. I honestly don't think if you watch all six perform you can say as they said in draft day " pro ready " Final point Baker played the best in college and now is 4th on most of the ranking I see
  3. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    2 things, national media yet again doesn't know the Bills roster . Groy was at worst average when he started for wood two years ago 2. Coming out of school Bodine was listed at someone who could play guard or center. This could simply be a depth signing . agreed. Whaley was good and dumpster diving. He would have never went to battle with that running back group last year .
  4. Nick Foles Could Be in Your Future

    I could see Foles with the bills but after this season when he is a free agent. If aj isn't any and if the draft doesn't work out they still have a shot at foles next year.
  5. The Jets trade opens up Mayfield to Bills.

    I was listening to ny sports radio earlier. It does seem like Rosen , Allen and Darnold are the jets preferences . I the questions that remain what will Denver do and on draft night should the Bills move up a few sports to grab Mayfield blocking out Miami ?
  6. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    it is tempting to use the 6 picks to rebuild the o line , get a mlb and speed wr. stay at 12 and take allen or mayfeild
  7. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    and if the Colts don't leave this draft with a top notch oline they should be shot
  8. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    the jets didn't jump to soon they got as high as they could get. there issue would have been if the bills and Denver got 2 and 3
  9. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    jets might have aimed for it but you have to remember these teams are in competition with each other for fans and the money they bring. The Giants were never going to trade with the Jets
  10. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    The giants are not trading with the Jets so they can watch them play with the qb they gave them for the next 15 years . If the Giants trade it will be with someone else
  11. Josh Rosen: will he want to play here? ESPN discusses

    miss Buddy. at least his press conferences
  12. If you get "stuck" with the 4th or 5th best QB...

    a week a go we were thinking Lamar Jackson at 21 , now we are Allen or Mayfield at 12. there is still 6 weeks to the draft. The number 2 picks is still in play. Lets see what happens
  13. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    if he stays at 12 and crushes the next 5 picks he will be fine or if the second qb ***** the bed he will be fine. lots of cards left to be played
  14. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    sets up they trade to get the second qb or stay and get the 4th . I wish I knew what there board looked like
  15. Bills Stay with 12th pick

    take Allen or Mayfield at 12 then the lb at 22 c wr and corner make sense for the next 3