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  1. bbb

    Name This Person

    Is it a Smothers Brother?
  2. I feel real bad for Paul Hamilton:
  3. Got it in today, and it was just my level of tech that I was looking for. Easy enough for a dope like me to program it. Worked perfectly so far. Thanks everyone! Do you have birds eating your seeds? Everytime I look at either place that got reseeded, I see at least one bird!
  4. This looks like about my speed - what I was thinking of. Do you have a brand name on that?
  5. Yeah, I think I made the flooding mistake earlier today already!
  6. Meaning make sure to water a lot right after the seeding?
  7. Thanks! Do they make things that are lower tech? I just need it until the new grass seed grows.
  8. I have to do a bunch of sprinkling every day at certain times for certain lengths - just had a bunch of work done...............I thought I wonder if there are timers, and there appear to be.................Does anybody have any experience with how they work and what to buy?
  9. And, his father was only 29 when he died.
  10. bbb

    Name This Person

    And now Zac is playing Keith's role in The Who.
  11. bbb

    Name This Person

    *****. I cheated and I don't even remember the answer! Although it was a name I knew of at least.
  12. 8 walks and a hit batsman?!? What - was he high?!?
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