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  1. Exactly. And, with Bulldog as his yes man all the time, he's used to not being challenged. Can't handle it when he is.
  2. I have no clue why ALL replays don't go to hell
  3. Sal made so many good points like the ones you mentioned, and Mike just kept blowing them off.........I mean just the idea of Feliciano obviously signaling hurry the F up - if the marching orders were to run down the clock, he wouldn't have done that. I do have to say it's better radio than having Bulldog just agree with everything Schopp says.
  4. I hadn't seen the actual clip until right before I posted it there (there is also recent footage of Cherry talking about poppies in Canadian war cemetery in Europe and I thought I heard him say he is involved in the whole poppy wearing thing) and didn't know how much MacLean was nodding - I saw his apology Sunday, though, which seems to contradict all the nodding (allowing it?)
  5. I multiquoted a bunch of things going down this thread, most of them from Bangarang, who doesn't get the difference between critical honest reporting and Sully. But, this is the whole answer - in one sentence.
  6. The first 22 minutes of this is basically these two going at it again. I now understand why I didn't understand the post game Sunday. I never thought the Bills actually decided with 50 seconds or so that they were happy with taking the field goal right there............And, S & B I now understand think that..............And, this is Sal saying that's not what happened. It ends at exactly 22 minutes. If you just want a summary of how douchy Schopp is thoughout, you can just listen from 21 minutes for the last minute..............Yeah, Mike, Sal is saying the O linemen were at their set positions. What an ahole. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/11-11-hr-4-schopp-bulldog
  7. Let's see. I'll take a look starting on this page and going backwards until I see somebody.........Well, that didn't take too long - Teddy about 3 posts before this post of yours. I wish I was.
  8. That's fine. My argument has always been about the notion that it's completely harmless
  9. Having a seizure, being out indefinitely, and welcoming in a probable lifetime of panic attacks and anxiety - quite harmed, I'd say.
  10. Great idea to start this clip right in the middle of the action in question.
  11. There's plenty of evidence that it causes it though.
  12. He played awesome in the championship game. And, was sitting right behind me on the flight back. My dad and I didn't stay over in NYC. Flew down, went to the game, and then flew back...............And, Marshall didn't fly back with the rest of the team because he had some All Tournament stuff to do.
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