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  1. At least part of his film, Marshall, was filmed in Buffalo
  2. I was working at the Canisius basketball camp - and the day after he got drafted, he was a guest instructor. Everybody was congratulating him, and I was thinking he's a 2nd rounder, he's probably not going to make it - or not amount to much. In high school, the other Robinson - Keith, who went to Notre Dame was better...............Wow - was I wrong. What a great career he had. RIP
  3. bbb

    Name This Person

    And, I'm guessing Boz Scaggs because they were college roommates at Wisc.
  4. I named a hemorrhoid in my ass after her. Is that the same thing?
  5. bbb

    Name This Person

    I wonder if he still smokes?
  6. bbb

    Name This Person

    Oh, in that case - Uncle Bill
  7. bbb

    Name This Person

    Family Affair? I know the one played Buffy died a long time ago. I think there was an older sister so this must be her.
  8. Oh, I thought it was already slotted, like to whoever finishes in the tenth seed or whatever. So, they are going to have another ping pong thing or whatever they do?
  9. "WH wants to knock down $600 plus-up" - What does plus-up mean?
  10. bbb

    Name This Person

    Andre Agassi and Steffi Grafs kid? I know he’s a D1 baseball player.
  11. bbb

    Name This Person

    Is it a Smothers Brother?
  12. I feel real bad for Paul Hamilton:
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