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  1. Did you watch it? What does he say? I don't have the time to watch it. Tried to do it while working, but it's too distracting. Not easy listening.
  2. bbb

    Hot for Teacher: Georgia style

    You can tell she's heavy by a picture of her face that doesn't really show any excess fat?
  3. bbb

    Hot for Teacher: Georgia style

    A phys ed tutor?
  4. I tried CBD oil. Nothing happened.
  5. bbb

    Sports radio - national and local

    The drama is what it's all about now. Between that and now the whole game being about 3 pointers, I really have lost interest.
  6. bbb

    Tom Seaver diagnosed with Dementia

    Exactly. I give my charity money to it instead of cancer. It makes no sense that we should keep living longer if we're all going to be demented.
  7. How did this become an ode to Billy Joe?
  8. bbb

    What’s your most Controversial opinion?

    Santa is going to be happy with his new helpers
  9. Great idea. But, why stop there? How about giving a point for not converting a two point conversion? This is Mike Schoop's dream.
  10. bbb

    What’s your most Controversial opinion?

    Isn't that Eggsavier?
  11. bbb

    Our thoughts on Jim Kelly when he fled for the USFL

    Thanks. I never saw this on TV. Just from the other side of the stadium. I knew he broke his leg, but I also knew it saved the touchdown, the game, and probably the season.
  12. bbb

    TV Shows You Want Revived