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  1. 16 minutes ago, YodaMan79 said:

    With how he coached in that playoff game a couple of years ago against the Bills, no thank you.  He made a number of head scratching calls and played a key role in that defeat.  I saw that game as more of Indianapolis losing, than the Bills winning.  To those that stated he's the offensive version of McDermott, that seems to be a pretty good comparison.  

    Reich is the reason we won

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Roundybout said:

    Where did you hear that? Everything I read suggested that Reich was forced to take Young by Tepper.

    That has been the local talk as well. The story on local radio is Young was a Fitterer pick, against the wishes of Frank

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  3. 24 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:

    That said, keep Reich as far away from this team as possible. Another soft, conservative coach that the game has passed by. He's the Offensive McD.

    I think this is right.

    He has been McD level bad this year with game and clock management decisions.

    He gave OC duties away, took them right back and then🤮

    The DC there has done wonders , on the other hand. Evero is young and I’m not sure if he is HC material but I’d love him here as our next DC!

  4. 6 hours ago, The Red King said:

    (Please don't merge this with the thread complaining about the Bills/Eagles officiating.  This is different, with wider scope, and not limited to the Bills.)


    There have always been suspicions that the NFL is fixed, but this year seems almost blatent.  There have been a ton, a ton of badly officiated games this season, and not just involving the Bills.  The NFL is in bed with Vegas and the gambling apps, that much is fact.


    So, my question is, what do you believe?  I don't believe the league is outright scripted.  But I do believe they have preferences, and are not afraid to unleash the officials to get the outcomes they want, based on trends.


    I hate to be that guy.  I hate to think about conspiracy theories.  But the officiating all around the league has been laughably bad/questionable the whole season.


    Those who call us crazy 🤷‍♂️

    They put their toe on the scale just enough here and there.

    The NFL is becoming the WWE and it is to the point that I’m almost done with it. I didn’t get the Sunday Ticket this year and am happy there is no game this week😕

  5. 4 minutes ago, thenorthremembers said:

    He's the best QB in the NFL by quite a bit.  Allen may be the most physically gifted but he isn't on the same level s Mahomes.


    Switch their coaching staffs and Kermit wouldn’t have accomplished what Josh has. 
    Josh , on the other hand, would be lights out in Reid’s scheme.

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  6.     I love Kincaid. I also love the fact that a rookie is being allowed to have the season he’s having on a McD team.

       One concern I have:

        Kincaid invariably puts his head down and tries to deliver the blow to the defender. I’m the process he puts the ball ( and his hands and arms) on the defender’s helmet. This happens way over 50% of the time.

        From a guy who has demonstrated nice body control, I think he’s leaving yards on the field sometimes. And he’s clearly putting the ball and his catching extremities in harms way. 
        Picky? Maybe , but it seems coachable and I’d like to see him dodge a few guys from time to time instead of always seeking contact.

        Flame away

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  7. Mea culpa for calling out Brady before this game.

    O looked confident for the first time since Miami.

    One week at a time and get us into the playoffs then we see what we can do.


    Lastly,HTF did anybody crap on Josh????

    He is the ONLY thing that this team has demonstrably had going for it since he got here. If you have questioned him, you suck! Put him in a position to succeed and he will. 

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