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  1.    By the end of year two , I used the term “ Franchise Quarterback “ and caught a decent amount of flak.

       The point where I actually started to Billieve my own BS: Cowboys Thanksgiving game. 
        When I was sure: The First Dolphin’s game in 2020! Josh put on a throwing clinic!!!! Crazy TD throws to the front of the EZ, to the back of the EZ. He had that throw to Diggs, completely double covered ( hero ball) and Diggs was the only one left standing with the ball. He had the Angry run when he ran over a couple defenders Cam Newton style.

        MY BOY

  2.    I’ve been feeling this way too, this season.

       What has struck me is the way McBeane haven’t panicked during this rash of injuries. They have kept a steady keel and let players rest and heal as necessary. Brought in and elevated backups as required and just kept moving forward, always with their eye on the real prize at the end of the season. Players in and out of the organization take notice of this.

        It also doesn’t hurt having fostered leadership among the players ranks on both sides of the ball that lead by example while staying appropriately humble.


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  3. 2 hours ago, Chandler#81 said:

    Well, we’re all unique in our own way, but thankfully few of us are like you. He just hit a game winning FG on the last play last week. That wasn’t enough pressure??


       Playoffs are different Chandler. We’ve both seen record SB kicks and misses.

        Zero disrespect to Bass. His arrow is pointing straight up. However, SC holds a special place in my memories 

  4. 3 hours ago, Antonio said:

    I don´t like the rule either. But I kind of understand it. 

    When catching the ball while going to the ground, the ball can´t move when the WR hits the ground. If it moves, then it is considered that the WR don´t have possession of the ball yet, it is not "secure".


    In this case Poyer lands out of bounds, so when he finally secured the ball he was out. If this was within the field of play that would have been a catch because the ball never touched the ground.

       If a receiver catches a ball in the field of play, bobbles the heck out of it while hitting the ground BUT it doesn’t touch the ground and he eventually has it IT IS A RECEPTION.

        Why this isn’t the fact out of bounds I’d befuddling.

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