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  1. This ignore list ... I like what you’ve done with the place. Groovy place to be. Lot of open-minded, non-judgmental, non-stereo-typing, people in here. Huh. Interesting. Ok ... well ... we’re gonna have some drinks and wait for you to wake up. Dude over here leaning up against the antique armoire said they’ve been waiting in this room for you to wake up for like 60 years. 60 years, son. Damn. Night night.
  2. Spoiler alert: I kinda knew you wouldn’t read it. It’s just kinda your m.o. But we’ll let you think that you “didn’t” read it for any reason other than why you really “didn’t” read it. It’ll be our secret. And I already said that about the Waterloo thing silly pants. Trying to teach you is my waterloo. See, I did it for you. Oh you just just wanted to say it so it would be your idea. Ok. Quote me saying it again so you can own the last response. Here ya go: The Senator is my Waterloo. There ya go, chief. You can enjoy the superficiality of that.
  3. This is one of the best interactions that I’ve had all week. My wife doesn’t let me spend too much time doing this anymore. Happy wife, happy life ... nah’mean. Probably not. But more on that later. In about 38 sentences. And thank you for telling me about yourself. That’s a great ice-breaker. Truly. I went into the conversation thinking one thing about you and have since been convinced that my initial suspicions about you were correct. Whether that’s any kind of indictment against you is largely insignificant because I like ***** jungle music. Also, I don’t want to seem intelligent. Actually far from it. I just enjoy the idea that for a moment in time someone reads something I write and second-guesses themselves about who is on the other line. It’s like Leonard in “Memento.” Except his issue is one of forgetting and yours, I imagine, is an issue of epistemic dysfunction. Maybe a basic cylinder misfire. Who knows, friend ... Just so you know I’m not sure what epistemological really means. It has a lot of syllables and I think it has to do with the acidic quality of elephant turds. But I used it here because that’s what people who listen to ***** jungle music do. Incidentally I’m writing now so that you can exercise and open your 60 year old eyes. Not because of the myopia that you fixed with your fancy shmanzy procedure but because of the myopia that, for you, is probably unfixable. But I like teaching. Thats probably a fool’s errand of course. And it reinforces your point that I’m an uneducated dolt. Which admittedly I am. More on that yesterday. Probably best that you not waste your time in this thread replying to my rap-toting nonsense. That’s time that would be more valuably spent studying the intricacies of real music with some scholarly type, with a cool Scandinavian name, and who has won countless Pulitzer Prizes and MTV music awards. You’re wasting valuable mental capital and intellectual bandwidth discussing music with a low rent, uneducated, unaccomplished dolt who spent 6 years trying to graduate 11th grade (I just said ***** it and started rapping by the way because that’s what the irretrievably lost and profoundly uneducated do. They rap). As your last post very clearly indicated, you’re the adult in the room - I’m just a guy with no job and access to the Internet. You might know jazz because someone told you to know it and like it. Maybe you studied classical because it seems sophisticated. Or maybe you did so you can talk about it on football message boards. You probably hate rap because it wasn’t a chapter in a book you studying under the tutelage of Pulitzer Prize winners. You certainly have never ever listened to Drake or any other rap song for that matter. Or maybe its because you don't understand hip hop - the background, the culture, the immense popularity, the wordplay, the draw, the fact that all these people who look kinda like you listen to it. “A child is born with no state of mind, blind to the ways of mankind ...” Ugh. Get Flash out your head.“Glorious conformity” is what the Scandinavian guy said during your real music lessons. And you listened. Of course. I only hope that those “here is what real music sounds like” study sessions were just music study sessions nah’mean. Hope no biology lessons slipped in there because it surely seems like hating rap and extolling the characteristics of “real music” dogmatically is your raison d’ etre. Maybe someone planted that soft classical seed a little too deep and meaningfully nah’mean. Silly me, that’s just my wiseassness coming out. The function of years of rap listening and too much jacking off when I can’t find a crackpipe to hold instead. The ramblings of the uneducated and fantastically-minded. I’m going to go back to my g.e.d prep book. I’m 44 and the g.e.d. has thus far been my Waterloo. When you respond and insult me again personally in your next message, being the adult in the room that you’ve shown yourself to me, please also extend some good vibes for my g.e.d test. I miss you already. I faithfully remain, A rapper
  4. Oh it sure does make sense. Good sense too. And it wasn’t a true analogy interestingly enough. It was more my own unique type of stage whisper. A slight of tongue for the assembled audience here at Two Bills Drive. Better yet it’s like when Mingus screams “I know” when the music gripped him and he had some of Mezz Mezzrow’s “mezz” on em’. Some of Mezz’ muggles. You wouldn’t know anything about that, youngster. Not that type of primitive. Not that type of stick and rock. And no, you haven’t listened to Drake. Googling him for the sake of reference doesn’t count. You just hate what you don’t understand. Even though Rod Serling tried to intervene. Despite my racial handicap, even I know that that’s ok for some. Including you, I think, my friend. 1958 was a good year for me too, I believe. Some years before I was born. Silly me, I’m being impolite ... I’m glad you got your eyes fixed, friend. Hopefully it was in Toronto. If only they had those fancy-shmanzy lenses to know good music. Or maybe what I mean is to broaden your scope of what might constitute good music. Or maybe simply to not stereotype or be intransigent. The world would certainly be a little more interesting. And perhaps less dogmatic. In Toronto.
  5. Fair enough. Ill be traveling to Toronto in august. I may send you a pm for touristy destinations.
  6. Haha. Come on man ... Drake gets away with it. That doesn’t seem fair.
  7. No need to apologize. Don’t take all the blame. There are other variables at play. Anyway, not everyone will like everything. Its just not meant to be. Different strokes for different folks. That’s absolutely ok. But thankfully your type of myopia and intransigence, foreclosing even the option to substantively challenge your own notions and paradigms, is expiring naturally. It’s classic addition by subtraction. Rotary to cellular. Something to think about the next time you’re in Toronto.
  8. Good rap is like some of the best poetry. It’s beautiful to listen to the metaphors and word play and interrelation of concepts and then how they’re tied together rhythmically. I listen to it before court most days. I also was second chair violinist in high school and college and enjoy a glass of whiskey and Partitia No. 3 in E major on repeat to calm myself after a rough day (I love love Hilary Hahn as my contemporary violist of choice btw). Anyway ... I don’t really get the mumble rap stuff that’s happening today but anyway ... Give it a listen sometime and block out some of the gratuitous “*****” and “ni**as” references and listen to the story and the wordplay. Listen to Biggie’s “Ni**as Bleed” or “downfall.” Listen to the story in “Somebody’s gotta die.” It’s like listening to a movie play out. Listen to any of Drake’s recent stuff for some good wordplay or older Lil’ Wayne. “6foot, 7 foot” might be one of the most fun songs to listen to conceptually: ”paper chasin, tell that paper ‘look I’m right behind ya,’ bi**ch real gs move in silence like lasagna.” Once you figure out what a “g” is in hip hop parlance you might be able appreciate the ability to rhyme together words that well and at the same time factor in different layers of syntactic interplay. I don’t expect you to like rap any more after reading this. To you its primitives beating on rocks with sticks or some such thing. But I challenge you to give a few of the songs I mentioned above a listen. Listen newly. Listen for the wordplay and the narrative. It will never sound like Watemusic. But you might be surprised at what you hear with a discerning, non-judgmental, ear.
  9. Interesting pick. Definitely old at rb. But figured there was still rb value later in the draft. Was hoping for wr at 74. And the dude is small and not that fast per metrics. Apparently super durable and good vision though based on the brief scouting I’ve just read so I guess there’s that ...
  10. I’m really enjoying this draft. Beane sits tight and is about to get his guy. No movement. No mortgaging draft picks. And Jaguars are making a pick so no trades that disrupt the process. Fantastic!!
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