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  1. 27 minutes ago, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

    You're right to point out the injuries and early season line play. However, what about Boogie, Epenesa, Rousseau who were also invisible Sunday (Boogie's cringe-worthy "sack" dance notwithstanding after jumping early)? Also, Von as a force of nature really elevated everyone around him, and the Bills had few if any answers in his absence. 

    What about them?  I'm not convinced Epenesa and Boogie are legit NFL talents.  Many people had similar concerns when they were drafted.  Rousseau had a decent season when healthy.  Is it Washington's fault they aren't pro bowlers by now and Ed O isn't Aaron Donald yet, did Beane draft some irredeemable bums, or is the truth somewhere in between?


    I don't have the answer here and I, like many of you, ingest an unhealthy amount of Bills media.  I won't give it a second thought if Washington gets canned.  I am just trying to understand how so many people here are convinced that one or more positional coaches is the real problem.   What information do they have that I don't?  Haven't seen anything new.  Just demands of a blood sacrifice to ease the pain of falling short of the prize again.

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  2. Just now, papazoid said:

    how many other position coaches lost 3 pro bowlers for significant time....


    life can be cruel...

    Must be a function of Jaquan, Lewis, and to a lesser extent, Hamlin struggling when put into action such that they're scrambling to bring back guys like Marlowe.  As much as the fans have extremely strong opinions about position coaches, we have almost no visibility into what they do to inform an opinion on their performance.  But that is hardly an obstacle to some.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, RyanC883 said:


    so he did a good job this year?   Please expand.  Did you watch the Bengals game against its backup OL, or the Dolphins game.  Who cares if Miller loves him.  

    I ask you for one example of him being a yes man and any rationale as to why he should be fired and posing that question means that I must believe he did a great job?  Making up *****, getting defensive about it, and making up more ***** is a poor way to have a conversation.


    I did watch the Bengals game.  Phillips is headed for surgery today.  DaQuan Jones didn't play.  Oliver's pec injury had him playing with half his torso in a brace.  Miller was on IR. Line play looked pretty amazing when everyone was healthy early in the year.  I guess success is a function of talent and lack of success lands only on coaching? 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, RyanC883 said:


    just a hunch.  why else is he still here?  any examples of him being a good coach without a future HoF on the line?  

    I think carving out a 20+ year coaching career out of being a McD yes man is less likely than maybe he has done something right.  Von Miller has nothing but praise for him.  If making up narratives on "a hunch" is your thing then don't let me get in the way.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Floridagatorsbuffalobills said:

    Hey all,


    So I use to be a regular on the old official Bills message board when they had the message board on their actual website. They shut it down after the Pegulas took over and my message board days ended, but after that Bengals game I had to start looking for places to vent.


    Just curious if anyone in here was a regular on that board?


    Make sure you sign up here and try not to touch the walls.  Everything you BBMBers touch gets all sticky.

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  6. 58 minutes ago, krf139 said:

    I just love the weekly “Maddy Awards.” Such a productive use of air time.

    If you're listening to WGR all day (even though you hate it) then we will hard pressed to find anything that is NOT worth your time.  

    4 minutes ago, Boatdrinks said:

    Not sure the reason for the contrast , but definitely noticeable if you’ve given more than a few casual listens. 

    The contrast may be one team has been a super bowl contender by a consensus of critics and the other team has the league's longest active playoff drought streak. 

  7. After a little reflection I think injuries played a much bigger role on defense than we want to admit.  Losing DaQuan was huge.  DaQuan was our run defense.  Phillips hasn't been right since about week 3.  Oliver was playing with a pec injury and was invisible since his injury.  Obviously losing Von was a huge blow.  Poyer was playing hurt all year.  Hyde to IR.  Tre did not look like he was fully confident in his knee. Hamlin going down and putting Marlowe into the game plan.  Marlowe going down and putting Jaquan and Cam Lewis out there.  Benford to IR.  


    People who know the game far better than me have posted about what you can reasonably do with coverage when you are playing 3rd string safeties.  The answer is go vanilla.  When your three best interior lineman are hurt or out and your line is getting blown off the line of scrimmage I don't know what defensive calls a coordinator can make.  Frazier tried a lot of different looks. Nothing worked.  Bungles backup Oline picked up the blitz and pass protected better than our starters.



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  8. 23 minutes ago, BillsFan692 said:

    Yeah I know that which is why I am so frustrated as it seems they wont be making any changes 

    You know Steve Tasker and Chris Brown don't make coaching or personnel decisions, right?

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  9. 56 minutes ago, Lost said:


    I actually like Poso and enjoy some of his insights but this is a horrendous take by him.


    52 minutes ago, Billz4ever said:

    I actually get a kick out of some of the things he tweets and I think a lot of it is just for the clicks and the attention.  This one is an extremely bad take though as you said.




    47 minutes ago, JerseyBills said:

    Same. He does have some insightful takes but this is a horrendous reach

    Is this sarcasm or not?


    If not , I'd really like you to elaborate.  I read that broken ribs do happen in 65% of cpr cases, so there's no telling there but the fake ambulance ride is really intriguing.  I'd like to hear your explanation.  I'd usually chalk this up to satire but nowadays it's impossible to tell over the internet.  I'm not trying to bash you I'm just curious

    This is who Jack P is. This tweet is 100% on brand for him.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, QCity said:

    That was a *** damn good win.  Dallas is no joke especially with Otter in net. Anderson fended off a crazy barrage in the first 10 minutes (which likely saved the game) but the Sabres somehow tilted the ice in their favor for last two periods.


    We essentially picked up Tyson Jost for nothing? OK 😂

    Jost has been very good in Buffalo.  Great pickup.  

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  11. 23 minutes ago, FrenchConnection said:

    Vikings fans are all probably like “we told you so” right about now.

    Vikings fans are probably even more bummed than we are as there is no doubt that Kirk Cousins will never get them farther than the Wild Card round.

  12. 10 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

    I want to know what bills fan said that Skyler was a great QB. I wanna specifically know who they are.

    All this stuff went down in the Bengals Bills game thread pinned at the top of main page.  

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  13. 38 minutes ago, Caesar said:


    I understand why you don't get it little fella, but it's true.  I am only responding to comments directed at me.

    Figure out who is who and respond (or don't respond) accordingly.  And if you catch yourself thinking this place is bad, fire up ChiefsPlanet.com for a few minutes and let perspective wash over you like a tidal wave of toxic, flaming sewage.

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