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  1. Just now, Simon said:

    #1 - The Latavius Murray "catch" that was squaring things up for the Kelce "catch"

    #2 - The awful contact call on Sherfield's pick on 3rd/10 that gave the Bills a first down around the 20 and a legit chance to ice the game.


    Two huge fourth quarter calls that made it look like the NFL wants the Bills still in the hunt.

    Agree with you.and can add Toney offside. Was it a penalty ? Yea!? Just critical play there


    bills finally benefited 

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  2. I love watching BB huffing and puffing. Throwing his arms down to his sides

    24 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    The Steelers really should upgrade their OL and OC, and see what they have in Pickett.


    Trubisky seems to be done, stick a fork in him.


    OK, he threw a nice block on Peppers there.  But Hayward would have got more yards if he didn’t have to dig for that.

    Pickett sucks. And WHAT bad time to be picking in the first round that year. Normally rely on prime non qb talent dropping due to multiple qb being drafted. NOT that year. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Mango said:

    Also not one of my normal paywall beaters worked on his site.

    Sort of shocking.  

    EDIT: I should note that I do pay for some news and sports subscriptions. I’ve never heard or even considered Dunne’s. If I feel it provides value ai have no issues subscribing. But I’m not paying $8 for 1 article out of the gate.

    I usually try my computer and hit refresh and before it loads hit stop! And it works almost 100% of the time 

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  4. Just now, K-9 said:

    Then dropping it after the Denver game would have been the better time to do it. 

    It’s def interesting timing. Makes me think Ty dunne is more bills fan / McD hater and less journalism


    def more editorial. But there’s def smoke here ppl

    lets not pretend it’s JUsT a hit piece. 

    the ONLY thing I care about is that it portrays as McD as a bumbling fool and I worry it impacts critical thinking on the fly in big games 

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