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  1. 2 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    Just saw an interesting stat comparison on IG from one of the Bills fan pages…


    Said last 10 Bills games:

    Shakir - 462 yards
    Diggs - 422 yards


    Shakir - 38 targets 

    Diggs - 80 targets


    Not that we didn’t already know how inefficient Diggs has been, especially back half of the last 2 seasons and postseasons, but that is just a crazy discrepancy to have less yards on more than double the targets.


    To be fair, I don’t expect Diggs to be as inefficient all year in Houston as he was his last 10 games here, nor do I expect to see Shakir be as hyper-efficient as last year with a lot more target volume.  

    But I do suspect Shakir will still be more efficient with his targets here than Diggs was the last 2 seasons for us.  

    Diggs was no longer a threat / deep / efficient option. And he’s a diva and a head case. And they just wanted to make him happy and get him some easy touches and catches. How many dumb at the line wr screens they throw diggs way that got blown up. He needed to go. And I’m happy he’s gone

    1 hour ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    Yeah but the flip is that in Diggs first 9 games he put up 834 yards (93 yards per game).


    Basically double the 46 per game that Shakir averaged over the last 10.


    46 yards per game(782 yards in a 17 game season) simply isn't going to be the kind of "top 2" receiver production they need.


    Shakir played well down the stretch but the Bills passing game also just kinda' sucked after Brady took over.

    I’d want to know the pass defense rankings / analytics on the opponents they played in that split 

  2. 22 minutes ago, HappyDays said:


    #1 target of the last 10 Super Bowl participants:


    Travis Kelce

    Brandon Aiyuk

    Travis Kelce

    AJ Brown

    Cooper Kupp

    Ja'Marr Chase

    Mike Evans

    Travis Kelce

    Travis Kelce

    George Kittle


    By the way those teams also all had a #2 passing target that was better than anyone on the Bills roster right now. Several of them had a better #3 passing target.


    That's the caliber of talent we're talking about. Meanwhile on this board we're wondering if Khalil Shakir can be the #1. It's honestly a complete joke.


    I never expected us to find a #1 caliber pass target right away after trading Diggs. I expected a step back. It is just frustrating that Beane didn't even really try. We added one WR in the draft and then signed a couple low-probability scratch offs in Claypool and Hamler, and the rest has been complementary or depth additions.


    We have to hope Kincaid is ready to be a #1 pass target. That's probably our best hope. The next best hope is maybe... Claypool? I don't know. It's just not a good situation and we're likely to enter next offseason with the same questions that we entered this offseason with.


    Yes. It’s scary. But Kincaid has to become close to a kelce. It’s that simple. 

  3. They’re getting this year for sure. 

    next season 2025. Have to make it to

    afc game.


    i go back and forth. I Wanted McDermott gone after 13 sec. I still want him gone. Hes going to be Marty schott. Or Tony Dungy . 


    beane has spawned gms in Carolina , nyg , and some top personal ppl ( I think

    hous ?) 


    I think it’s generally hard to convince players to come to buffalo. Ny taxes. Not a major city. Stop w the “why wouldn’t they want to come play w Josh Allen” that’s not enough of a reason for top Players. Von basically was all in on Dallas and we had to

    overpay and promise some sort of gm in training gig

  4. 1 minute ago, Warcodered said:

    Really that's what it has to be, it couldn't be that through the process Beane has interacted with him and knowing the Bills fanbase is a little excited for them get to know a guy he knows they'll enjoy. Or hell it could even be that Beane getting a bunch of stupid ***** for the pick but he knows that when people listen to the guy they're going to really like the guy.


    But no it has to be some sort of conspiracy against the team and city because that makes more sense. 😭

    If you think beane and McD don’t pick players , at least in part, for anything but pure football reasons then I’m not sure what to tell you

  5. 4 hours ago, NewEra said:

    Right…..you are.  But you insinuating that the FO bypassed superior talent in order to fit their philosophy.  In their eyes, they drafted the superior talent.  

    I’m not so sure. I think the bills draft players that WANT / are ok with being in buffalo. Unfortunately I can see a reality where there are some prospects that DO not want to play in buffalo (or other spots) for various reasons and it comes across in meetings. I guarantee that factors in their “board” rankings and meshes w the football evaluation 

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  6. 4 hours ago, Estro said:

    I've got to put it down on record so I'm going to post here. 


    Despite trying to get optimistic about the Keon Coleman pick, I've gotta go with my gut and how I felt about him prior to the Bills selecting him. I don't think he'll end up being a good WR in the NFL. I hope I'm wrong, and maybe I will be.  Maybe his opportunity in Buffalo coupled with getting to play with a great QB will help him tip the scales and he'll become a productive WR for the Bills.........but I'm just not optimistic at all.


    Listen to any of the smarter guys who breakdown these prospects, whether its Greg Cosell, Matt Harmon of reception perception, or most of the guys over at PFF and they don't like the prospect. Now does that Mena they'll be right? No it doesnt, but there is a lot of evidence that guys like Keon Coleman don't pan out in the NFL.


    After watching everyone of his targets this past season I cam away very underwhelmed. I didn't see a guy worth of the #33 pick. I don't think he catches the ball particularly well in traffic and for a guy that's not fast and will be covered a lot that's concerning. I also saw blvery little burst. On a lot of his receptions near the line fo scrimmage he was easily tackled by the defense and showed very little wiggle or ability to hit it north/south quickly. 


    I'm very curious what thr plan will be for Coleman because guys like Matt Harmon thought any chance he'd have at success would be with a move to the slot. Similar to how Marques Colston played for the Saints.. But it seems the Bils think hes an X receiver.


    Time shall tell, hope I'm wrong

    That’s what I came away with. He’s a big slot in the nfl. If you put him on the boundary only. Youll

    end up with another Gabe Davis production / consistency. Which is fine.


    But we need a legit wr1 after next draft. They get one more year

  7. 5 hours ago, Luka said:

    The disrespect to Shorter in this thread is something else. He was Richardson's go to target at Florida. Shakir-like in his ability to convert big 3rd downs. Big frame guy with 4.5 speed, not unlike Coleman. Shorter was the #1 receiver coming out of high school. His big question mark is can he stay healthy. Played through or missed time with injuries every season in college. Wouldn't count on him just being a throw away prospect. 

    He should not be counted on. Not sure “injury” was his biggest questions mark.


    his biggest question mark was playing time, production , and will he ever develop his great traits. He is the definition of QUESTION MARK. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, JaCrispy said:

    Is it me or does Ray Davis’ running style remind you of Thurman?

    I was just rushing to post. I felt

    like I was watching the Thurman bills. Killing it on the deep wheel to

    the sideline , screeens everywhere, and his running style. 

    hes gonna be the best pick of this draft

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  9. Watch “underdog football fantasy show” on YouTube.


    hes a big slot. He’s really not a great contested catch player. The broad stats and the analytics show he’s not. The film shows it. 

    but I will allow. He is a unique prospect. He is big, super athletic , poor long speed, great hands . Not sure how he will look at nfl 


    if the bills keep him as a big body outside wr. He’s going to give a Gabe Davis like production. Which is to say he might have a big game or two. But he may go 3-4 weeks with 0-1 catches …. Be a blocker on the outside 


    it is what it is folks


    im not gonna hang my hat on hope with him.


    im gonna lay the blame on mcdefense - before Coleman the highest wr they drafted was Gabe Davis at 128. Which is criminal 

  10. 32 minutes ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    Not really fair

    White and Milano were both All-Pro

    Johnson is considered the best or second best nickel in all of NFL

    Kincaid set rookie TE receive record

    They used a first round pick and got the four best WR years in franchise history 


    All one time all pro. Usually second team. 

    and all have zero impact in big games. Tre was abused in Cincy home playoff game. Milano couldn’t cover Kelce. Keep trying 

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