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What Makes the Mafia Special?

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1 hour ago, ComradeKayAdams said:




I think what makes Bills Mafia special comes down to three components:


1. The team is our “us-against-the-world” rallying cry: Buffalo’s prime location in the unforgiving North American Snowbelt is certainly part of it, as is the Rust Belt economic collapse from American de-industrialization, living in the shadow of two cosmopolitan centers like NYC and Toronto, existing in a pro sports landscape that will always favor big markets, and of course the accrued memories of heartbreaking football that we share together.


2. That “City of Good Neighbors” mentality: For whatever reason, people in the Midwest and in Canada are known for their friendliness. Since Buffalo sits at the periphery of both geographical regions, maybe this partly explains why we donate so much to player charities and treat opposing fans politely during tailgates? We are also geographically Northeast, however…so we’re still known to throw insults and beers and snowballs and Billdos at the opposing team like Massholes, Jests fans, or Philadelphians…


3. Buffalo’s blue-collar heritage: A lot of people forget that Western NY was part of the region known as the “Cradle of Pro Football.” Western Pennsylvania and the state of Ohio are much more well-known for their roles in the sport’s formation, but names like Tommy Hughitt and Leo Lyons are not to be forgotten! So why did pro football first blossom in this region and not in others? Well, what helped was that this region was predominantly working-class. Back then, working-class people were known to prefer the physicality of the sport of football (as opposed to, say, baseball) and resonated more with the professional variant that wasn’t affiliated with colleges. Football is also a war-like game of territorial conquest, which is quintessentially American…more so than other sports…and anything uniquely American also tended to resonate more with the working class.


And so this blue-collar Buffalonian love for pro football carried on, even as the demographic composition of the region changed over the years. The 1946-49 AAFC Bills had some of the very best attendance figures in that league, as did the Bills during their formative AFL years.


I would also be remiss not to mention “Banditland,” which is by far the most rabid pro lacrosse fanbase in the world. Oh, and the fact that the Buffalo Sabres have ANYBODY still attending their games after these past 13 seasons is a testament to this team’s fan strength. During the Bills’ offseason, Buffalo apparently still very much enjoys its pro contact sports!


Great response!

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What other city or fan base could endure all the losses to Miami in the 70’s, a rookie QB refusing to play for the team in the 80’s, 4 superbowl losses in the 90’s, a 17 year playoff drought in the 2000’s and 2010’s 


I’d like to order a few wide rights for appetizers, a music city miracle, a side of Kevin Everetts and Damar Hamlins, a McKelvin fumble, and a Cowboys MNF debacle for dessert and only 13 seconds to eat it while Rob Gronkowski smashes his body on you and gives you a concussion and Tyreek Hill flashes the peace sign at you 


Then I’ll go to the bar and get a shot of London Milano Tibia’s 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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