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Are players’ comments about the Bills’ culture typical?


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Coaches wish they were good at everything but they're not.  They all have strengths and weaknesses.  Some are good planners and organizers.  Some are geniuses at x-and-o scheming.  Some excel at in-game decisions and halftime adjustments.  


McD's biggest strength is culture building.  The evidence is clear.  After a win, players are quick to give credit to their coaches and fellow players.  After a loss, you see a lot of accountability and very little, if any, finger-pointing. 


And when players leave this team - and there's no practical reason to kiss butt anymore - they still usually have great things to say about the culture here.





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44 minutes ago, Jauronimo said:

Having a culture that attracts, retains, and develops players is a sustainable formula for success.

…..or having TB.


Having Josh Allen attracts players as much, if not more so.

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We have so many former players from the 60’s through modern day who’ve chosen to live in WNY following their career. Buffalo has nothing to compare to LA, Dallas, Vegas, Miami, NYC, etc. What is does have is a lot of hard working, fun loving, hearty and caring people, who tolerate the often horrible weather while supporting their neighbors. Only locals and pro athletes who’ve played here are aware of the fabulous food offerings, historic culture and manageable mortgages. In the swank cities mentioned above, seeing stars of every venue is rather commonplace. In B’lo, they’re worshipped -as long as they return the love. If Booker Edgerson walks into your favorite corner bar, you’re paying his tab. It’s how we treat those who’ve given us thrills and great entertainment.


It’s a wives tale that we don’t pay what big markets pay their players. It’s the cost of doing bidniz. So that has very little bearing in this day and time. Those athletes who prefer bright lights and glitz will always sign elsewhere -if the money is equal. But it’s really not a deterrent.


Good topic for discussion, @eball. Thank you.

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