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Cool song in a Cobra Golf commercial....

Special K

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I heard this really interesting song featured in a Bryson DeChambeau Cobra Golf commercial, so I looked into the origin of the song to find out if it was an old song, new song, who sings it, etc.


It turns out the singer is an artist named Stella Reine, who I never heard of, and the song was written specifically for the commercial. According to the artist, there is a full version of the song, but Cobra Golf owns the rights to it, and won't allow her to release the full version of the song....what is the deal with that?? I think that's a shame for the artist, and I am surprised something like that could happen.


Anyway, here is the Commercial if you haven't seen it:



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Research "work for hire" on the internet.


It's a very common party of copyright law; if the artist wants access to the music they create, they shouldn't sign an agreement saying they are willing to create work for others, for their use, in exchange for money.





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