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Better Late than Never - Baldy's Breakdown of week 2 squishing


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2 hours ago, JÂy RÛßeÒ said:

Didn't see it posted so here ya go.  



just a great film review, first of the defensive dominance then the offense.

We get one more week of these domination games and then it's on to KC. Anyone who thinks KC is out of it is nuts. This is a monumental game for Josh Allen and the Bills to Billieve they can beat them. On the LOS and the scoreboard.

We win that game we're sitting pretty and ready to face Tennessee (who also is a damn good team but I think we owe them and a KC win will help us take care of business the following week. We will have grown.


Go JA17!

Go Bills!

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Speaking of better late than never upon a rewatch of the Bills Redskins game it became clear that Cody Ford could not come close to blocking whoever he was lined-up against..... Thankfully, Allen always saw him coming and dodged the defender easily. This is something to keep an eye on. It was a hope of mine that Ford would be or at least develop into a top guard in this league. From the skins game, and Cody's career so far it is becoming clear that this is a spot the Bills really need to upgrade next season. I see the Bills going DT in round one and C/G in round two next season.

The interesting thing is why doesn't Cody Ford display the very high potential Brandon Beane and just about every Bills fan that followed the draft felt? I remember so many fans wanted us to take him at nine, LOL, saying he was a definite sure thing. Granted, Cody was up against one of the best the NFL has to offer in Washington's DL, but it seemed a DT was coming in on Allen over Cody's spot about every other pass, not good. The Bills better be ready to help Cody out vs. KC or at least have Allen very aware that KC's awesome DT is going to be coming in over Cody's spot an awful lot and KC's DT is a lot more athletic than the guy from Washington. LOL, I can't think of the guy from KC's name (is it Chris Jones?) But I do remember that the guy is a game wrecker. I don't know why he hasn't been more visible this year yet? Maybe he has? IDK?

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