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NFL Radio Bills camp August 6th, 5-7 pm EST

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I know a lot of you guys like NFLR, so Pat and Jim from MTC are in OP, the day and time listed above.  For those that don’t have Sirius, I’m sure there are more than enough guys to make comments.  Cool things is you’ll get interviews from most of the stars, Beane, and McD, and sometimes you get the Coordinators.


For those that do have it, but a bad time, they do have that on demand option for about a week after the broadcast.  What I don’t know is how you download the broadcast so you guys can listen if you don’t have Sirius.  I’ll leave that for smarter guys than me.  I’ll throw in my two cents after the show.


Go Bills!!!!

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I hope you guys liked it tonight.   It’s on demand for the Sirius guys for the next five days or so.  Good interviews from McBeane, Josh, and all the rest of the gang.


I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Of course, Josh’s contract was a big hit.  As a side note on the contract, I was so happy he went with a six year contract, as we may be able to use it down the stretch to convert some $ to signing bonus down the road.

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