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Was there anyone else like Payne Stewart? (NFL related)

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34 minutes ago, Ned Flanders said:

Sometimes when I'm channel surfing, I get sucked into this show...and always sorry I did.  Often times just the stupidest little thing, either mechanical or pilot error, brings these jets down.  It's almost enough to quit flying.


What's alarming is how many of these crashes are pilot error.  There are only a handful, like the Payne Stewart crash, that are solely due to mechanical error.

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How is this Bills related? He wore any NFL team colors, dependent on the proximity of the closest franchise.      I am sorry the way his life ended though......

This is an NFL board with a Bills focus. Not everything has to 100% pertain to the Bills.    Now you have been educated.

Plane depressurized.  Everyone asphyxiated.  It then  traveled hundreds of miles with no live souls on board.  Military scrambled jet to intercept.  “Ghost plane” flew til it ran out of fuel.

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