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Richard Sherman: Josh Allen reminds me of Aaron Rodgers

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Sherman is a loudmouth jerk. A has-been who should just take his opinions and get the fuc...     Oh, he said something good about Josh? I always said Sherman is a cool guy. You just got

Nice!!!   I wonder if he qualifies for the Rodgers rate now!!!

I always knew Richard Sherman was smarter than Jalen Ramsey.

On 1/13/2021 at 8:54 PM, warrior9 said:

I didnt compare either season LOL... I just said Rodgers has been insane and put his TD: INT ratio there,


I said Josh Allen isn't Rodgers.... yet. I never anywhere in any of my posts mentioned Josh not being good, or capable of being Rodgers.. at alllll HOLY S*** you are sensitive.... 


I also said 3 years doesnt tell a story, 15 years does... Rodgers is simply the most gifted QB to ever step on a field... There is NO negativity to slight to Josh. i LOVE josh allen lol


Ok? And Rodgers beat the Titans this year.... what's your point?

You can’t look at stats without context. Surrounding players, strength of schedule etc... in the end it’s just your opinion and nothing else.

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13 hours ago, Boxcar said:

I'd disagree with this and appeal to the "it's a team game" argument, but Brady was surrounded by nobodies for most of his career and elevated those entire teams. Brady had a DaVante Adams type once in his entire career, I believe. And Moss didn't really play there that long.

He had one of the most dominant tightends to ever play the game in Gronk for a large part of his career. There was a time you had to game plan how to defend their tight ends. 

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