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dollars 2 donuts

As usual here comes the hateful Christmas gift opportunity cost of the draft

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7 hours ago, dollars 2 donuts said:

I now like about 5 guys in this draft at 9 and about the same for round 2.


If one of them gets picked, great...the thing is, like with the Christmas gift you didn’t get, there will be disappointment over the 4 other guys you will no longer have the chance to draft.  It’s what I hate about this process.


We invest so much stupid time, starting in January, ramping up in February, crystallized in March due to free agency, and virus like in April.  I know more about these young men than I know about some of my relatives, and I work with some of my relatives.


I have football crushes like a 10 year old kid and I am old enough to not remember being a 10 year old kid.


And it all begins in 36 hours...as much as it will come to an end...And I will love my Stretch Armstrong, but will morn that I did not receive a Radio Flyer.


This (and having a lot less free time) is why I've mostly stopped "scouting" prospects pre-draft.  Easier for me to just read profiles and watch youtube clips of the guys we draft after the fact, and either get hyped or try to talk myself into them.  If it turns out that I think Ed Oliver is the next Aaron Donald, I won't know it unless the Bills draft him.

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6 hours ago, CaptnCoke11 said:

Then you have the people who tell you what the gift is before you open it.  Nothing i hated more is when they would zoom in on the player on the phone being picked next before it was even announced.  Also Schefter etc reporting it minutes before announcement too was also awful.  Ruined the draft experience imo



Cap, right?  Seriously.

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