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If you could trade Allen straight up for ANY other QB, would you?

Would you trade Allen QB for QB or even consider it and for whom?  

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  1. 1. Trade Allen straight up?

    • Hell no!!!
    • Regardless of how I feel about Allen, I'd still consider trading him for ___________
    • I would absolutely trade Allen for _______________

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I just saw this tweet and I think it's fascinating:



I wouldn't personally touch that trade with a 19 1/2 foot pole.


Newton is already damaged goods, but even at his best, I just don't think Newton is the natural passer Allen looks to be... not to mention the way each handles themselves as leaders, etc.



So, it naturally got me thinking... who would you make a player for player trade with, QB wise?


During the offseason, there was a massive push for Keenum and Cousins... still want them?


Dalton, Ryan, Smith, Flacco, Ryan, Eli, Tannehill, Stafford???


How about those relatively (to varying degrees) established guys?


What about the younger kinda still TBD but relatively exciting guys like Wentz, Goff, Winston, Carr, Garrappolo, Watson, Dak, Mariota?


Or the younger studs like Wilson or Luck?


Or the guys who look like young studs (to varying degrees) like Watson, Trubisky, or Mahomes?


Or any of the other 4 1st round rookie QBs?


Or the older HOFers like Brees, Rivers, Brady, Big Ben, or Brees?



Personally, I think Allen's floor is actually just a solid NFL starter for the next 10-15 years, barring injury.


I think his attainable ceiling is 1st ballot HOFer.


I'm not doing the older HOF trade because I think it's too short term a gain.


Actually, rather than saying who I wouldn't trade for, I'll say who I'd consider a straight up trade for:


Mahomes and Mayfield.


Mahomes looks too damn good to not consider it and Baker was the guy I desperately wanted in the draft.


So I guess I consider both.


That's it.


From "too old so short term gain" to "overrated" to "damaged goods" to "product of the coaching and team around him," I wouldn't do a player for player trade for 29 of the 31 other QBs in the NFL... and I'm not even solid on Baker or Mahomes in that straight up trade, either.


I don't think we just got the right Josh, I think we've got the right QB.

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You going for the record of most threads clipped in one night? 


This is manic, unreasonable and unnecessary.

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