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The Best Bills Podcast

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If your a Bills fan and podcast listener like I am, then you’re always interested in finding new shows.  So I want to ask this group what, in your opinion, is the best Bills podcast?  My choice is pretty obvious.  IMO the best show in terms of content, analysis, frequency, and overall quality is The Bills Beat podcast with Joe B and Matthew Fairburn.  Excellent insight and just a very enjoyable.


Also to their credit Joe and Matt bust their ass to put out an hourly show multiple times a week during the season and always on Sunday night.




In year’s past, I used to enjoy The BN’s Bills Blitz podcast with Vic Carucci and Jay Skurski.  What bothered me was that it was updated very infrequently.  Sometimes there would be a show and other times not.  During the off-season they go completely dark which is fine, but again they dont communicate this, so the show is sometimes updated I frequently. 




Outside if these two I can’t really recommend any others.  I do enjoy Pat Moran’s podcast which talks a lot about the Bills but it’s not exclusively a Bills Podcast.  I haven’t been impressed with some of the others live Cover 1 etc.



So I’m curious to know your choices...

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finding the John Murphy show plays so fast that the commentators sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks

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