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DVD of snow game?

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So I was fortunate enough to attend the snow bowl.  It was an amazing day ill never forget. Among my best in the house Bills memories.  I did dvr the game and have watched it back.  Fantastic visually. I'd love to attain a DVD of the game.  A few years back I wanted dvds of a couple Syracuse basketball games and by inquiring on a Cuse message baord someone with those skills was able to help me out.  If anyone has a copy of the game I would be willing to compensate. Please pm me.  As i said earlier it was a special day for me, and I've been to a lot of Bills games.  I'd love to have this keepsake to remember that day by.

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Don't have a DVD of the game nor do I now how to produce one, but I do find it interesting how polarizing the game was.


A bunch of fans here hated it, thought it was a joke, and called for a dome as our next stadium so it could never happen again.


Others thought it was the greatest thing of all time and really cool.


I loved it.


To the OP: I'm sure someone will help you out. 

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