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What Happens When You Actually Draft a QB Every Year


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The real problem with drafting a QB in the first few rounds every year is you never have enough time to evaluate them. Some never play in games. Some never get reps during the season. You have to keep three QBs on your active roster. You have to cut one high pick every year to have a spot for the new high pick. You are almost begging for QB controversies unless one guy is way, way better than everyone else in an extremely short period of time with three guys splitting reps like in last year's camp, and you end up like the Jets.

Well, there IS that.....

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So I got tired of reading the Tyrod sucks thread that Yeesus created to melt this place to the ground (27 PAGES!?!?). The prevailing wisdom of some folks on this board is that we should draft a QB EVERY year until we hit on one. So I went back to all of the Bills' drafts since Whaley entered the organization to see what that would look like if we drafted a QB in the first round instead of our actual first rounder. The results are below, and should be eye opening for the folks who say QB every year.




Year QB Available at Bills Draft Position Player Actually Drafted

2016 Paxton Lynch Shaq Lawson

2015 Garret Grayson One of 7 first rounders given up for Sammy

2014 Johnny Football Sammy Watkins

2013 EJ EJ Manuel

2012 Brandon Weedon Stephon Gilmore

2011 Jake Locker (or Gabbert) Marcel Darius

2010 Tim Tebow CJ Spiller

Great factual post. We need more like this around here.

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