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  1. Just now, Captain Caveman said:

    I reached out to my rep, waiting to hear back.  In the past the code has been my season ticket account number, will hope that's it.

    Same here...my 2:00 window is open (if they add tickets) but I didn't receive an email with a code.  We'll see what my rep says...

  2. I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
    (Collar me, don't collar me)
    I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
    (We are agents of the free)
    I've had my fun and now it's time to serve your conscience overseas
    (Over me, not over me)
    Coming in fast, over me (oh, oh)

  3. I say my hell is the closet, I'm stuck inside
    Can't see the light
    And my heaven is a nice house in the sky
    Got central heating and I'm alright
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Can't see the light
    Keep it locked up inside
    Don't talk about it
    T-t-talk about the weather
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

  4. 11 minutes ago, Rc2catch said:

    You are correct on madden. It has limits but it’s pretty great for diagnosing coverage and blitz packages etc etc.. 
    I actually learned quite a bit about different RPO packages just from playing. 

    So much more in depth than when I played Tecmo Bowl as a kid and we had like four plays to choose from...

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  5. My 13 year old son just started watching football last year and I am amazed at what he has picked up X's and O's wise simply by playing Madden.  He is able to call out coverages now and then when we are at the game and he will identify where Josh should go with the ball based on the look the defense is showing...and he's usually right!  Smarter than me, which admittedly isn't saying much.

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  6. 1 minute ago, YattaOkasan said:

    Beasley was not a YAC guy with us at the end of his time.  Only 3.7 yards per catch is very low.  He is a reliable option to catch the ball which is why i want him.  Give Josh that security blanket so when he needs a play to go well he can sling one to Beasley with ease.  But after the catch I dont expect much from him.

    Well aware...I was just surprised that he caught the ball in the clip and didn't go to ground.

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  7. 47 minutes ago, FrenchConnection said:

    I realize that you are talking about the D, but that game had no Morse and by the end we were playing the third string center. Knox, Bates and Brown were hooked up to IVs in the locker room by the start of the 4th.

    The icing on that injury-riddled cake...Tommy Doyle finishing out the game on his torn ACL simply because there was no one left to take snaps on the O line.  Warrior.


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