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  1. Its definatly a concern but from what I've seen If he can stay heathly, and thats the big question, his size is actually an advatage. He is so shifty and agile, he can stop on a dime and change direction faster than anyone. This could be mainy because he is so much smaller than them.
  2. I dont understand why no one thinks this guy can be a big time reciever. Size is not that much of an issue( Steve Smith?, Santana Moss?) he seems to know how to not take the big hit. Dante Hall has been a great return man but not much of a reciever. I think roscoe has much more potential at that position. How about his returns? Never gets tackled by the first guy. I don't think there is any question that he will break one this year. Maybe he will win a game with one and I can break out the crow I have been preparing for everyone since we drafted roscoe.
  3. Reporter- "Willis, are you upset with the coaches for benching you this week?" Willis- "No I'm not upset, I actually thought it was the bye week."
  4. I think he got shook up on that helmet on helmet hit by Harrison. Cheap shot artist.
  5. Great, now every good play that we run we will hear about how that wouldn't have worked if teddy was in there.
  6. Yeah, we do get to play the bills week one.
  7. I believe Tim Anderson is the most important player on our defense this year. I see a lot of love here for Kyle Williams, and most think Anderson is terrible. From what I’ve seen in the preseason Kyle seems to have the ability to make the big play, but he also just gets blown away sometimes. On several occasions I have seen Kyle get pushed out of the hole like he is on wheels. I have liked what I have seen out of Anderson. He seems to be playing with a lot of fire this year, and he rarely gives up any ground. We need this guy to come up big in the middle this year. All of our other tackles seem to be penetrators, and this is good for the pass defense but I’m sick of seeing running backs rip of big chunks of yardage right up the middle. I hate seeing a d-linemen make a tackle ten yards up the field. I guess I’m spoiled from the times of big Ted and fat pat when no one ran up the middle. So far I am not impressed with McCargo. I think he has a lot of work to do on his technique. While Kyle seems to always play low John seems to always be standing straight up. Good play from the d-line will make the rest of the defense look better. Nate will once again be “lockdown” if he doesn’t have to cover for 5 plus seconds. I have been very impressed with the d-ends this preseason. We have 4 strong players at that position; Powell looks to be a good pick-up. Thoughts?
  8. Most people think Henson would have been drafted ahead of vick if he picked football. Being out of football that long really hurt him.
  9. I'm glad your not our gm. We are fine at wr. did you watch our defence last year?
  10. I would cut williams. I think were going to see a lot more willis on third down. Mcgee will return kickoffs and parrish will return punts. I dont know what else shaud does on st's. Is he a valuable st's player?
  11. I doubt it. I think A-train will stay mainly because dj really likes him. I think A-train will have a positve effect on the other rb's and is just the type of person you like to have on a team.
  12. "Reed, Aiken, Davis, Parrish are the four guys really fighting for 3 spots" Who do you cut out of that group? I'd have to reluctantly say Davis.
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