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  1. This team just ***** blows on defense. Getting destroyed by backup interior OL and nobody in the secondary can tackle.
  2. People in here were convinced Bass missed the first PAT. Someone even said the booth would overturn it.
  3. Campbell is hyper aware of how he needs to create variance plays. It's weird that such a Football Guy understands it like he does.
  4. I seem to remember one working against us on Thanksgiving in this same building years and years ago
  5. Love dropping Von ***** Miller into coverage on 3rd and long
  6. Same concept the Chiefs used with Hill for years. Only took the Bills 5 years to try it.
  7. The metrics bore out a 8-9 point spread and then on short weeks teams with coaching advantages gets a boost. This coaching staff is incredibly overrated.
  8. I have never seen a team this talented piss down it's own leg like this on a weekly basis.
  9. Don’t listen to a ton of GR anymore, but my folks are in town and my dad listens religiously. Some dude on the pregame just said there’s gotta be a gynecologist in Buffalo that can help Tre’ and I don’t care who you are, that was some funny *****.
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