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  1. I mean it is like he woke up and forgot josh played in the nfl last season


    he didn’t like his short safe passes?  Does he know this was actually a weakness of Allen last year? Too much hero ball

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  2. AFC West


    1.Kansas City Chiefs 16-0

    If ever there was an offense built that could accomplish the feat of going 16-0, it’s this one.  Speed and more speed with Mahomes…they will score at will.  The question will be the defense…it’s new and differnent…but is it better?  Can it possibly be worse?  I don’t see how.  Add in top notch special teams and if the D is even 22nd or better, watch out.



    Suprise Suprise Suprise

  3. 4 minutes ago, Joe in Winslow said:


    Sorry man, I have -way- more important things to be concerned about.


    If he ends up with another concussion and retires, then he retires.


    Nothing I or anyone else here can do about it.

    I just feel like the bills have done all they can for this situation.....what happens going forward....happens

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  4. 4 hours ago, JD333 said:

    Kyler Murray Is Better Than He Looks This Preseason — and Josh Allen Is Worse

    Numbers don’t tell the whole story. Murray is much closer to being a successful NFL quarterback than Allen.

    KYLER MURRAY AND JOSH ALLEN ARE TWO OF THE MORE INTRIGUING YOUNG NFL QUARTERBACKS. Murray is a rookie, the number one pick who was handed the reins to the Arizona Cardinals offense. Allen surprised pundits by going seventh last year, then surprised them again by looking better than expected down the stretch for the Buffalo Bills.




    Let me guess....Murray doesnt have anyone to throw to now and Allen does.....right?   I havent read it


    Guess wht....tough *****......Darnold had ppl to throw to last year and nobody said *****

  5. Went back and took a second look at Spain' play with my Tivo focusing on him


    Spain won a lot more of those battles then he lost.....he had the one play where he got shoved out of the way and a defender got past him to get McCoy in the backfield


    But other then that.....against a good Panther's DL....Spain was solid....and he will get out in front of a screen and actually try to hit somebody

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  6. 3 hours ago, PlayoffsPlease said:

    I think it is fair to say that McDermott is the most beloved 15-17 w-l record coach in the NFL today.  Maybe for all time. 

    Im thinking about this year that win/loss record is gonna look a LOT better

  7. 20 minutes ago, WIDE LEFT said:

    I love much of what Coach McD brings to this team. But concerned about his old school approach to the game & game management. Stuck in the past. No surprise that he loves 4 pre season games. While new age 21st century coaches like Rams coach refuses to play starters in any preseason game, I have Coach McD playing Jerry Hughes for the entire first quarter. Why? It’s his third year in this same defense, been here for entire training camp,  went through 2 scrimmages with Carolina, what in the world is the benefit of him playing entire first quarter of preseason game 2?  The only proven pass rusher Bills have, and he is exposed to injury for what possible reason? If u want 4 games to evaluate players, let someone like Darryl Johnson play against first string O Line, and let Hughes sit. And in a preseason game, with 4th down and 4 to go at the 30 yard line, why aren’t you going for it instead of trotting out your experienced kicker to kick a field goal?  Rams coach sat his entire starting lineup thru the entire preseason last year, and his team made it to the super bowl. Are u paying attention to the 21st century NFL, coach?


    DAMMIT why do we play players in pre season....didnt it takes time warn us against this!



    13 minutes ago, matter2003 said:

    Whats next? Hold all starters out of practice? Hold them out of training camp? Hold them out of mini camp? Dont allow them to train in the offseason?


    Injuries are going to happen...many serious ones are non-contact injuries that happen while training or in air drills...


    If i am not mistaken Hughes didnt play in the first preseason game and McDermott seems to be rotating starters...


    This is really something silly to be worried about.

    They need to roll into training camp already bubble wrap...they might get hurt walking from their Truck to the facility

  8. 2 hours ago, GunnerBill said:

    On Spain:


    I have just watched the first drive back and the sack by Short is his only negative play. There was a play where Dawkins got completely blown up and Shady was hit behind the line and a then a play where Shady concerts a third and short where Spain pulls and then I think hits the wrong guy but still creates enough of a hole for Shady to get the first down. On this drive he works against Kawann Short for the most part and Kyle Love on a couple of plays. Spain is particularly effective at re-directing Short's rush angles keeping him wide and on the wide receiver screen to Beasley does a really nice job of getting up quickly to the second level to make the play. On the play he gets beat he overbalances slightly and against Short that is bad news and he is able to swat aside and make the play. 


    Onto the second drive now but I have already ascertained the OP was talking out of a certain part of his anatomy. 

    So just for reference here.....


    Did ppl think that Cog and Eric Wood didnt have negative plays?   Of COURSE they did.


    There are other very good players in the league these guys are going against......they are going to lose a battle here and there.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

    And this is why the preseason is completely meaningless.  Still any football is awesome. 

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is Joe Montana compared to Matt Barkley.  And I liked Barkley the best in his draft.  When he had to play for the Bears, he was on pace to throw 28 ints in a season!  


    I get the excitement but Allen hasn’t proven anything and Barkley has proven he is a borderline nfl qb.  You could do worse but top flight backup QBs aren’t sitting on their couch 7 weeks into the season.  

    No offense C. but sometimes I seriously wonder if they read what they are responding to.


    "Top Flight" I dont think ANYBODY is saying that.....all I simply said is Matt is a smart vet guy who is in a good offense for him and knows his limitations and fits the definition of being a solid backup QB.  He is accurate, smart, experienced and will never be confused with a starter.  Just a guy that you could win half your games with if your starter went down.


    I dont know what happened with his previous teams....I care about what he is doing here.  I dont expect a ton.....if he has to start any amount of games we are screwed but you can say that with just about every NFL team.

  10. 1 hour ago, Just Joshin' said:

    This seems like the correct and reasonable position.  Maybe change your name to LogicGunnerBill.

    I have the game TIVO's I will look at it again tonight to watch Spain


    PS.....in practice he is playing on the RG postion

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