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  1. 1 minute ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

    Sammy Watkins was of the best college receivers in recent memory.  That’s why you don’t trade up for non QBs in the first. There are zero guarantees.  

    I guess my question would be how much would it cost to trade up......


    Perfectly happy with Schanault or Higgins.......but would not cry if we had him

  2. 34 minutes ago, Rico said:

    If Jerry Jeudy drops to #15, I’d like to see a trade-up.

    I was gonna say......I kinow ppl would get nervous after Sammy Watkins but we would not have to give up near as much and that guy is GOOD


    I really like Schenault as well......maybe even over Tee Higgans

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  3. Glad someone brought this up.......


    I am a fan of McCoy...I thought he did it the right way when we released him to go to the Chiefs....


    I feel like his running style and Singletary's just too close together and time to pass that torch.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, Not at the table Karlos said:

    But I read here that he sucks

    Careful....this joke is going to trigger Chaos

    39 minutes ago, MAJBobby said:

    Yeah we need a 6th WR spot for a just a guy, that 6th WR that is currently playing in the ProBowl.  Keep dreaming.  

    What we need is Duke on the PS.....and draft a guy LIKE Duke with speed

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  5. 2 minutes ago, CEN-CAL17 said:

    I don’t see the FO drafting 2 WRs....


    Brown, Beasley, Duke, Foster, McKenzie (rookie could replace him), Roberts (don’t see him back)


    Im thinking add Geronimo Allison in FA, and draft a day 2 WR....

    I have nothing against Geronimo Allison who is a good player...but I do absolutely see this team taking 2 WR's in this draft.....Past Brown and Beasely you have JAGS......we need to find that guy that makes plays when they are needed...not smurfs that are gonna dissapear against good defenses

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  6. 7 hours ago, y2zipper said:


    I don't see more investment in defensive line with the bills defense than I do in any other unit really. but I also think that a lot of us are victims of watching the bills defense a little bit too closely and we don't understand how good it actually is because we're looking for the 2018 bears the 2017 jaguars or the 2019 Steelers.

    I am agreeing here......I would like to know how it is the DL and not just the defense overall......


    1st round picks

    Tre White




    That is three different positions.....the free agents brought into our team were not the faces of those free agencies.


    This would be why we have like 100 million in cap space


  7. 7 hours ago, Bandito said:

    From Walterfootball


    Team Needs: 

    1. Two Guards: Buffalo improved its offensive line last offseason, but upgrades still need to be made. The weak point is guard, as two upgrades are needed. An alternative solution is one guard and a right tackle, which would allow the Bills to move Cody Ford inside, where he probably belongs. 
    2. Defensive Tackle: Ed Oliver could end up being a great player, but the Bills don't have much else at the position. Another interior pass-rusher is needed. 
    3. Wide Receiver: John Brown and Cole Beasley made for a nice duo this past season, but the Bills could use one more receiver to add to their group. 
    4. Defensive End Depth: Lorenzo Alexander has announced his retirement, so the Bills will need some edge-rushing depth. 
    5. Slot Cornerback: Kevin Johnson is an impending free agent, so he'll need to be replaced if he departs via the open market. 
    6. Backup Running Back: Devin Singletary will need a new backup next year if the team doesn't re-sign Frank Gore. 
    7. Backup Quarterback: The Bills could use a better backup quarterback than Matt Barkley. 

    Walter needs to start following the team


    THe LAST thing we need are two offensive guards..that is the spot we are actually set......Spain (if brought badk if not Ford), Jon F., Spencer Long, Ryan Bates......we are doing very well there...ALL of those players can start on this offensive line at OG


    Defensive Tackle?  NO we literally do not have room for the quality DT's that we HAVE and we picked up Corey Liguet in the season and that Phillips DT from Miami (the other one) Horrible Harry, Oliver, We are going to LOSE a quality DT and still be set there


    Defensive End depth?  How about Defensive End STARTER.....and pure edgue rusher is needed


    The rest of it I agree with

  8. 7 hours ago, Lurker said:

    Lots of interesting players to watch in practice this week.   Per Peter King's column 😍:


     “Best wide receiver class in my 22 years of scouting,” Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy told me Sunday


    Guys to keep an eye on:






    Need to get two out of this draft....TWO

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  9. On 1/17/2020 at 9:38 PM, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    Singletary has a long way to go before he can be called best ever at anything. That is all I'm saying.

    FIrst of all.....I loved Travis Henry's play....let me say that


    But he definately was not one of the best ever....he had his time and then he was done (a lot of that was personal issues)


    Devin has had a nice start..nothing more.....he needs to be able to handle 20 carries a game and stay healthy....would love to have a Travis Henry "type" behind him.

  10. Sorry Orton....that is not really true


    There are literally like 2 to 3 plays a game right now that are separating Josh Allen from being a "B" level qb and a "A" level qb. 


    Those 3 plays are decided by a playmaker actually catching a ball that is thrown to them/Not thrown perfectly to them and a play being made.


    Case in point....in this year's wild card game Josh Allen threw two passes that absolutely should have been caught by a quality WR for touchdowns.....they were not.....if they are caught we WIN that game and who knows what happens next.


    Josh Allen needs more playmakers

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  11. 10 minutes ago, BringBackOrton said:

    If you’re going to say that Josh scares defenses, then so do his weapons. John Brown was the 21st reciever in the NFL. He has deep speed and can burn over the top. Singletary was fifth in the NFL in YPA, and 24th in rushing yards, in 8 starts. He had nearly as many yards as Alvin Kamari and Leveon Bell rushing.

    We have none? Oh come on. If we had none then what did we have in 2018? Negative weapons? 


    Let’s play in reality. Josh HAS weapons. John Brown is a top 20ish WR in the NFL. He isn’t throwing to Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones anymore. That stuff doesn’t hold water.

    I like Smoke and Bease....the fact is there are not ENOUGH playmakers on the offense

  12. 32 minutes ago, BringBackOrton said:

    Our QB didn’t scare opponents much either.


    I get it. We need more offensive weapons. I don’t disagree. But even good offensive weapons and a good OC and a good OL don’t hide a deficient QB forever. Your QB has to get better too. Allen, John Brown and Beasley had career years, that says something about the OC as well.


    Having great weapons would be great and would make this offense look better. Having a great OC would be great and would make this offense look better. Having a great QB would be great and would make this offense look better. But out of those three, the one with the biggest impact is QB. If you could choose between prime Andy Reid, prime Deandre Hopkins and prime Peyton Manning, you’d take Manning. Everyone would. Josh is our guy now and he’s our guy going forward but for sustained success we need a great QB. Andy Reid has had bad offenses. Deandre Hopkins has had bad offenses. Peyton Manning never did. I hope Josh gets on that level one day. 

    Your points dont hold water...they really dont


    Year one.....total rebiuld.....WR's not making plays right and left.....Josh Allen rookie season but you can tell is a gamer


    Year two...in comes Smoke and Bease.....both have one of the best years of their careers.....they were not doing THAT great before him....who was throwing them those passes


    Josh Allen is one of the players on our offense that actually DOES scare opposing defenses.....he extends plays....he is a duel threat....his game goes up when its crunchtime


    Stop bitching about our QB and acting like he is a weakness on our offense.....he isnt

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  13. 2 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    You have a number of interesting points


    Russ Wilson did not win a Superbowl as a rookie, nor has he been in the playoffs every year of his career.


    I agree about not saddling Josh with unrealistic comparisons.

    To me they are not the same player


    No reason to compare them.


    Josh Allen is going to follow a unconventional path......its obvious he is a player and a gamer...it is obvious he is improving.   This next offseason is going to be very important in adding the final pieces around him and taking advantage of this dominant defense.

  14. First of all...I agree with this philosophy MOST of the time




    There comes a time when you have to allocate the resources to the weapons..we have been sparingly doing that.....the two teams going to the Super Bowl have WEAPONS.....


    Deebo Samuel a HUGE part of his teams win


    The Chiefs?   Needs I say more?


    Our defense is already Super Bowl caliber....literally they are a top 5 D with most of them under contract.   Can you improve upon it?  Sure....pass rush is needed


    What about this offense that scores like 14 points a game....our best targets are


    - A fast WR that just had his best season....thats great....he is also small

    - OUr best TE is a rookie

    - Our best RB is amazing bu tlacks speed.....and needs to be platooned with another good back

    - Our Offensive line was addressed heavily this past offseason.  Ty and Waddle can be the RT's

    - We literally have no size at WR except for Duke who for some reason cant get on the field

    - We just addressed DT with Oliver.....Luget was a find....Horrible Harry is coming back.



    - WR....TWO of them in a draft that has good ones......a pass rusher.......a quality RB to back up DS......then best available player because their honestly are not a lot of open spots on this team.......resign our own players


    Can we get a new ST's coach?

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  15. 1 hour ago, Paulus said:

    The Sammy hate here is so stupid. Some of y'all are ridiculous. SAD!!!

    To me its not Sammy hate it is Sammy beware I supported him while he was here......


    He does not have the mentality of a 1.....he gets paid like a 1.....I would take him like I would take Corey Davis...but Davis would definately be cheaper

  16. Its early....but to me it just seems this draft is going to fall for us that best player available at 22 will be WR.....so it it will end up being a no brainer.   Use some free agent money and bring in a good edge rusher.....go WR in the 1st round (and again in the 2nd to 3rd rounder depending on best player available) take a RB in around the same round we took DS last year.  Make sure to get another offensive linemen to put at RT.

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