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  1. I think AJ starts stealing Murphy's reps very quickly........cant keep better talent off the field....I do understand not forcing it and having vets though


    By the way.....how huge is it that the bills got maybe the 2nd best DE in this draft with their 2nd round pick (a late one no less)



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  2. 9 hours ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

    I would bet you a lot of money Tua will have a better nfl career than Stidham (assuming he can stay healthy).  Of course no one knows for sure but it’s not really a stretch to think that.


    and it’s funny when Chris Simms or Jordan Palmer gives positive stuff about Allen, no posters try to put down their careers, 🤔

    I mean....its a safe bet....provided the hip holds up....which frankly bothers me

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  3. 17 hours ago, Shaw66 said:

    Whiffing on the first round pick is a killer.   


    Shaq Lawson, Sammy Watkins, EJ Manuel, Stephon Gilmore, Marcel Dareus, CJ Spiller, Aaron Maybin, Leodis McKelvin, Donte Whitner, Lee Evans.   It's a long string of players who didn't make a difference.   Gilmore is about the only one who lived up to his draft position.  Sammy, Dareus, Leodis, Whitner all underperformed draft position.  Maybin, Spiller, Manuel were whiffs.  Too early to tell on Shaq, but he's almost certainly not a whiff.  


    Since then, Bills have drafted White, Allen, Edmunds and Oliver.   Too early to tell on them, too, but all the early indications are that Bills got good value on each pick.   Likely the same conclusion on Diggs.  


    GMs outsmart themselves.   They keep trying to hit home runs in the first round.   The key is, as you say, not whiffing in the first round.   You don't have to get the player with the highest upside, just a very good player.   So you take an Oliver, not a Maybin.   Maybin looked to have the potential of a great, great edge rusher, but his floor was someplace in the sub-basement.   He was boom or bust.   Oliver was much more likely to be, at a minimum, a solid starter.    Whiffing on Maybin hurt much more than getting Oliver's floor - if Bills end up with Oliver's ceiling, it's a huge win, but so long as he's solid it was a good pick.  .  

    So I am going to say we did not do that in all the beane drafts


    when we took josh Allen and Edmunds we were def taking them on the upside of what they can be


    in other drafts like with Oliver I felt we went with what the strength of the draft was


    in this last draft I felt they had every position covered so well that they let the best available decide the player but still came out with three wide receivers counting diggs

  4. 1 hour ago, Doc said:


    I see them keeping 9 OL like last year and the group consisting of basically the same guys: Dawkins, Spain, Morse, Feliciano, Ford, Nsekhe, Long and Bates, with Daryl Williams replacing Boettger.  Boettger got only 5% of the snaps despite having been with the team for over a year while Bates, who got slightly more, joined the team two weeks into training camp.

    Agree.....I really dont see them letting Bates go....he has very good multi position flexibility

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  5. 43 minutes ago, Steve Billieve said:

    I'd let him walk.  Both Dak and where Allen is at now.  It's not even a question. Grab a first or second round prospect after Allen's 4th and sign his option.  In today's NFL you might even be able to trade him. QB on a rookie deal is a beautiful thing, even a mediocre one.

    There is definately a reason why fans dont make the decisions for NFL Sports franchises......



  6. 3 minutes ago, BritBill said:

    I'm yet to re-watch this game but my abiding memory is we never looked like winning it or deserved to. 


    You know when a midget tries to fight a normal sized person and gets held off by a strong arm to the head? That's how I remember this game going. 

    I would suggest rewatching it

  7. The answer for this one is pretty simple


    Josh Allen


    - Young fresh talented backs for his running game to protect him

    - Offensive line returns intact....picked up D. WIlliams in the offseason which might be a real find

    - Stephon Diggs.....one of the top 10 WR's in the league....to go along with Smoke and Bease.....and got size at the pass catcher position in the offseason


    Josh literally has no excuses

  8. We were very much in that game......


    Our defense made plays even though the Ravens scored points

    You could see the holes int he offense.....do we really want Devin S. and McKenzie attempting to catch down the field passes at critical situations

    We needed more size on the field at the pass catcher position

    Gore got shallacked in the red zone...at this point he really was done.   I hope Moss can help us here

    2 fumbles by Josh in this game (one we got back) cant do that against the good teams

    The blitzes that the ravens were throwing at us were being completely ignored by our offensive coordinator


    Despite all this......we had a chance to tie it on the final offensive play


    I know that everyone considers the ravens to be this elite team (and they are) but we despite all of our problems on offense had a chance to win this

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  9. 4 hours ago, Steve Billieve said:

    I almost don't want to say it, but Devin's rookie year was so good . . . regression to the mean . . .


    I think Devin is gonna be even better because the OL will return intact.


    My pick is John Brown.....because he isnt going to get the amount of passes thrown his way with a true number 1 on the field.  If Brown can make the most out of his catches he could be our Peerless Price

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  10. 37 minutes ago, CommonCents said:

    I like Allen, have since before we drafted him. On the Mahomes scouting report it ignores Pat’s ability to change arm angles and flip the ball almost anywhere without having his feet set. That was there in college, scouts are just so set on their expectations of mechanics and how it is supposed to look that they sometimes miss the obvious.


    FWIW, before the draft some of us had a similar discussion on Allen’s tape. He showed the ability to make anticipatory throws without having his base set. 


    Allen’s going to be good, probably not a Mahomes but the doubters will soon be put to bed. 

    If over the course of their careers Mohommes ends up being the superior QB I am fine with it......good for him.   All I care about is we get a franchise QB out of Josh Allen......because the team around Josh will be very good (including a defense)

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  11. 1 minute ago, Mr. WEO said:


    Wow--5000 yards and 36 TD passes??  Whos' that?



    Well, as much as we are all hoping for the nest, for now, the weak spot is at QB. 

    Cept its not.....if the "weakness" is QB that Josh Allen is one of our best playmakers.....therefore it is not a weakness.

  12. 21 minutes ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

    And this is exactly why you need to go all in now.  Those 2nd qb contract murder teams unless you have one of those special guys.  

    Haha.  It’s hilarious how Bills fans evaluate their qbs to how they evaluate other teams qbs.  Guy throws for 5000 yards and 36 tds sucks.  We get 200 yards passing, we are awesome.  Such double standards. 

    Oh my god, these board is so wild in their qb takes haha

    To be fair.....wouidnt you say that we are in fact going all in now?  You would be hard pressed to find a noticable weakness on this team.....and it has both starters and depth

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  13. 5 hours ago, whatdrought said:

    File this one under "umm, wat?" 


    I usually like Miller but there are some real head scratchers here.




    Biggest takeaway: Bills ranked 25th which seems low, though I understand it's a tiny / non-existent sample size so I won't go to the grave fighting that. However... The Jets tandem of Bell and Gore as the third best in the league really makes the rest of the article a joke. 3.4 yards per carry combined. COMBINED!


    Doesnt shock me.....Devin show a lot of promise but has not played a full slate of games yet....Moss has not yet stepped on the field.


    After this next year......these rankings will be very different imo

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