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  1. People are searching for reasons why a 13-3 club, with home field advantage in their weather, with the offense intact...got blown out.   I think Cincinnati had a great plan and played with a chip on their shoulder that the game should never have been in Orchard Park.  They were revved up and dialed in... the Bills went through the motions, blinked and once it was 14-0 early kind of panicked.  


    The other night we saw the Chiefs, QB with a really bad ankle...lost their top CB like three plays in, lost 3 WR's during the game...and still gutted out the win.  Their D made plays and the O made enough to win.  KC>Cin>Buf

  2. 1 hour ago, eball said:

    I'm not going to get into a whole "thing" about this but KC gave up 20 to Cinci and got a couple of interceptions...we gave up 27 with no turnovers.  The problem for the Bills was not scoring.


    No doubt the offense failed, but you can’t go down 14-0 with zero resistance, before the snow even started to accumulate on my head. You just can’t, not at home in a huge playoff game. Can’t happen. 

  3. When the pre-season hype starts in April (draft), the Bills may be lumped in there with the Ravens, Chargers, Jags, and maybe Mia/Jets depending on their QB situations.  Those teams are probably going to be thought of as playoff worthy,, but on Tier 2 to start the season.   I think the Chiefs and Bengals are on Tier 1 by themselves.

    I lost some trust in "the process" after this Cincinnati spanking.  McBeane got knocked down a bit.  I'm sure most NFL observers have lost some trust in the Bills as true SB contenders.  So this will be an interesting off season to see how they respond. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, billsbackto81 said:

    It's really hard to like that guy. Not only do you have the best QB. Not only do you have the talent. But more times than not you have the refs.


    Show a little class and take the higher road.


    That being said, EF Cincy!


    Nah, the Cincinnati mayor did a total douchey thing yesterday.  Very dumb and gave KC more bulletin board material on top

    of the Burrowhead nonsense.

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