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  1. 7 minutes ago, dpberr said:

    Slower since the ankle injury.  His speed pre-injury is what made him very effective as a coverage LB.


    Bills would have to see if that's a chronic issue.  


    Too slow to be an effective backup? I haven't seen him play in a while

  2. 1 minute ago, RememberTheRockpile said:

    My mess up. For some reason the stats got set for AFC. Either way the Bears have not given up any points on offense or special teams where the Bills have. As for the team the Bills are 3rd but just for the defense they would be second. 


    I messed up the offense because Dolphins had a bye, no worries 

  3. Based on draft position vs performance I'd say Ford and I don't think it's fair. He should be playing G, but we have a solid RG and the guy who should be starting at RT isn't healthy enough to be a viable long term option. I'd love to see Feliciano slide to LG, Ford at RG and Bates/Nsekhe at RT, but they don't seem interested in trying that, most likely because they convinced themselves Ford can play RT despite all evidence to the contrary in what he's shown us on the field thus far.

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  4. 6 hours ago, LSHMEAB said:

    The 90 points through four games is naturally going to get a team dismissed. Offense is sexy and the Bills are not scoring alot of points. They've scored less than just about all other teams, but they've allowed just 70; might be best in the league, but I'm not sure.


    A franchise like the Bills really needs to win significantly or have a QB playing spectacularly to gain national attention.


    I have very little interest in what the national media covers or doesn't cover. I want to see the Bills win ALOT of games. If that happens, they'll have no choice but to tune in.


    90 pts is 27th in the league and the 70 its against is 3rd

  5. I'd appreciate it if Josh were to advantage of playing a game against a terrible team by stepping on their throats and having this game be a foregone conclusion by the end of the third. Would love for Barkley to be playing in the 4th quarter and being able to rest starters. For that reason, I hope Josh doesn't need to put up 300

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  6. Just now, jkeerie said:

    But that was his point. That is what he said...that these two teams can put up a boatload of points at any time.  Clearly, they have done so in 4 of their 5 games this year.  However,  the Pats did not do that against the Bills and KC didn't do that against the Colts last night. 


    The Bills Offense needs to improve, no argument there.  However, with this D, they don't need to be high scoring.  The Chiefs, on the other hand, without the semblance of a defense, needs their offense to score.  They lost yesterday, and they almost lost to Detroit the week prior.


    Patriots don't need to score much with their D and granted they've been beating up on some really poor teams.  I'd prefer the Bills offense get to that point.  Pats have been doing it for years, though, with that offense.  The Bills only have 4 return starters on this O, so it is still very much a work in progress.


    Feels like you're putting WAY too much thought into the comment. Pats have good offense and defense, Chiefs have decent defense and good offense, the Bills have a great defense and a below-average offense. If the D has an off game for the Pats or the Chiefs, those teams are capable of winning a shootout, we are not. If the Bills offense is asked to put up 30 to win a game I daresay we'd be sorely disappointed. 

  7. 4 hours ago, jkeerie said:

    I don't get Shrager's comment that "Those two teams (KC and Pats) can put up points at such a crazy pace when they have to..."  Guess KC didn't have to yesterday???


    If you remove the part about "when they have to" it's a pretty accurate statement. We haven't hung up a boatload on anyone and both of those teams have blown other teams out.

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