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  1. 47 minutes ago, oldmanfan said:

    The NFL is essentially telling its employees they need to get vaccinated, which is entirely within their right to do.  The employee can either get with the program or leave the employ of the NFL.  It is no different than my health care network mandating that we all have to be vaccinated.  

      the science supports the value of vaccination.  The NFL understands that.  Focus on science and not politics and this is a non-issue.


    The league's overall policy has nothing to do with science but purports to. The NFL is concerned about optics and money. I would suggest that mandating a vaccine is still worthless if you have protocols in place that allow anyone to freely associate with other people outside the team, vaccinated or no. To suggest that everyone being vaccinated removes the risk of illness while allowing them to associate with other vaccinated people outside the team facility is willfully misleading. You cannot mandate a vaccine and not mandate restricted association with others. Science shows that vaccinated people are not immune and though afforded protection against the newer strains, still susceptible to getting and spreading the disease. The issue here is the inconsistent application of logic in league policy, not anyone's personal beliefs about vaccination vs non-vaccination. Please stay on topic. 


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  2. I feel like this has been poorly thought out by the NFL. You would think this is meant to forcefully "encourage" players to be vaccinated, but it's entirely possible that a team could have an outbreak amongst vaccinated players. I admit ignorance on the nuances of all the league's protocols, but from what I've read vaccinated players may leave the hotel when traveling to interact with vaccinated family members. Given that vaccination does not preclude infection, these guidelines seem to be contrary to the goal of minimizing chances of an outbreak. The guidelines, if followed by the players to the letter, actually increase the likelihood that a vaccinated player might be the cause of an outbreak by interacting with others outside of team facilities. I don't understand why they don't just make everyone stay in the hotel, it seems like the carrot/stick approach employed by the league is at odds with itself. 


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  3. 12 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    That was so bad.   Like the Superbowl, the reffing of the NFC Championship game had too much to do with the outcome.


    I may be out of the loop but I hadn't heard they actually offered him an extension and would have made him highest-paid QB in football.


    That they had offered him a new deal was known. Highest paid but no actual numbers just sounds like a smokeshow - how much was guaranteed, highest paid yearly average or highest paid total? Just seems like more propaganda by the Packers terrible FO so when he retires or forces his way out of town that they did "everything possible, even offering him the 'highest paid' QB contract in the league."


    I wish the Packers would just trade Rodgers, that team has consistently done him wrong. Andy Dalton got a phone call when the Bears drafted a QB and he was just figuring out how to walk into the building, Aaron is an MVP and one of the best QBs ever and he didn't know they were trading up in the 1st to draft his supposed replacement. They trade away or cut his favorite WRs (Jordy Nelson, traded Kumerow like the day after Rodgers talked about being excited to play with him). If I'm Aaron I just go host Jeopardy til the team trades me or I show up the last week possible to get credit for the year and try and force my way out next year. 

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  4. Bell was a good runner whose strength was his vision and patience, he was never some dynamic gamechanger who could play behind any line. When he was playing well, a large part of his big plays could be attributed to the o-line that was opening huge holes for him. I said this the first time he was running around looking for a huge FA contract. His play behind a subpar line with the jets confirmed this. He wasn't fast enough to be able to afford to lose a step, well he's lost one now and I doubt he starts again in this league.

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  5. On 6/11/2021 at 9:49 AM, shrader said:


    Shows like this really make me hate the weekly release strategy that Disney uses.  That first episode was entertaining, but in the big picture, absolutely nothing happened.  The show could go off in any direction from here.


    I like it and I would posit that it is better for the brand. I completely understand wanting to see the whole thing in one go, in the case of Loki you could always just tune in 6 weeks after the show premieres and watch the whole thing. Now my argument for weekly releases versus the netflix all in on dump


    Why it's better for the show:

    1. Good shows build up buzz. The time between episodes is filled with youtube easter egg and theory videos, articles written about the show and general discussion between friends, who can discuss the show on equal footing because they are all at the same point in the series.
    2. Shows like Mandalorian and Loki create a buzz that can last for several months. Witcher was a decent show, but the buzz with that show lasted about a week and then everyone forgot about it.

      Why it's fun for us:

    1. Level playing-field - everyone can only have watched up to the same point, you can't do that with dump shows.

    Has anyone mentioned Patriot on Amazon Prime? I love that show.

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  6. 15 hours ago, BarleyNY said:

    I’m wondering what massage chair @ndirish1978ended up buying and how his back is now.  After all it’s been 3-1/2 years since he started this thread. 


    I lol'd when I saw this thread was revived, I completely forgot about it. Thanks for the question. I didn't wind up buying one. Some people have backs that are messed up and need serious help, I dunno what to recommend for that; in my case I just decided to work on better fitness and made a few quality of life purchases that helped. 1- I started working out my back muscles a lot more to strengthen them. 2- Bought a mattress pad and that made a big difference, I have a 3 inch tempur-pedic. 3- I upgraded my office chair with a Herman Miller one. 4- I got a percussion massage gun for muscle tightness and I just go get a massages when I'm super sore. My masseuse has one of those tens machines teef mentioned. Back feels a lot better, thanks.

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  7. 20 minutes ago, Victory Formation said:

    Legally. I’m not interested in streaming from fraudulent websites.


    So I see that CBS hosts the majority of Bills games, I count 9 games total on CBS. Then I see FOX comes in second place with 3 games. Then we have NBC and ESPN tied together with 2 apiece.


    Is there any way to purchase these channels separately via app on Roku? Or do I have to shell out $65/mo for YouTube TV?


    Where do you live? NFL Gamepass if you live out of the country.

  8. I see too many people here making the same mistakes of years past - getting infatuated with a player's potential rather than his history of production. We have a TE who has made some nice plays but has also dropped critical passes and does has not been a consistent player for this team. Knox is being overvalued. I see the inverse logic being applied to the veteran here. Ertz has consistently been productive with the exception of last year for which we could come up with a myriad of excuses for him. People are pitting potential over a proven commodity and I don't think that's appropriate. We know Ertz is good, we hope Knox could be. Hollister is whatever, if he's good that's a bonus.

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  9. 47 minutes ago, Victory Formation said:

    Right, but can’t you see the motivation here? This will be Knox’s third year, this is usually put up or shut up time. Don’t you think Beane and McD would have a good pulse on the TE position by now? Why all these moves if they feel good about Knox?


    I'd suggest that feelings, more specifically feeling sorry about yourself, is not part of the growth mindset.

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